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Chapter 815 - Chapter 815: Gongsun Zan, Instant Kill 1

Chapter 815: Gongsun Zan, Instant Kill 1

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Battle of Ying Tao Secret Realm.

The moment the man with the white horse and silver spear came out, Yuan Hong knew that there was a high chance that he wouldn’t be able to obtain the luck of the Great Han Dynasty.

This was because the one who came over had somewhat violated the rules. It had far exceeded the standards that this mystic realm should have!

Facing such an existence, the arrogance on Yuan Hong’s face was restrained.

He also walked out of the army. The moment he came out, his arrogance and despotism were all restrained. His face was filled with the standard etiquette of a young master from an aristocratic family.

Reality proved that Yuan Hong wasn’t impolite, but his politeness depended on the person.

The person in front of him was clearly qualified to make him polite.

As soon as he came out, Yuan Hong bowed to the man with the white horse and silver spear. “Yuan Hong greets Uncle Gongsun!

I didn’t know that it was uncle’s face just now, so Yuan Hong was impudent. I hope uncle won’t blame me!”

Yuan Hong walked out politely, but Gongsun Zan, who was riding a white horse and holding a silver spear, did not even lift his eyelids. “It’s okay. Just leave this mystic realm!”

“This nephew is unable to comply. The purpose of this nephew’s visit this time around…”

“I know your purpose, but you should also know that you have no right to compete with me.”

Gongsun Zan interrupted Yuan Hong.

But in fact, Yuan Hong still had a polite smile on his face just by interrupting him like that. But Gongsun Zan added, “You’re not Yuan Chu!”

As soon as Gongsun Zan said this, the smile on Yuan Hong’s face froze.

He could have the bearing of a young master from an aristocratic family, but he could not allow anyone to compare him with Yuan Chu, and he could not tolerate others thinking that he was inferior to Yuan Chu.

Gongsun Zan’s words immediately changed Yuan Hong’s mind.

“Uncle Gongsun, if you say so, then Yuan Hong will have to experience uncle’s methods!”

“Are you sure you want to compete with me?”

Gongsun Zan raised an eyebrow, and Yuan Hong’s gaze gradually became firm.

“It’s true that Uncle Gongsun’s strength is extraordinary, and he’s one of the top existences in the Great Han camp.

If Uncle Gongsun was in his peak condition, I would definitely retreat.

However, the situation was different in this secret region!”

Yuan Hong was 100% sure that the other party had definitely used some means to appear in the mystic realm.

He was definitely not in his peak condition at this moment.

Since he wasn’t in his peak condition and could only use the strength of an eighth-grade at most, then Yuan Hong felt that what was there to be afraid of?

Wouldn’t it be over if he just killed him?

“Uncle Gongsun, we’re all here for the same goal. I have no reason to back down. Then let us see the truth!

This was a rare opportunity for Gao Lan to experience Uncle Gongsun’s methods!”

As he spoke, Yuan Hong threw a talisman bag and a prop to Gao Lan.

After Gao Lan received the talisman bag, he immediately opened it. After a quick glance, he found a few talismans inside.

[Level 8 Perfect-grade Vajra Protection Talisman]

[Level 8 Perfect-Quality Nine Oxen and Two Tigers Talisman]

[Level 8 Perfect-Grade Flaming Talisman]

At the same time, Gao Lan also used the prop that Yuan Hong handed over.

The item that Yuan Hong handed over was called the [Sea of Fire Necklace], It stored a large amount of pure fire-type spirit essence.

Three perfect-grade talismans of the eighth step, and one prop.

Gao Lan used them all at once!

All of a sudden, Gao Lan’s imposing manner was raised to its peak.

A powerful force was poured into Gao Lan’s body. At this moment, Gao Lan had the courage to face Gongsun Zan.

“Let me experience your brilliant moves!”

As he spoke, Gao Lan turned into a fiery red meteor, dragging the large saber in his hand. He left a trail of scorched earth on the ground as he crashed into Gongsun Zan!

In an instant, Gao Lan arrived in front of Gongsun Zan.

Along the way, the spirit essence in Gao Lan’s body had reached an unprecedented peak state under the infusion of the [Sea of Fire Necklace],

At this moment, Gao Lan’s fighting spirit surged, and he unleashed a peak outburst that he had been unable to use before.

“Scarlet Flame Saber Technique, Hundred Beasts Galloping!”

With a furious roar, Gao Lan slashed his saber at Gongsun Zan.

As the saber fell, the aura of the Scarlet Flame Hundred Beasts erupted. In an instant, it was as if hundreds of crimson leopards were charging at Gongsun Zan.

The scene was magnificent.

Looking at Gao Lan’s outburst, Yuan Hong’s face revealed a satisfied smile.

He wanted to see if Gongsun Zan could block such an attack.

Even if he could withstand it, he still had a backup plan!

“I said that he’s not as good as that bastard son? I’ll let you know that you’re wrong…”


Before Yuan Hong could finish his sentence, a dull voice sounded.

Immediately after, Gao Lan’s gorgeous hundred beasts special effect disappeared.

The saber in Gao Lan’s hand stopped three inches above Gongsun Zan’s head, and his chest was pierced through by a silver-white spear.

Yuan Hong’s face instantly turned ashen.

He did not expect that Gao Lan, who had been strengthened by his Epic level, would actually be killed in an instant by the other party’s spear.

