Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 2289 - Chapter 2289: Rank 15 true Emperor

Chapter 2289: Rank 15 true Emperor

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The ten thousand spirit heavenly domain had been conquered by the alien races countless years ago.

However, the ten thousand spirit heavenly region was extremely vast, with all kinds of wonderful places. Many strong men were born in the past, and there were even many heavenly Emperor figures.

As a result, there were many small worlds attached to the ten thousand spirit heavenly region.

Most of the entrances to these small worlds were extremely well-hidden and difficult to find.

The place where Ren Chan and the others lived was one of the extremely hidden small worlds.

However, after the alien races occupied ten thousand spirit realm, they sent out a large number of Masters to search for those small worlds and the hidden heavenly realm creatures.

For so many years, countless heaven realm experts had been lulled, and small worlds had been found and broken through.

Now, there were very few heaven realm creatures left in the small worlds in ten thousand spirit heavenly region.

The rest of the people were struggling to survive. That was why they were so excited when they heard that Lu Ming came from the Tai Qing heavenly region. The conditions in the ten thousand spirit heavenly region were too difficult. They did not know when the alien races would find their small worlds and conquer them.

In the ten thousand spirit heavenly region, they would face danger at all times. Of course, they wanted to go to the Tai Qing heavenly region to cultivate.

this time, we came out to look for a rough stone mine and seize some rough stones. I didn’t expect to run into you!

Ren Chan sighed when he said this.

Lu Ming had completely understood.

Ren Chan and the others were hiding in a small world without a rough stone mine. If this went on for a long time, their rough stones would run out. How could they cultivate without rough stones?

That was why they took the risk to come out and look for raw gemstones.

however, most of the ore veins in the ten thousand spirit realm are guarded by alien races, It’s not easy to get them. It’s dangerous. We plan to go to a small mine nearby. Brother Lu, do you want to go with us?”

Ren Chan asked.


Lu Ming nodded. Now that the people in the ten thousand spirit realm were all from foreign races and it was rare to meet people from the heaven realm, Lu Ming naturally had to go with them. Otherwise, it would be more dangerous to travel alone.

Immediately, the group left the place and carefully headed in a certain direction.

Along the way, they didn’t encounter any more foreign races.

In fact, there weren’t that many alien races in the ten thousand spirit heavenly region.

Although the foreign tribes could absorb and refine the original Qi in the heaven realm, the speed was slow and the efficiency was low. It was very unfavorable to the cultivation of the foreign tribes.

It was just like how Lu Ming s speed of absorbing the alien race’s crystals was very slow.

Therefore, there weren’t many alien races in the heaven realm. They all took turns.

A group of foreign races had been stationed there for many years, and a group of foreign races had changed. Only the battlefield in two world city had a large number of foreign race experts.

Otherwise, Ren Chan and the others would not have dared to come out.

About a day later, they arrived at a dense mountain forest.

Here, ancient trees towered into the sky, and the grass was as green as a blanket.

More than twenty people were hiding nearby.

Through the leaves, they could see a huge mountain in the distance. It was a rough stone mine guarded by alien experts.

Til investigate!11

Ren Chan said, then sat down cross-legged.

The others surrounded Ren Chan. Obviously, Ren Chan had a high status among these people.

On the way, Lu Ming had already found out that Ren Chan’s combat strength was at the tenth level of a true Emperor. With such combat strength at his age, he could be ranked among the top of the nine absolutes even in the current taiqing heaven region.

At this moment, a layer of green light emanated from Ren Chan’s body. This layer of green light resonated with the surrounding green grass and ancient trees, causing the green grass to emit a layer of crystal-clear green.

After a while, Ren Chan opened his eyes and said,” there’s a great emperor guarding the mine. It looks like we’ll have to wait for an opportunity!

Lu Ming was shocked. Could it be that Ren Chan had used the green grass and ancient trees to detect the enemies in the mine?

This method was extremely profound.

“Other than great emperors, how about those with the battle-power of a true Emperor?”

An old man asked.

there’s one with the battle strength of a rank 17 true Emperor. There are two of them. The rest are below rank 17 true Emperor. There are about fifty of them!

Ren Chan said.

those in the true Emperor realm are still fine. As long as that great emperor leaves, we can make our move!

A middle-aged man said.

“Lu Ming, we need to wait here for a while!” He said.

Ren Chan walked over and said with a smile.

“It’s fine!11

Lu Ming smiled.

After that, Lu Ming found out that Ren Chan had indeed mastered a wonderful supernatural power.

One of rhe strongest laws that Ren Chan controlled was the law of life. Combined with other laws, it constructed a wonderful divine power that could sense the situation, of the enemy in the distance and even the strength of their cultivation through flowers and trees.

The further the distance, the weaker the perception. Of course, it was also based on Ren Chan’s cultivation. The stronger the cultivation, the further the perception distance.

This divine power was amazing. No wonder Ren Chan had a high status in everyone’s hearts.

After that, they began to wait in the forest.

Lu Ming was not idle either. He was comprehending the laws at the side with peace of mind.

Now, he had three types of laws, the death law, the devouring law, and the array Dao law. He had already reached the third realm.

As for the Laws of Chaos, which was the first law that Lu Ming had comprehended, he was very close to the third realm.

Lu Ming was fully focused on comprehending the chaos laws. As long as he had a breakthrough in the chaos laws, his combat strength would increase exponentially.

This wait lasted for three months.

“I’m about to breakthrough!”

One day, Lu Ming was cultivating when he suddenly had a flash of inspiration. He felt that it was finally time for him to make a breakthrough in the Laws of Chaos.

Lu Ming was fully immersed in it, with no other thoughts in his mind.


Soon, Lu Ming’s aura grew and he broke through to the third realm in the Laws of Chaos.

Around them, Ren Chan and the others looked at Lu Ming and exclaimed in admiration.

During this period of time, they already knew that Lu Ming had mastered three ultimate maxims. In the beginning, they were shocked beyond doubt. Even now, when they saw Lu Ming cultivating, they still sighed.

Lu Ming is probably an unrivaled genius in the Tai Qing heaven. It’s a pity that he’s in the ten thousand spirit heaven. If he could grow up in the Tai Qing heaven, he might become an unrivaled powerhouse in the future!

Someone sighed.


The others nodded in agreement. Now that Lu Ming was stranded in the ten thousand spirit realm, he lacked resources and could not go back. It was hard to say what his future would be like.

“And Ren Chan!”

Many people looked at Ren Chan.

Ren Chan’s talent was also rare in the world. Although their entire small world had concentrated resources to cultivate Ren Chan, the resources were limited under such conditions.

Even so, Ren Chan had achieved so much. If he were in the taiqing heavenly region, he would probably have achieved even more.

After a while, Lu Ming ended his cultivation and opened his eyes.

my current combat strength should have reached rank 15 true Emperor!

Lu Ming was measuring his combat strength.

Previously, his battle power was at rank 14 true Emperor and the Laws of Chaos were no small matter. Once he broke through, his battle power increased greatly.

Lu Ming s combat strength had reached the fifteenth level of the true Emperor realm.

With Lu Ming’s current combat strength and the fallen star bow, he was not afraid of any opponent unless he encountered a rank-18 true Emperor..

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