My Billionaire Exhusband Grovels Me After Divorce

Chapter 23 - Chapter 23: Chapter 23 Apologize

Chapter 23: Chapter 23 Apologize

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Qiao Yin’s eyes reddened with anger, she sneered sarcastically, “Well, as equals, I treat marriage as a business, and you treat it as a game. Are you any more noble than I am? Whether I visit our grandmother or not is not for you to decide, only she has that right!”

After she said this, she turned to leave.

However, Lu Lingche coldly said, “Wait!”

Qiao Yin was forced to turn around a second time, clearly impatient, “Can’t you say everything at once?”

Seeing her full of impatience, Lu Lingche suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. She never used to be like this.

He looked at Qiao Yin for a long while before finally saying, “Our home surveillance video has been restored.”

Qiao Yin reacted indifferently, “Oh, congratulations.”

“I misunderstood you. It was indeed Yuyi who wanted to drink the tea, and she only took one sip before spitting it out.”

“Hmm, and then?”

“Yuyi is pregnant, and hormonal changes may have caused instability in her mood and distortions in her memory. I hope you won’t blame her.”

Qiao Yin found this extremely absurd and laughable, “Lu Lingche, have your conscience been eaten by a dog? Can you actually say with a straight face that pregnancy causes memory distortion? Do you think I’ve never seen a pregnant woman?”

“I’ve asked a doctor about this. He did say that it was a possibility.”

Qiao Yin trembled with anger, “I think, instead of blindly covering up for your beloved, you should apologize to me! Pregnancy is not an excuse for her to frame me, nor is it a reason for you to vent your anger at me!”

“Also, if she didn’t drink that cup of tea, how did she suddenly have a miscarriage? And how was it prevented? You angrily called me over to apologize, so she was actually fine all along, right?”

“You may worry about your beloved, but next time, please get the full story before confronting me!”

Lu Lingche’s expression was ice-cold, “How do you know she didn’t have a miscarriage? It’s been said that every effort of the hospital was made to protect the child. How dare you speculate randomly about her condition? You covered her in vomit. Did she say single bad word about you? She’s always speaking up for you!”

Qiao Yin was not blindly guessing. Having lived with her grandmother since childhood and having gathered considerable medical knowledge, she felt that Lan Yuyi didn’t look like someone who almost had a miscarriage.

To verify her suspicions, she hacked into the system of Lan’s Hospital and reviewed Yuyi’s medical records.

The records had clear signs of being tampered with, and more than once.

Why would she tamper with her records for no reason?

She obviously wanted to hide something!

However, there was no need to tell Lu Lingche these things. He was entirely defending his beloved, thinking everything Lan Yuyi did was right, while everything his wife did was wrong.

Qiao Yin chuckled sarcastically and turned to leave.

She took a cab home, drank some milk, and fell fast asleep. She was really too tired.

In her dreams, the faces of Lu Lingche and Lan Yuyi appeared alternately. The two of them were in a loving embrace, claiming they were truly in love, and that Qiao Yin was just an accident.

Qiao Yin woke up suddenly, touched her face, and found it wet with tears.

She took a deep breath and whispered to herself, “Qiao Yin, they’re not worth your tears.”

Her mobile phone pinged. She picked it up and saw it was a message from Lu Lingche, with just two words, “Sorry.”

Was he apologizing to her?

His apology came across so restrained and hesitant. So typical of the distinguished Master Lu.

She forced herself to temporarily forget about Lu Lingche. Looking at the time, it was already midnight. She got up from the bed, took a shower, and sat down in front of her computer with a cup of milk.

As Qiao Yin sipped, she thought that she can’t just live on milk. She would need to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits.

Taking a cab to and from work every day was quite expensive. Given the fact that her work was close by, it would be better to buy a used bike off a second-hand website. It would save money, be environmentally friendly, and an excellent form of exercise..

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