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Vol. 3 Chapter 88 – Side Story 5: Good bye

Vol. 3 Chapter 88 – Side Story 5: Good bye

Translated by Springlila

*The POV will keep changing from 1st POV and 3rd POV, and from Lim Dae-han to Ki Young-hyun

The classroom was noisy. There were guys in school uniforms, and there were guys in plain clothes. It was so mixed up that it was difficult to tell who the student was.

I was wearing a school uniform. I leaned leisurely on my chair and looked around the classroom. The guys with their hair dyed in different colors were having a conversation with each other with a lot of pretentiousness. They were talking about going to a bar after graduation or having drinks with seniors who had already reached college with online contacts.

I was the only one with short hair there.

Did he cut his hair for nothing? Lim Dae-han touched his hair that was cut short. It was a habit I had kept my hair short for several years, so it was rather awkward and inconvenient to grow it, that was why I only had short hair. It seemed like I wasn’t ready to turn twenty on my own yet.

Lim Dae-han’s gaze slowly turned to the front door of the classroom. Ki Young-hyun leaned against the wall and chatted with the person beyond the door. Seeing that his expression changed to various expressions and then he wrinkled his impression at first glance, it was obvious that the other person was Jung Ji-pil.

Ki Young-hyun also had black hair and kept the same hair length. He was debating whether to dye it or not, but he hasn’t done it yet. He has white skin, so black hair suits him best, but he didn’t know it. Still, I thought the new Ki Young-hyun would be fine. In fact, whatever Ki Young-hyun did, Lim Dae-han would think he looks good.


Ki Young-hyun asked with his eyes wide open. Jung Ji-pil’s hand suddenly came out and touched Ki Young-hyun’s shoulder. The two of them were a little weird when they talked, but they were different from my usual friends. They didn’t intentionally overburden each other with abusive language, and they expressed their emotions well to each other. There was some physical contact, but it was more on Jung Ji-pil’s side than Ki Young- hyun’s.

Could it be…

Lim Dae-han squinted his eyes at Ki Young-hyun. Ki Young-hyun, who had tilted his head with an embarrassed expression, immediately turned his head. Their gazes locked. Ki Young-hyun grabbed Jung Ji-pil’s sleeve and pulled him in closer.

“Ji-pil wants to hang out tonight.”


“What, yeah? Are you coming or not?”

Jung Ji-pil responded immediately. Lim Dae-han had no idea what he was thinking or what he was doing.

“Let’s eat at my shop. My mother gave me a lot of snacks and I could drink alcohol.”

I think I heard from Ki Young-hyun that Jung Ji-pil was accepted to college. Accepted candidates were announced quite quickly. I was curious as to where it was. Normally, I wouldn’t be that interested, but today I was. It was most likely due to the fact that it was a graduation ceremony. I was also feeling overwhelmed.

“Jung Ji-pil.”


“Where did you go to college?”

I asked because I was curious, and Jung Ji-pil acted as if he was about to erupt from the top of his head.

“Hey, I’m still staying in Seoul.”

Jung Ji-pil decided to go to a vocational school with great spirit. I didn’t know what kind of department it was, but he was quite satisfied with it.


Lim Dae-han, who soon lost interest, pretended to answer roughly. Jung Ji-pil, who was huffing, quickly regained his composure and moved on to another topic.

“You got a banner at school.”

“It’s been a while since Ki Young-hyun got accepted.”

“That’s right. The other students were asking if you really were the same person.”

“I’m doing some good shit, damn it.”

Lim Dae-han replied sarcastically. Lim Dae-han went to the same school and the same department as Ki Young-hyun. Apart from grades, there was also luck. If I got accepted to another school, I would have gone to the same school by retaking the exam.

The reason I started studying in the first place was because it was for the sake of the person who stayed by my side even when I was tired and didn’t want to do it. Lim Dae-han didn’t mind if others envied him or looked at him with envy.

First of all…

“Lim Dae-han is really cool. I saw him studying next to me, and his hands were bleeding every day. Sometimes his hands were shaking. He wrote too much.”

I really liked Ki Young-hyun.

