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Chapter 34 - Chapter 34: Chapter 34: Experience the Taste of One Yuan Coffee

Chapter 34: Chapter 34: Experience the Taste of One Yuan Coffee

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“Country Garden is getting refurbished, so I found a temporary place nearby,” Li Shengxiao said, as if he knew what she was going to ask. He strode over with his long legs and spoke in a low, mellow voice.

His scorching breath once again enveloped the top of her head, bringing with it his unique intimidating presence. It felt as though Rong Yan was completely shrouded in his shadow, wrapped up in his illusion.

This feeling was too dangerous!

She decisively took two steps back. The man in front of her gave her no chance to escape and forcefully grabbed her wrist. “I don’t have any water at home. Would it be convenient to have a glass at your place?”

The skin on her wrist where he held her was burning up, and she felt like she could catch fire at any moment. This was not about whether it was convenient for her; he was clearly insisting on getting a drink at her place!

“I should warn you my place is a bit messy,” Rong Yan twisted away from his grip, opened the door, “Just wait outside for two minutes before you come in!”

She rushed in ahead of him, quickly gathered up the little bra from the sofa, and shoved it into the bedroom as fast as she could. Then she slammed the bedroom door shut.

Turning back she called out, “Okay, you can come in now.”

Li Shengxiao entered from outside, his noble black eyes surveying everything in the small room.

Pink sofa, pink vanity mirror, and even a pink TV wall—it was hard to tell she was someone with such a tender heart.

Rong Yan felt a bit awkward under his gaze and quickly removed the Snoopy cushion from the sofa, inviting him, “Mr. Li, please sit here. I’ll go get you some water.”

Li Shengxiao sat in the spot she indicated.

Rong Yan, holding a glass, had walked halfway when she suddenly remembered something and turned back, “Oh right, I have juice and coffee at home. Which would you prefer?”

The words ‘at home’ undoubtedly pleased the usually hard-to-please man. He curled his lips in a good mood, “Coffee, please.”

“Coffee, huh…” Rong Yan didn’t notice his smile, hesitated for a few seconds, then decided not to pretend and told the truth, “I bought instant coffee for one yuan a packet, it may not taste that great. Are you sure you want coffee?”

Li Shengxiao had never really had one-yuan coffee before! But looking at her lovely face, he was suddenly intrigued to try, “Hmm.”

“Okay.” Rong Yan adapted quickly, “Then I’ll go make it, just a moment.”

While she was preparing the coffee, Li Shengxiao took the opportunity to look around her small apartment.

He just happened to see the script Rong Yan had left there.

“Here’s the coffee-

As soon as Rong Yan came out, she saw the striking man engrossed in her script.

She hurriedly set down the coffee cup, snatched the script from his hands, “That, um, the coffee’s ready. Weren’t you thirsty? Have some water first.”

She quickly tidied up the place.

Li Shengxiao, as if not minding the small detail, picked up the mug and took a sip. His handsome brows rose slightly, “It’s my first time drinking coffee out of a mug.”


Rong Yan awkwardly explained, “I’m the only one living here usually, so I only have two cups. You’ll have to make do. Anyway, the mug doesn’t affect the taste of the coffee.’

It was only after she spoke that she remembered she had just honestly admitted her coffee was the one-yuan instant kind. In front of Li Shengxiao, what taste could her one-yuan coffee possibly have!

“I mean, it also doesn’t affect drinking the coffee,” Rong Yan quickly corrected herself, speaking so fast she almost bit her tongue..

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