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Chapter 1314 - 1314 A Life-long Paranoia

Chapter 1314 A Life-long Paranoia

“Not yet. My leg just cramped up.” Shao Wanru reached out to touch her calf, but her belly was too big to reach it.

The Emperor reached out his strong hand and massaged her calf. The young and handsome Emperor breathed a sigh of relief. “Thankfully, you are not going to deliver the baby!”

As soon as he said this, Chu Liuchen realized he had said something wrong. He hurriedly explained, “I didn’t mean that. It’s good that you are not delivering the baby now.”

After saying that, he realized that something was wrong again and laughed.

Shao Wanru laughed so hard that she couldn’t speak. Since when did Chu Liuchen, who was as scheming and gloomy as a demon king, could not even speak clearly?

“You’re still laughing. Did I say anything wrong?” Chu Liuchen glared at her. However, with an elegant smile on his face, he didn’t look domineering at all.

Shao Wanru continued laughing happily. After a while, she suddenly covered her belly with her hands.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Shao Wanru’s situation, Chu Liuchen immediately sat up and asked anxiously.

“I… My stomach hurts… It seems that I’m going to deliver the baby.” Shao Wanru raised her delicate face in pain and looked at Chu Liuchen with a pale face.

Chu Liuchen was stunned for a moment and then hurriedly got off the bed. He just put on a coat and ran to the door of Chenhua Palace to call for help. Fortunately, everyone had been ready in advance. They were assigned to wait outside at different hours. Hearing that the Empress was about to give birth, they orderly performed their duties and brought the Empress to the delivery room.

Chu Liuchen stood at the door of the delivery room. His face was paler than that of ordinary people, and now he looked even paler. Even though he stood there majestically and looked like he was in charge, he looked stiff, no matter what.

Noble Consort Dowager Lan was the first to arrive. When she saw her son, who was standing stiffly at the door, she came over in particular and said softly, “Come with me and take a seat on the side. Don’t block the way. Once they get busy inside, you might delay their work if you are here.”

Chu Liuchen blinked his eyes but did not say a word. Then he obediently followed Noble Consort Dowager Lan to the side hall to rest, but he still fixed his eyes on the door of the side hall.

It was visible with naked eyes that Chu Liuchen couldn’t sit still. Xiao Xuanzi served him tea. Seeing the Emperor like this, Xiao Xuanzi comforted, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Her Majesty is lucky, and she will be fine. Please relax.”

“She was in great pain just now,” Chu Liuchen muttered to himself. The usual laziness on his face had disappeared, and he was sitting upright in the seat. Before, even if he sat on the throne, he liked to lean over and sit lazily. Since when had he ever sat upright?

“Your Majesty, it’s painful to give birth to a baby, but it will be fine in a while. Her Majesty will be fine after delivering the little master,” Xiao Xuanzi continued to comfort Chu Liuchen.

Chu Liuchen gave Xiao Xuanzi a cold glance and said unhappily, “You said it so easily. Did you ever give birth to a baby?”

Xiao Xuanzi’s expression changed to bitter immediately. He looked at Chu Liuchen pitifully. His master’s words hurt him badly. He could never give birth to a child even if he wanted to.

“Qi Jue said that giving birth to a baby is very risky and that many women…” Chu Liuchen said to himself. Speaking of this, he suddenly stood up and had an urgent feeling. Just now, when Shao Wanru was about to give birth all of a sudden, he didn’t have time to think too much. Now he remembered what Qi Jue had once told him, and he pursed his lips tightly.

After pondering for a while, Chu Liuchen strode outside.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty! Please wait here. You can’t go into the delivery room!” Xiao Xuanzi understood what Emperor was going to do at a glance. He hurriedly chased after the Emperor outside the side hall.

Chu Liuchen just ignored Xiao Xuanzi and strode to the delivery room. At the door of the delivery room, he was stopped by Noble Consort Dowager Lan. “Where are you going?”

“I’ll go in to see the Empress,” Chu Liuchen said with a serious face. If it were before, Noble Consort Dowager Lan would give in without hesitation. But now, she did not give in, and not even half a step. “Your Majesty, if you go in now, you can do nothing but just disturb the Empress. Just now, the Empress asked someone to guard the door of the delivery room to prevent you from going in.”

Noble Consort Dowager Lan pointed to Yujie, who was at the door of the delivery room, and said, “This is what the Empress meant.”

Chu Liuchen take a cold look at Yujie, who was guarding the door. Yujie shivered under his gaze. She preferred staying inside to guarding here under too much pressure of the Emperor’s cold gaze. Fortunately, it was Yujie who came to the capital with Shao Wanru from Jiangzhou. If it were anyone else, he or she would definitely become limp under such a cold glance by the Emperor.

“I just walk around here!” Chu Liuchen said with a straight face.

“Okay, just do it,” Noble Consort Dowager Lan had to agree. She turned around and sat on the chair next to her, and meanwhile, she asked Chu Liuchen to sit and rest for a while.

Just then, Shao Wanru let out a few painful groans from the delivery room. Shao Wanru looked weak, but she was actually a strong-willed person. At this moment, she couldn’t help crying out in pain. How painful it must be!

Chu Liuchen’s mind went blank. He suddenly stood up. Before Noble Consort Dowager Lan could react, he had already walked up to Yujie. Yujie was about to stop him, but Xiao Xuanzi grabbed her sleeve and pulled her to the side with force.

Both of them were the most capable people around their masters. At this moment, it depended on who acted faster.

Yujie didn’t expect that Xiao Xuanzi would take action, but Xiao Xuanzi had been well prepared. The moment he saw the Emperor come out of the side hall, Xiao Xuanzi already had an idea in his mind. He knew that the Emperor must go in and have a look.