Ki Young-hyun pretended to be fine by raising the corners of his mouth, but the tip of his lips trembled slightly. He stared at Jung Ji-pil with eyes ready to show off. He put his index finger and middle finger on Lim Dae-han’s desk and stood leaning against his body. The first joint of the finger near the nail was pressed by the weight and turned red.

Lim Dae-han, who was staring at Ki Young-hyun’s fingertips, immediately raised his head.

“If Ki Young-hyun goes, I will go too.”

“… I’m going. Let’s go.”

Lim Dae-han, who was staring into Ki Young-hyun’s eyes with his brows furrowed, nodded as a response. Jung Ji-pil frowned as he looked at the two of them. Just say yes or no. But Lim Dae-han didn’t even bother.


“To society… students… advancing… endless development…”

Ki Young-hyun gathered his knees and shook his legs due to the principal’s slow speech, which seemed to be likely to lose even if he had a contest with the turtle. Lim Dae-han yawned and pulled his shoulders back, both hands on his knees. He slept a lot more than usual after the entrance exam, but he couldn’t figure out why he was always tired.

Ki Young-hyun, who covered his mouth with the back of his hand and yawned slightly, turned his head and looked at the family sitting in the first row on the second floor of the auditorium.

Only his mother and Ki Young-han attended the graduation ceremony because his father had to go to the office and decided to meet for lunch. Ki Young-han sat with his legs crossed, listened to the principal’s speech with a face that he didn’t want to hear, and then pretended to sit properly when his mother spoke. Ki Young-han returned his head to usual after looking at the ceiling with his head tilted back.

Did their eyes meet?

Ki Young-hyun waved his hand side to side. Even from a distance, Ki Young-han’s expression seemed to be clearly visible. He looked like he chewed something bitter today. Ki Young-han didn’t even accept greetings and made people feel awkward. That’s right. That human. Ki Young-han turned his head and looked away.

At the graduation ceremony, the person who attended the best university and had the highest grades in school was presented as the representative and received the award. All of the students were given diplomas, but when Ki Young-hyun received his, Jung Ji-pil shouted, ‘Ki Young-hyun!’ And when Lim Dae-han received it, the guys who were supposed to be his friends shouted quietly, ‘Lim Dae-han is cool.’ and ‘He is handsome.’

When Lim Dae-han turned around and looked at the guys who made such remarks with an annoyed expression on his face, Ki Young-hyun burst into laughter involuntarily. At the same time, he made eye contact with Lim Dae-han and had to quickly lower his head.

Ki Young-hyun and Lim Dae-han were also awarded separately. In conclusion, it was an award given to students who performed well on the college entrance exam. It was originally not eligible for Lim Dae-han because it was primarily given to students with the highest grades at the school, but he received it because his CSAT scores were significantly higher than his grades. When Lim Dae-han received it, it was a little noisy. They seemed to believe it was another person with the same name.

It was just an ordinary graduation ceremony. A normal graduation ceremony without any special events or accidents.

Ki Young-han and his mother were standing there when Ki Young-hyun finished the graduation ceremony and went back to the classroom. Because Ki Young-han was tall, he could see him without having to look for him. Ki Young-hyun approached them both. Ki Young-han handed the bouquet he was holding with insincerity. He could just give it to him nicely if he was going to give it to him, but he didn’t know why Ki Young-han did so, so Ki Young-hyun secretly clicked his tongue.

“Young-hyun got a lot of awards and was cool, right?”

His mother smiled sweetly and offered words of praise.

“Why praise a guy who couldn’t even go to Korea University?”

Ki Young-han spoke bluntly from the side. As soon as he finished speaking, he was beaten in the arm by his mother. Ki Young-hyun’s parents were careful not to raise their hands, but it was difficult to watch him bully Ki Young-hyun even when they were outside.

Ki Young-hyun was fine though. Even if he couldn’t attend Korea University, it was fine. Anyway, Korea University was a difficult college for him. He smiled as if everything was fine. He then nodded to return to the classroom. It was to find Lim Dae-han. He was tall and handsome from any angle.


Lim Dae-face han’s appeared out of nowhere in the crowd. Lim Dae-han was holding Dae-ryong in his arms. He appeared to have bowed down for a brief moment to hold Dae-ryong. Dae-ryong was dressed in a light blue thick sweater. Instead of Lim Dae-han, he held a bouquet of flowers in his arms. His cheeks were flushed red and he said something to Lim Dae-han, then abruptly turned his head to look back at Ki Young-hyun.


