Chapter 649: Chapter 649 Annoyance

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This was not an empty house. Instead, a family of five lived here, but Magu was nowhere to be seen.

Zhou Ying quickly went over and saw Magu leading a young man to the door of the coachman’s house.

After Magu climbed over the wall and entered, she blew some knockout powder into the room.

She walked into the room a moment later, knocked over the oil lamp by the bed, and ran out quickly.

After leaving the house, Magu took out two silver notes worth 1,000 taels and handed them to the young man. “Xiao Xu, you are the only child in our family. Tomorrow, take the silver notes and leave the capital. Also, find a place to change your appearance.

“The Marquis Ding’an Residence would probably not last long.”

“But, Auntie…”

“No buts. I’m already old and don’t care about life and death anymore.

“Moreover, my hands have been stained with blood all these years. It’s time for me to atone for my sins.

“But you’re different. I’ve never let your hands get stained with blood, and you can totally start a new life.”

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“You are my weakness; do you understand?”

The young man was stunned for a moment before nodding heavily. “Take care, Auntie.”

“Remember, after you leave, don’t ever come back.”

“Alright.” The young man nodded and turned away in a hurry.

However, he looked back at Magu several times with every step he took. He only ran away after Magu had walked far away without looking back.

Through Magu and the others, Zhou Ying also learned that the family of five living in the small courtyard was also from the Marquis’ Residence.

Moreover, an old lady there was also one of the old madam’s nannies. To put it bluntly, their family was responsible for protecting this tunnel.

Zhou Ying watched Magu disappear into the tunnel. This time, she did not chase after her, but she felt that this Magu was not an unpardonable person.

Magu definitely knew a lot of insider information. Zhou Ying could even get rid of Mrs. Lu through her, as it was annoying to guard against someone constantly scheming against them.

Zhou Ying quickly returned to the coachman’s tiny house. At this time, the flames were already soaring into the sky, and the rafters and beams on the roof had also begun to fall.

The coachman who was about to be burned alive was unconscious. Zhou Ying hesitated momentarily before throwing the coachman out through the back window.

Perhaps he would even bite the old lady back for the sake of his survival.

After that, she inspected the entire continent through the various Mother God Temples.

Finally, she turned her view to the military camp in Dongyang Province and the East Continent.

At this moment, Dongyang’s military camp was relatively peaceful. However, many injured soldiers could not receive timely treatment due to the lack of medicinal herbs.

When Zhou Ying saw this, she immediately threw them a batch of medicinal herbs that they urgently needed.

As for the East Continent, they suffered heavy losses.

They were divided into two factions. One faction requested to send more troops to strike while the iron was hot, while the other faction stated a massive strength disparity between the two sides. Moreover, they had already lost the opportunity and should not send more troops to die.

Zhou Ying ignored their arguments and instead learned the reason why they invaded.

Zhou Ying was momentarily speechless after she learned that they were troubled by the lack of land and mountains in the East Continent and that there was no grain surplus each year. Thus, they were attracted to the Ming Dynasty’s land and resources.

The problem was that the people of the East Continent had the lowest rate of pious belief in Mother God. How could she give them food for free?

At the thought of this, she found the highest official of the Main Union Sect, who was also a loyal believer in Mother God, and gave him a dream.

However, there were no specific instructions.

Instead, it was a dream of cows and sheep filling the mountains, fruit trees filling the gardens, and chickens and ducks walking everywhere.

It was a dream of using animal feces to raise earthworms and then feeding these earthworms to raise chickens and ducks.

As long as they used their existing resources to do an excellent job breeding livestock, they could completely solve the East Continent’s food shortage problem..

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