“Useless, simply useless!”

“He’s not crippled. He’s actually very strong at his peak. It’s just that this secret realm has limited his strength, experience, and spirituality.

Otherwise, it would take me dozens of rounds to kill him.”

Gongsun Zan, who had killed Gao Lan in one shot, gave him a good evaluation. At the same time, he turned to Yuan Hong and said, “Aren’t you leaving yet?

I said you can’t!”

Yuan Hong’s face darkened as he took out a prop, “Leave? Why should I leave? Do you think you’ve won for sure?


Following Yuan Hong’s shout, the [Sea of Fire Necklace] in front of Gao Lan, Gongsun Zan, exploded.

Gongsun Zan raised his eyebrows and was about to take action.

“Leave? It was already too late, Sea of Fire Cage!”

As he spoke, Yuan Hong threw out the prop in his hand.

The flames from the rising prop and the explosion of the [Sea of Fire Necklace] turned into a huge bowl of [Flame Cage] that trapped Gongsun Zan in place.

Yuan Hong looked at Gongsun Zan, who was trapped, and raised his eyebrows. His face was full of pride. “Uncle Gongsun, you didn’t expect this, did you?”

This was the strongest trump card that Yuan Hong had brought into the secret realm this time. It could even trap peak Type 8 existences close to Type 9.

Gongsun Zan looked at the fire cage around him and frowned. “It’s true that you even brought this kind of thing in. It seems that your Yuan family is really determined to obtain this Great Han’s luck!”

“You’re the same. You’ve even personally made a move.

Unfortunately, this Great Han luck has nothing to do with you!

This cage of mine can hold you for at least three days. In three days, it will be too late for you to come out!”

Looking at the smug Yuan Hong, Gongsun Zan, who was riding a white horse and holding a silver spear, raised his eyebrows. “Let’s not talk about whether this flame cage of yours can trap me for three days. Even if I really give you three days, are you sure you can obtain the Great Han Dynasty’s luck?”

“I’ve even trapped you, so a mere sixth step Li Ying is naturally no joke.

Three days? In my eyes, three days is a little too much.

At most, I’ll be able to get that kid to transport the macho qi up by himself in a day!”

Trapping Gongsun Zan greatly boosted Yuan Hong’s confidence.

From his exultant expression, it was not difficult to see that Wu Wei’s share of the Great Han’s luck had long been surnamed Yuan in his eyes.

Gongsun Zan smiled faintly and turned to look at Wu Wei’s hiding place. “He thinks so. Master Li, what do you think?”

Gongsun Zan’s sudden words stunned Yuan Hong, and Wu Wei raised his eyebrows.

One had to know that he was a few kilometers away from the battlefield, but the other party could actually accurately sense their existence. This Gongsun Zan was really extraordinary.

Wu Wei could not help but squint at Gongsun Zan, wanting to see his attributes.

However, at this moment, after Gongsun Zan’s words fell, Yuan Hong casually took out a talisman and threw it, and an invisible fluctuation rippled out.

Wu Wei raised his eyebrows, “Little Fairy.”

“Jiji!” (Got it, got it)

The little elf placed her hands on her hips and stabbed her Sword in the Stone into the ground.

With a stab of his sword, Yuan Hong’s wave of earth energy was instantly shattered.

However, even though the fluctuation was broken, the whereabouts of Wu Wei and the others were also exposed.

“It’s really hidden there? Uncle Gongsun, I have to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid I would have let him escape into the secret realm that you and I took. That would have been troublesome!”

Yuan Hong’s words were filled with confidence.

Gongsun Zan found his confidence laughable. “I did point him out for you, but are you sure you can win against him?”

“Uncle Gongsun, you’re worrying too much. This little nephew has even trapped you, let alone a mere Li Ying…Fuck!”

The smug smile on Yuan Hong’s face had yet to fade when his expression suddenly changed drastically!

It was because the necklace around his neck was sending him an extremely dangerous signal.

Yuan Hong subconsciously took out a talisman from the Book of Talismans. The talisman lit up, and an earthen yellow ball of light appeared beside him.

The instant the earthen yellow ball of light appeared, a beam of Earth Sword Qi crashed into the ball of light on Yuan Hong’s body, causing it to shake.

However, it was unable to penetrate the ball of light in the end.

Seeing the earth sword collapse, Yuan Hong’s nervous heart finally relaxed, and a cold smile appeared on his face.

“You want to kill me instantly by ambushing me? What a joke, I still have 17 of these talismans, how are you going to kill me? If you can instantly kill me, I’ll eat these talismans…”


Before Yuan Hong could finish his words, his chest was pierced through.

An arrow pierced his chest.

Only then did Yuan Hong realize that the earth sword earlier was just a pretense. The killing move was behind it.

After suffering such an arrow, Yuan Hong was directly crippled.

However, Yuan Hong was still a direct descendant of the Yuan family. He had a lot of life-saving abilities. The moment his heart was pierced through, his entire body lit up and he left the Origin Secret Realm in the next second.

At the same time, the golden finger notification in front of Wu Wei refreshed.

[You have successfully defeated a competitor of the Great Han Faction in the Origin Secret Realm. You have received 50 Golden Contribution Points from the Yellow Turban Faction and one treasure chest of the Origin Secret Realm! ]

Wu Wei didn’t pay much attention to the golden finger notification. Instead, he seized the opportunity.

“Kill them!”

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