Ki Young-hyun called Dae-ryong and waved his hands. Lim Dae-han came over. “Hello.” When he said hello in a low voice, my mother said, “Dae-han, congratulations on your graduation. Is this Dae-han’s younger brother?” As she smiled while looking at Dae-ryong. Lim Dae-han patted Dae-ryong’s buttocks. “You must say hello.” Dae-ryong bowed his head and buried his face in Lim Dae-han’s embrace.

Ki Young-han and Dae-ryong had previously met. It had to have been last summer. However, the two of them were just staring at each other’s faces. Ki Young-hyun shook his head. His older brother was mean to everyone. Even so, he only said one word when he looked at Dae-ryong. “Who is he?”

Ki Young-hyun pulled Lim Dae-han’s sleeve. Lim Dae-han took a big step towards Ki Young-hyun, holding Dae-ryong in his arms.

“We have to go back to the classroom.”

A crunching sound was heard when Ki Young-hyun rubbed Dae-ryong’s jumper with his palm. “Wait a second.” Then he left Dae-ryong to his father and came to me again. Ki Young-hyun bowed his head in front of Lim Dae-han’s parents’ familiar faces. Leaving his parents behind, who accepted his greeting with a wave of his hand, the two proceeded to the classroom.


Lim Dae-han often remembered the first time he met Ki Young-hyun. The youthful face eating rice while blowing ramen noodles at a convenience store. He was battling the cold while wearing a jumper that was far too big for him. The clumsy gaze that turned away as soon as their eyes met.

I thought of it when we ate together, when I saw Ki Young-hyun chatting without thinking, when we walked side by side, or when I saw Ki Young-hyun studying with his hands full of passion.

I didn’t know his name, and all I saw was his face, but being with him felt strange and overwhelming.

I didn’t think I’d be able to be with him because of my own efforts. It was a courage full of impulses at first. Because I lost the bet. On that summer day, I met Ki Young-hyun when I tried to tie myself to a bet with myself because I had no courage. And after that, I believe everything I did was because of Ki Young-hyun. That made it possible for me to become a better person.

Lim Dae-han saw the homeroom teacher delivering the last lesson, and then slowly moved his gaze to Ki Young-hyun, who was sitting in the front seat. Ki Young-hyun laughed at the teacher’s words and curled up his lips as if his heart was touched. Lim Dae-han looked at Ki Young-hyun like that and moved his gaze out the window. Now he was really out of school. Now he took off his school uniforms and took responsibility for his own lives.

I couldn’t say that I had a proper school life, but I was grateful to be able to meet Ki Young-hyun even when I was a sophomore in high school. Otherwise, it was uncertain whether I would be sitting here now or not.

“Okay then, guys, let’s wrap up your last high school day here. Live well and be healthy.”

The boys in the class said, “Thank you!” and said farewell at the end of the homeroom teacher’s speech. The chair was dragged, and there was commotion in an instant. Lim Dae-han made eye contact with his approaching parents. Dae-ryong was given to him by his father. Because most of his family members were tall, carrying Dae-‘s hand ryong’s was more comfortable than holding his hand. Dae-ryong was carried by Lim Dae-han. His parents went to thank his homeroom teacher multiple times. He was not the person to whom you should express your gratitude. Lim Dae-han stared at his parents, who continued to bow their heads, and then down to Dae-ryong, who was wiggling in his arms.

“Hyung… We’re eating jjajangmyeon.”

Dae-ryong, who didn’t know anything, spoke to Lim Dae-han. Lim Dae-han was sneakily joking around.

“Dae-ryong can’t eat spicy food, so he always eats jjajangmyeon.”

“Me too… Me too, I’m eating Jjamppong… Today, jjamppong, uh…”

Later, I’ll make him eat some of the soup or something. Lim Dae-han’s lips twitched with a lighthearted joke. “Wuu…” said Dae-ryong. Dae-ryong remained in Lim Dae-han’s arms. Lim Dae-han, who held Dae-ryong’s hips and thighs in his arms, saw Ki Young-hyun approaching him, and his head went blank for a moment.

