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Chapter 116 - Chapter 116: Chapter 116: Ugliness, Affects Sleep

Chapter 116: Chapter 116: Ugliness, Affects Sleep

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She was lost in thought when the remote control was suddenly yanked from her hand. There was a snap as the TV was turned off.

Rong Yan came back to her senses and looked at the man who had emerged in a bathrobe, casting aside the messy annoying thoughts in her head, and said, “Li Shengxiao, why did you turn off the TV?”

“Oh, right, I got you a glass of water and put it over there. Are you thirsty? Do you want to drink some?”

She didn’t even think about who was the reason for his thirst. Li Shengxiao, suppressing the heat that hadn’t yet subsided in his chest, didn’t go for the water, his fingertips grazing her lips as he spoke hoarsely, “Ugly, it affects sleep quality!”


Rong Yan was stunned for a moment and it took her a while to realize he was calling Rong Weiwei ugly.

Rong Yan couldn’t help but laugh and cry, “How is it ugly? That commercial was rated as one of the top ten commercials of the year. I think it looks pretty


Weiwei’s face was still appealing to a lot of people, otherwise, she wouldn’t have such a good public reputation.

Li Shengxiao’s eyes were half-closed, revealing an impatient look, “I think it’s ugly.”

Alright, nothing is more important than what the sugar daddy thinks, if he thinks it’s ugly, then it’s ugly.

However, the fact that Li Shengxiao found Rong Weiwei ugly didn’t dampen her spirits; in fact, she felt quite good, at least not as disgusted as when she first saw that pretentious, fake-smiling commercial.

Rong Yan went to take a bath in a good mood.

After her bath, she discovered that her sickbed seemed to have been taken over by someone.

Just as she was thinking of going to sleep next door with Little Baby, the man propping up a pillow on the bed and working on his laptop raised his head and saw her just right, “Come here.”

Rong Yan,

Inside, she was resistant, but her legs didn’t listen to her commands at all, and shamelessly walked over.

As expected, as soon as she got there, she was abruptly pulled onto the bed.

The soft mattress sank down a large chunk, and while Rong Yan was still lost in thought, the warm blanket wrapped around her, and the man beside her with his pheromone scent spilling out said, “You sleep first.”

“Uh, aren’t you going to sleep?”

Li Shengxiao squinted his eyes, looking at her fair, stunned melon-seed face; he really wanted to ask her if she was inviting him. However, when his gaze landed on the girl’s injured shoulder, the lust in his eyes receded like a tide, “Yeah, I still have some work to do.”

Rong Yan didn’t know where her trust in him came from, but she actually lay down with a blanket all to herself next to a healthy adult man on the same bed and yawned.

“Then I’m going to sleep now. Goodnight.”

She was truly tired.

Even though her constitution wasn’t quite like that of an average person, an injury was still an injury. She had been running around all day and even went out to eat, feeling incredibly exhausted early on.

As she relaxed, her eyelids began to fight each other, and her breathing quickly became even and steady; she fell into a deep sleep…

The peaceful breathing of the small woman beside him made Li Shengxiao unable to calm his mind at all! A whole hour passed, and the document on his laptop had not moved from the first page. If his secretary were here, her eyes would probably pop out. After all, the man in front of her was usually like a work machine, who, once he started working, had an astonishingly high efficiency.

An entire hour, and not just one document, but seven or eight would have been processed!

“Mmm…” The soundly sleeping person had no idea she was the culprit behind the explosion-slow work efficiency. Maybe it had been a long while since her body and mind felt this relaxed, and sleeping in a place her subconscious deemed absolutely safe, she slept soundly and even smacked her lips a little..

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