Seeing the Emperor had rushed up, Xiao Xuanzi naturally had to help his master.

Yujie was pulled aside, and others did not have the guts to stop Chu Liuchen at all. Chu Liuchen pushed the door open and rushed in.

Shao Wanru just experienced a burst of pain and opened her eyes. Suddenly, she felt the warmth in her hand. She looked up and met Chu Liuchen’s anxious eyes. There were beads of sweat on his fair forehead, and his eyes were so dark and deep as if they were two tens of thousands of years of cold ponds.

“Zhuozhuo, Don’t be afraid. I’m here!” Chu Liuchen held Shao Wanru’s hand tightly in his wet palm. No matter how composed he performed in front of others, it was all a facade. He had never been calm in his heart.

“You … go out…” With her eyes turning red, Shao Wanru nibbled her lip. She hardly controlled herself and said with sobs while reaching out to push him.

“I won’t leave. I’ll stay here with you. I won’t go anywhere!” Chu Liuchen insisted.

“You… go, go! If you don’t go… I… I won’t deliver the baby!” Shao Wanru became anxious and tried hard to push Chu Liuchen. However, Chu Liuchen just stood there, motionless.

Rui’an Great Elder Princess had come in just now, and she also came over to persuade the Emperor. “Your Majesty, the Empress can’t be concentrated to use her strength if you are here, and it will be a waste of her energy. Please wait outside, where you can hear everything, and she won’t be distracted.”

Hearing what Rui’an Great Elder Princess said, Chu Liuchen thought for a moment. This time, he was very obedient. He took a handkerchief and wiped the cold sweat on Shao Wanru’s forehead. “I’ll be outside. Zhuozhuo, if you want me to come in, just call me.”

“Okay, I got it,” Shao Wanru said. Just then, she felt another burst of pain, so she held Chu Liuchen’s hand tightly, and her nails almost dug into the flesh in Chu Liuchen’s palm.

Chu Liuchen let her pinch, motionless. After this burst of pain passed, he let go of Shao Wanru’s hand and walked out of the delivery room. He paused at the door and swayed.

Xiao Xuanzi hurried forward to help Chu Liuchen, sensing that his whole body was tensed. Xiao Xuanzi carefully helped him sit on the chair outside.

After a while, Chu Liuchen couldn’t sit still anymore. He stood up and went to the window of the delivery room to listen to the sounds. Every time Shao Wanru moaned from inside, his face would turn paler, just like the situation when he could not bear the pain caused by the poison in his body before.

Noble Consort Dowager Lan wanted to come over to persuade him, but she was afraid that he would be angry. When she was anxious, the Grand Empress Dowager came. Noble Consort Dowager Lan hurried to greet her.

Once the Grand Empress Dowager came in, she saw Chu Liuchen waiting by the window of the delivery room and stretching his neck to listen to the sounds inside, no longer as elegant and calm as usual. The Grand Empress Dowager couldn’t help smiling. She came over, tugged his sleeve, and noticed that the Emperor almost tensed up all over.

“Chen’er, have a seat for a while. You can’t be so tense. The Empress will give birth in a while. The baby is in the right position in her belly. Everything is fine. In a while, she will be fine, but you may faint because of anxiety.” The Grand Empress Dowager said with smiling eyes, looking serene.

Seeing the Grand Empress Dowager, Chu Liuchen seemed to have found the most reliable person. “Imperial Grandmother, is she really fine?”

“Sure, she’ll be fine. The Imperial Physicians have seen her. No worries!” the Grand Empress Dowager said. She reached out to pull one of his sleeves and dragged him to sit next to her.

Later, Shao Wanru gave birth to the baby smoothly. When the baby’s cry was heard from the delivery room, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The Retired Emperor also came over. He looked at Chu Liuchen’s tensed bloodless face and patted his son’s hand with a smile. “It’s okay. It’ll be fine.”

“It’s a prince!” With a broad smile, Nanny Gao walked to the door with the child in her arms and showed it to the group of elders waiting outside.

Chu Liuchen took this opportunity to rush in.

It had been cleaned up inside. Shao Wanru watched Chu Liuchen come in wearily and asked in a low voice, “Is our baby cute?”

“He is cute, very cute. Thank you!” Chu Liuchen reached out to hold Shao Wanru’s hand and said in a choked voice. Just now, when he was waiting outside, he was like sitting on pins and needles.

People often said that it all relied on him that she could become the Empress. However, they did not expect that she was the sunshine in his heart, the only light. Without her, he wouldn’t have been who he was now.

In fact, he had always had such a feeling for her, and during the hard time he spent outside the delivery room just now, it had been getting clearer and clearer.

Without her, he couldn’t be himself.

If lost her, he would rather lose the whole world.

“Have you seen our child?” Seeing his behavior, Shao Wanru smiled and asked softly. The child had just been carried out by the Nanny, and Chu Liuchen just came in. According to the time, Chu Liuchen might not have seen the child.

“No rush to see the child. I just want to see you first,” Chu Liuchen said.

Chu Liuchen muttered inwardly, “Nothing is urgent. You are the only weakness that can make me most anxious. You are the only one who can give me a nice life. Without you, even if I own this world, I am willing to worship your afterlife on the path of rebirth. Even if this life is over, I will cultivate the way of the next life. I only hope that from now on, I’ll spend my life with you every day, no matter in this life or next life.”

Chu Liuchen reached out to embrace Shao Wanru gently and kissed her gently on the forehead. No one noticed the paranoia and madness in his eyes right now. All his wishes were real…

As long as he had her in his life, he would be happy. Without her… He would … ruined everything…

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