There was a lot of noise and people surrounding, but I could only see Ki Young-hyun. His face was expressionless, but his eyes were so big that he looked confused. Lim Dae-han pursed his lips briefly before opening his mouth.

“Ki Young-hyun.”

The three letters of the name touched his heart. Ki Young-hyun’s expressionless face broke into a smile at that time. Ki Young-hyun, who was standing nearby, grabbed Dae-ryong’s cheek and put his hand on Lim Dae-han’s shoulder. Dae-ryong wriggled in Lim Dae-han’s arms.

“I want to go to… Young-hyun hyung.”

“We have to take a picture, but what should we do with Dae-ryong?”

“Give him to me.”

Ki Young-han, who was quickly approaching him, said sternly. Dae-ryong’s face furrowed in surprise. He had no particular likes or dislikes at first, but it was just like seeing his eldest brother.

Still, there was no one I could entrust him to, so I chose Ki Young-han. Ki Young-han hugged Dae-ryongstrangely. As if holding a rich family’s pet dog, he hugged Dae-ryong in a way so that he could face the front. He supported his buttocks and held his stomach with the rest of his hands. It was the attitude of someone who has never really held a child. Dae-ryong, who was being held by Ki Young-han, had a wrinkled face the entire time. Still, he couldn’t complain.

“Mom, please take a picture of us.”

Ki Young-hyun, on the other hand, had left his cell phone with his mother. “How about we take a picture in the classroom?” Ki Young-hyun stood next to Lim Dae-han when his mother proposed it. He didn’t make a V with his hands; instead, he just looked at the phone’s camera.

“Dae-han, I think you should lower your head down a little.”


Ki Young-hyun was taken aback by his mother’s words, his mother said again. “There is a slight difference in height between Young-hyun and Dae-han. Either Dae-han should lower down, or Young-hyun should tip toe.” Pft. A chuckle escaped from Ki Young-han’s mouth, who was standing next to her.

Lim Dae-han slightly lowered his head and placed his hand on Ki Young-hyun’s waist. He quietly looked at Ki Young-hyun and noticed that his nose was twitching and that he was upset.

“Ki Young-hyun, you should smile.”

In the end, Lim Dae-han couldn’t hide his smile and covered his lips with the back of his hand. Click! The sound went off.

Only the two of them remained after the photo was taken. They leaned against the wall, waiting for their parents to speak with their teacher. Ki Young-hyun spoke up first while watching the family members greet each other.

“Shall we go home after lunch? And let’s go see Ji-pil.”


Lim Dae-han paused for a moment. Ki Young-hyun tilted his head to his low voice and looked at Lim Dae-han.

“I was going to go look at the real estate, but together.”

“Real estate?”

“I’m looking for a house. Near the university.”


Ki Young-hyun gave a short answer. Lim Dae-han smiled and looked Ki Young-hyun in the eyes. He didn’t say anything to him since he was worried that he would live separately. But to ease those worries…


Ki Young-hyun smiled and replied. Lim Dae-han stared at Ki Young-hyun’s smiling face. Then he raised his hand and unknowingly stroked Ki Young-hyun’s head. Ki Young-hyun smiled again after a brief glance.

This was what first love was all about for Lim Dae-han every time he saw Ki Young-hyun smile. It was time to realize he likes Ki Young-hyun when he smiles, because he always wanted to make him smile.

Lim Dae-han made eye contact with Ki Young-hyun while looking out the window. It was crowded, and it was rather hot inside, but it was snowing outside. The wind carried snowflakes, which fluttered erratically. Lim Dae-han thought that it didn’t matter how cold it was. Because all he needed to do was hold hands with Ki Young-hyun. It seemed like it wouldn’t matter in the future. Just staying next to him.



Ki Young-hyun looked around and silently placed a finger on the back of Lim Dae-han’s hand. He also drew a little circle. Lim Dae-han wondered if Ki Young-hyun realized it was a love symbol. Lim Dae-han tucked Ki Young-hand hyun’s behind his back and squeezed it before releasing it.

It didn’t matter what would’ve happened. Because Ki Young-hyun was beside him. Lim Dae-han greeted both the past and the future.

Good bye.

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