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Chapter 337 - Chapter 337: The Plan Begins, We Chose Not to Flee

Chapter 337: The Plan Begins, We Chose Not to Flee

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The wedding fleet arrived at the moon following the ten thousand-mile celestial path of red makeup.

After orbiting the moon several times, they landed on a mountaintop platform next to the Guanghan Palace base.

Tang Rui, accompanied by Li Shuyao, disembarked the spacecraft and entered a special passageway.

The others used the regular passageway, taking a maglev train into the base.

Zhou Peng, acting as the coordinator, was in contact with Gao Yang, the wedding organizer at Guanghan Palace base.

“Brother Yang, are the ceremonial cannons ready?”

“Ready, we can ignite and launch at any time.”

“What about Sister Yun?”

“Everything is prepared.”

“Alright, I got it.”

After Zhou Peng finished coordinating, he began arranging for the guests. Once everything was prepared, he uploaded the completion message to Red Lotus.

Tang Rui reapplied makeup with Li Shuyao.

Upon receiving a notification from Red Lotus, he took Li Shuyao on an elevator to the plaza outside the Guanghan Palace palace complex.

The area was already covered with flowers.

A long red carpet spread across the ground, extending from the plaza up the steps and into the palace complex.

As the two stepped onto the red carpet, Gao Yang pressed the launch button.

From the cliffs behind Guanghan Palace, hundreds of launch units activated, firing missiles into the sky.

Dozens of close defense dense array weapons emerged from their shelters, firing tracers upwards at an angle.

Under Red Lotus’ control, these dense array weapons constantly adjusted their directions, creating curved trajectories in the sky with their tracers.

Originally, Tang Rui planned to create musical fountains.

But on the moon, such water waste seemed inappropriate.

He then equipped the dense array weapons with tracers, replicating the effect of water jets.

The effect was indeed impressive, as these weapons reacted faster than water pumps.

The launched tracers could be calculated as individual bullets, creating an excellent visual effect.

Now, under Red Lotus’ control, the dense array weapons painted in the sky.

As Tang Rui and Li Shuyao walked across the plaza and up the steps to the front of the Guanghan Palace, the sky’s tracers disappeared, replaced by endless firelight.

The previously launched missiles reached their designated positions and exploded in sequence.

The effect was far better than fireworks, especially since the missile warheads contained specially formulated explosives.

The impact and light effects were extraordinary.

As the two approached the entrance of the wedding hall, the last dozen mini-suns finally exploded in the outer space of the moon.

“On this auspicious and peaceful day, the two…”

The wedding host began the ceremony, with guests watching the approaching couple with smiles.

For the next half hour, Tang Rui and Li Shuyao were at the mercy of the guests.

The wedding followed a mix of ancient and modern rituals, slightly unconventional.

Initially, Tang Rui considered following ancient rituals, but after learning about the complexity of ancient wedding procedures, he abandoned the idea.

The current arrangement was better, less taxing.

After the ceremony, the banquet began.

Red Lotus controlled robots to serve top-tier delicacies at the tables, quickly filling them up.

Each item on the table was of the highest quality.

As for the cost?

It was free.

All the ingredients were sponsored by various countries.

Even though these people were fleeing Earth, they didn’t forget to bring along fine foods, preferring them over dry, compressed biscuits.

Tang Rui naturally didn’t oppose such actions.

He even wished they brought more.

After all, it all ended up being his.

Tang Rui and Li Shuyao changed clothes and then came out to toast. This was when the brothers’ alcohol tolerance was tested.

After a round of toasting…

Tang Rui was fine, but several of his good friends, including Gao Yang, couldn’t hold up.

The wedding ended.

The guests began to wander around the Guanghan Palace base, with some taking lunar sightseeing vehicles to leave the base and explore.

All these activities were arranged by specialized personnel.

After the wedding, Tang Rui immediately took a spaceship back to Earth. He still had things to do.

At the Blue Army Command Center.

“Red Lotus, notify everyone, the plan begins.”


After Tang Rui finished speaking, he cut off communication between Earth and the fleeing fleet, simultaneously releasing a radiation bomb pre-arranged along the route.

Beep beep beep…

“Detection of a super high-energy solar storm, all personnel immediately enter hibernation pods. Repeat, detection of…”

At that moment, an alarming sound blared inside the dozen or so scientific research ships of the fleeing fleet, with the spaceship’s mainframe warning appearing on the large screen.

Seeing this situation, the top officials were taken aback.

However, they did not immediately enter hibernation but instructed the scientists on the ships to analyze the specific situation.

“According to the data monitored by the ship’s detectors, this solar storm is unprecedented. We must enter the hibernation pods,” the scientists concluded.

“Will we be safe in the hibernation pods?”

“There should be no problem. The hibernation pods were manufactured with a protective coating, and the main threat of a solar storm to the spaceship is its electronic devices. If we go into hibernation, the ship can stop powering many devices and focus all energy on the magnetic field protection device, preventing major problems.”

After reviewing the data, the scientists reassured everyone.

Initially, they had not planned to enter hibernation so soon.

But with the sudden turn of events, they had no other choice.

Thus, everyone on the dozen or so scientific research ships entered their hibernation pods.

In front of Tang Rui, the red dots on the dozen ships gradually decreased until the last one entered the hibernation pod. He then activated the pre-set disengagement program.

The cargo ships headed directly to the moon.

The supplies on board were enough to sustain the moon base for many years.

The remaining ships activated their maximum thrust, speeding towards Jupiter.

“Red Lotus, display the current trending topics on the network.”

“Okay, master.”

The screen changed to show online content.

Without Red Lotus’s suppression and without control from national departments, the news of the global elite’s escape had erupted online.

“We have been abandoned!”

This was the hottest topic on the internet, but the comments below were unviewable, filled with curses and discontent.

Not only online, but some free countries were also in chaos, engaging in real-life conflicts.

Domestically, the situation was relatively stable.

Although there was much anger online, reality remained stable, mainly due to military control.

Tang Rui checked the time; it was almost seven o’clock.

A new era was about to begin.


At that moment, Tang Rui received a text message.

The message was simple, urging all citizens to watch the news at seven o’clock for an explanation.

Ten minutes later…

The country seemed to pause; there were no cars on the roads, and even on highways, vehicles stopped in emergency lanes, with drivers watching the news on their phones.

At seven o’clock sharp…

Dun dun dun dun dun… dun…

The news intro played without a studio or host, just four words:

“Man Conquers Nature!”

Then, familiar faces appeared on the screen, not in a recorded broadcast, but live.

Why live?

Because everyone was on the Tiananmen Gate Tower, with cameras panning from close to far, capturing everything in a single shot.

Multiple small screens appeared on the TV.

These screens showed police standing guard on the streets, soldiers patrolling the borders, aircraft carriers cutting through the seas, and astronauts on duty in the space station…

All these images conveyed one message:

In a time of crisis, we chose not to flee..

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