Chapter 18: Shaming Jasmine In Public

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Jonathan was furious.

To anyone in the Lawrence family, the company’s shares were much more important than life itself. How could he possibly give the share to an… an… outsider?!

Later that day, Jonathan called Alexander to his study. The two of them stayed inside for a long time. No one knew what they were talking about.

When Alexander came out of the study, the gloom on his face was as dark as the stormy clouds.

Jenifer went up to him and asked, “Alex, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? You better ask your dear daughter and ask yourself how you taught her over the years!” Alexander was angry.

“Your daughter lashed out at Jeanne earlier and even said that the wedding with the Locke family is happening because we’re getting 30 million from them! Now, Jeanne is using it against us and she wants Father to give her five percent of the company’s shares!”

“Jeanne is full of herself! How could we possibly give her our company’s shares? Not even Joshua had any.” Jenifer was shocked.

“I only have ten percent, let alone the boy,” Alexander said.

“What did Father say?” Jenifer asked out of concern.

“What else? The wedding is around the corner. We can’t turn down the deal now,” Alexander said with gnashing teeth. He wished he could strangle Jeanne with his bare hands.

“Father said yes?! H-How could he say yes?! If we agree to give Jeanne the shares this time, she’ll ask for more!” Jenifer was in disbelief.

“Or else you’ll have to tell Jasmine to marry Thedus instead!” Alexander said.

Jenifer was silenced.

“That girl… What’s wrong with her? She’s always so tender and kind, why must she lash out at Jeanne like that?” Alexander could barely contain his anger.

“It must be Jeanne who made her angry. Jasmine has always been a kind girl but Jeanne has been too much lately.”

“You better watch Jasmine. Don’t let her cause any more trouble before the wedding happens! I’ll let her off this time but there won’t be a next time! Once Jeanne’s wedding is over, I’ll make her give us back the shares that she asked for!” Alexander said angrily.

Jenifer remained quiet.

Alexander was already furious. Talking more would only make him angrier.

Jenifer squinted her eyes. She thought she could let Jeanne be arrogant for a while since the wedding would mark the end of her life but now, things had changed.

She could no longer let Jeanne have it her way.

On the same night, Jeanne received five percent of the company’s shares from Jonathan.

Everyone else was in the house.

When she received the agreement from Jonathan, Jeanne’s smile became as bright as the sun.

The brighter her smile, the angrier Jasmine became. She wanted to rip those lips off Jeanne’s face.

She strongly believed it was all Jeanne’s evil plans. Jeanne agreed to come back to marry Thedus just so she could erect an image of an obedient girl but she was planning something in the dark!

Jasmine suspected that Jeanne was using her in the dark and lured her to reveal the truth. With that, Jeanne would have the leverage to negotiate with Jonathan.

Jasmine pressed her lips tightly.

“Jeanne, I want you to know the shares aren’t given to you without a cost,” Jonathan voiced his threats.

“Don’t worry. I know what to do now that I have the shares.”


“Grandfather,” Jeanne said.


“I thank you for the shares but as far as I remember, you’re not the one who insulted me today,” she said.

“JEANNE! DON’T YOU PUSH IT! Don’t get over yourself!” Jonathan showed an inconceivable look.

“I just want Jasmine to apologize to me,” Jeanne said frankly.

Jasmine was already feeling aggrieved after what had happened and now, Jeanne wanted her to apologize.

“What Jasmine said hurt me,” Jeanne said.

Jonathan wore a cold look.

“Or, do you think Jasmine has the right to simply insult me…?”

“Jasmine! Apologize to your sister,” Jonathan commanded.

Jasmine was going crazy! She did not know why she must apologize to Jeanne.

“Apologize!” Jonathan bellowed.

Jasmine was shaken once again.

Even Jenifer tossed a meaningful gaze at her, signaling her to obey her grandfather.

Jasmine wanted to kill Jeanne if she could. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she muttered, “I’m sorry.”

Jeanne raised a brow. “What did you say? I didn’t hear you. You’re too soft.”

Jasmine glared at Jeanne but Jeanne simply smiled at her.

Jasmine clenched her teeth and shouted, “I’m sorry!”

Jeanne widened her smile. “It’s okay.”

Jasmine continued to glare at Jeanne. She had never felt so aggrieved in her life before.

“A little advice, Jasmine. As someone from a wealthy family, you must know what you should say and what you shouldn’t. Try to understand that or else when you go out, people will think that you lack the education, though it’s true…” Jeanne paused for a moment.

She then added, “On second thought, you’re not exactly a princess, at most a peasant who has gotten power. I guess the high society is a little more tolerant to peasants.”

“JEANNE…” Jasmine could barely control her anger. It was her mother who held her back.

“Shut it!” Jenifer said.

“Mom…” Jasmine stared at her mother. She could no longer endure the insults from Jeanne.

Jenifer held Jasmine back and showed a smile at Jonathan. “Dad, I’ll take Jasmine back to her room.”

Jonathan nodded with a bitter look.

Jeanne watched as Jenifer took Jasmine away. She then said, “Grandfather, Father, I’ll be going as well.”

Jonathan hummed a reply.

Jeanne left the study and returned to her room.

George was playing on his computer. His fingers were moving across the keyboard nimbly and swiftly.

Jeanne did not disturb her son’s work. She sat on the armchair in a delighted mood and pulled out her phone to scroll through the news of South Hampton.

Fourth Master Swan’s news was still trending since morning. It seemed like the people of this city were very interested in the man.

She had a few scrolls before her phone rang.

She had no idea how many times Monica had to call her in a day. “Monica…”

It was a little noisy on the other side of the phone. Monica said, “Jeanne! Holy sh*t!”

Monica was never a lady. She practiced high society etiquette but never used them.

“Guess who I just saw in the club?”

“Dr. Jones?”

“Why are you talking about him?” Monica was vexed.

Jeanne chuckled.

“I saw Thedus, that prick! What the hell man, you guys are engaged and he’s still hugging two girls in his arms and dancing on the floor! What the f*ck! Are you coming down here to catch him in the act?” Monica questioned her friend.

“I’ll pass,” Jeanne rejected the thought.

She had nothing to do with Thedus anyway. Why would she want to waste her time on someone irrelevant to her plan?

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