My Lady, To Defeat Scumbags You Must Start Early

Chapter 84 - Chapter 84: Chapter 84 Clear and Innocent Ji Baijian

Chapter 84: Chapter 84 Clear and Innocent Ji Baijian

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In the study.

Song Shan was rather shocked.

“I was quite surprised too.” Song Zhizhi did not say more.

She wouldn’t inform her father about all her speculations until she had irrefutable evidence. She didn’t want him to worry excessively, and neither did she want to stir up the situation unknowingly.

She did not even know how many eyes were spying on her father.

“Does your aunt know about it?” Song Shan was concerned.

“She probably doesn’t know yet.” Song Zhizhi said. She felt a sense of irony within her. The first one to know was probably Nie Wenzhi!

“Your aunt is not in good health, let’s not tell her yet. I will sort things out first, and then slowly explain it to her when the time is right.”


Song Shan immediately got up and left.

Song Zhizhi sighed.

She was genuinely afraid that her father would be devastated and unable to accept the truth when Nie Wenzhi was exposed.

She went back to her room.

She had to call Ji Baijian about postponing their engagement. She owed him an explanation.

She dialed his number.

When Ji Baijian picked up the phone, he said, “Miss Song, you seem to be thinking about me a lot these days.”

“Yeah, I miss you, miss you so much. I think about you every minute, every second, so much that I can neither eat nor sleep,” Song Zhizhi said, not meaning a word of it.

Ji Baijian laughed out loud.

Song Zhizhi couldn’t understand why Ji Baijian was so annoying.

“I have a serious matter to discuss with you.”


“My dad suggests that we postpone our wedding because things are pretty unstable in my family right now, and he wants to lay low for a while.” There was silence on the other end of the line.

So Ji Baijian was probably thinking that after all the effort he put in, he was still at a loss.

“If you can’t wait, I can surrender myself to you first.” Song Zhizhi said very seriously.

She wasn’t joking.

In her previous life, they had been intimate, so why bother being so reserved now?

“Miss Song, are you this desperate?” “Aren’t I comforting you?”

“I’m not easy.”

“Isn’t it quite normal for couples to kiss and share a bed? We are in the 21st century after all, and there shouldn’t be so many constraints.”

Moreover, premarital cohabitation, also known as “marriage trial”, is quite popular now.

“It’s not normal.” Ji Baijian said seriously.

“Ji Baijian, are you from ancient times? Why are you so stubborn?”

“Are you that desperate?” Ji Baijian was being confrontational in return.

“…” She was just stating a fact. When did she say she was desperate?

“I will wait until our wedding night.” Ji Baijian maintained his seriousness.

“Fine, fine. You can wait as long as you want.” Song Zhizhi didn’t want to argue with him, lest it sounded like she was desperate, “I’m not frivolous.”

“Miss Song.” Ji Baijian called her name. His magnetic voice indicated that he was very serious at the moment.

“What is it?”

“Since childhood, I haven’t touched any woman, not even holding hands.” Ji Baijian said.

Song Zhizhi frowned.

Was he showing off?

“So you should be more reserved too.” Ji Baijian said in a somewhat dominant manner.

“Ji Baijian, do you have any problems?” Song Zhizhi asked.

But this was not the case in her previous life. “Are you implying that you’re not capable?”

No charges could be made without evidence!

Song Zhizhi quickly nodded, “Yes, yes. My lord, your humble wife will surely behave properly, keep her purity, and wait for you to consummate our marriage on our wedding night.”

Ji Baijian even seemed satisfied and said one word, “Good.”

An ancient man.

Song Zhizhi murmured to herself.

Ji Baijian had already changed the subject, “With the death of Nie Xiaofei, Nie Wenzhi will inevitably fall into a disadvantage. Given your father’s character, he will probably pamper her even more. ”

“Yes, so I’ve decided to compromise. I don’t want to put my father in a difficult situation, and I don’t want him to think I’m being unreasonable and oblivious to the bigger picture.”

“You have done well.” Ji Baijian did not hesitate to praise.

Then Song Zhizhi said, “However, with Nie Xiaofei’s death, Nie Wenzhi’s crime will now remain unconfirmed.’

“Actually, it doesn’t matter.” Ji Baijian said, “If you kill Nie Wenzhi now, it would be much harder for you to trace the person behind the scenes. You should rather think about how to expose the person behind Nie Wenzhi.”

“It must be someone with significant influence. Today, my dad was summoned by the Ye family. The moment he left, Nie Wenzhi had the opportunity to cause trouble. Who do you think can command the Ye Family?”

“Command might be an overstatement.” Ji Baijian analyzed, “But it definitely has to be someone who has a say in front of the Ye family.”

“In all of Yanshang Country, there are only four such people besides my father:

the secretary-general, the chief financial officer, and the chief inspector.”

As events unfold, the target seems to be getting closer!

“Don’t worry. Sooner or later, they will expose themselves.”

“Yeah.” Song Zhizhi nodded, knowing that she could not rush things. She thought for a moment and said, “Ji Baijian, I feel like you know more than you let on.”

“Because I pay attention.”

Song Zhizhi gripped her phone.

That was not what she meant.

Ji Baijian said, “Rest assured, I will do what I promised.”

Was he referring to the promise to protect her family?

“I trust you.”

“Good.” Again, he used that ambiguous yet pleasing word.

Song Zhizhi felt a warmth in her heart.

She had to admit, she felt a strong urge to marry Ji Baijian straight away.

Her heart was filled with affection.

Following the exposure of Nie Xiaofei’s suicide due to guilt, the news made headlines for a week. The incident greatly distressed Song Shan. Furthermore, Nie Wenzhi was also “overwhelmed by the impact”. Song Shan lost a significant amount of weight. Fortunately, things gradually settled down, and news about the Song family became sparse.

It was time for Song Zhizhi to attend her business examination interview. She was bound to pass the writing test. She was waiting for the interview to begin.

She saw Yi Wenhan.

So, Yi Wenhan’s official career wasn’t affected by Nie Xiaofei’s incident after all.

That was where Nie Wenzhi stood out as superior. She and her son always managed to escape unscathed in any circumstances.

She wondered whether Nie Xiaofei regretted being manipulated like a fool by others.

During her previous lifetime, on her deathbed, she wished she could drag Yi Wenhan down with her.

Her eyes shifted slightly.

She heard the interview staff call her name, and Yi Wenhan’s as well..

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