Chapter 20: Fourth Master Swan, My Mother and I Don’t Like You

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Back at the Lawrence family’s manor, Jeanne made another call after Monica hung up on her.

“What a surprise that you called me.” A teasing and sly voice came from the other end of the call.

“I want some eyes on Thedus Locke and I need some pictures of him,” Jeanne said.

“Sure,” the voice answered.

“And I want you to hasten the transfer to South Hampton.”

“How fast are we talking about?”

“A week.”

“You overestimated me.”

“I just received the Lawrence family’s company shares of five percent just now.”

Jeanne was not in a negotiating mood.

“Great! Good job.” The man was not stingy with his praise.

“Keep in touch.”


Before Jeanne hung up the phone, the man held back.

“Mhmm?” Jeanne hummed.

“I heard that you met Fourth Master Swan during last night’s charity ball.”

“You got the news already?” Jeanne ridiculed.

“Stay away from him,” the man said seriously.

“I know.”

“He’s not a good man.”

“Neither are you.”

The man on the other end of the phone was silenced.

“At least I’m good to you.”

“That’s why I’m still working for you.”

“Jeanne, aw…” The man sounded moved.

“That’s it. I know what you want to say.” Jeanne stopped the man immediately.

The man chuckled. “Hehe, good girl.”

The seemingly meaningless call then ended.

George was done with his “work”. He had a look at his mother and asked, “Kingsley?”

Jeanne smiled. “I need a little favor from him.”

George nodded with a hum.

“Are you going to take a bath?”


Jeanne then got up and picked some fresh clothes for George.

George obediently waddled to the bathroom alone.

Jeanne smiled at the body’s cute figure.

She really hoped that George could have a normal and fulfilling life.

The upcoming week was a peaceful one for the Lawrence family.

Jasmine might hate Jeanne but because Alexander warned her not to do something rash, the girl did not cross the line. All she wished for was Jeanne to marry the prick, Thedus, and get the money from the Locke family.

After that, she could come up with a thousand ways to torture Jeanne. She strongly believed she could make Jeanne wish that she was dead instead.

Moreover, her wedding with Eden was also around the corner. They were already preparing for the event, so she forced herself to forget Jeanne for the time being and focus on the preparation.

During Jonathan’s 78th birthday, some guests were invited to the manor for dinner. It originally started as a small gathering but ended up with all the nobles and blue bloods at their door.

The guests claimed that they were there to celebrate Old Master Lawrence’s birthday but they were actually there to win favors because the Lawrence family would soon be in-laws with the Swan family.

The birthday even attracted a huge crowd to the manor. Fortunately, the place was big enough to house 100 plus guests, and it made the spacious manor a little more lively than usual.

When Jeanne brought George downstairs, there was already a crowd in the living hall.

Everyone in the Lawrence family was talking to the guests, welcoming them, except for Jeanne.

She was not fond of socializing or mingling either, so she brought George out to the garden.

There were also guests in the garden but none talked to her, so she simply ignored them.

She brought George to a quiet corner.


An angry voice of a man sounded behind her.

Jeanne turned around and saw Thedus.

He bellowed, “I came all the way here and you didn’t even come to invite me into the house?!”

Jeanne smirked.

“I didn’t even hold you responsible for what happened to my mother the other day! Try to behave yourself today!” Thedus threatened her.

“How do you want me to behave, Second Master Locke?” Jeanne asked.

“Be attentive, listen to what I say and don’t embarrass me!”

Jeanne remained silent.

The anger on Thedus’ face grew. “Did you hear me?!”

Jeanne nodded softly. “Yes.”

“Now, come with me to go greet your grandfather.”

A slight pause later, Jeanne looked at George and said, “Take a walk. I’ll be right back.”

George nodded.

Jeanne followed Thedus away.

George saw them off before he wanted to take a stroll around the garden.

Before he could take his first step, a familiar voice of a man came from behind.

“Your name is George?”

George turned around and found Fourth Master Swan standing at the pavilion behind him. He had no idea when the man appeared.

He stared at the man with puffy cheeks.

“I’m Edward, Edward Swan,” the man introduced himself.

Teddy, who was just beside Edward, believed that his master had been acting strange lately.

By right, Old Master Lawrence’s birthday should be attended by Eden’s father. Why would Fourth Master Swan attend instead?

Even after he arrived at the manor, he did not talk to anyone and came straight to the pavilion. He seemed to be waiting for someone.

‘Could it be that… Fourth Master Swan is waiting for this… kid?’

It was Teddy’s first time listening to his master introducing himself this solemnly and yet the kid barely reacted.

“You want candy?” Edward pulled out a lollipop from his jacket pocket.

Teddy was baffled by his master’s action. ‘Is he trying to… bribe the kid?’

As far as he knew, his master hated children. Even Third Master Swan’s children dared not approach their uncle.

“My teeth are growing. My mom said having too much candy will give me cavities.” George declined the offer.

“Is that so?” Edward curled his lips into a grin.

He put the lollipop back into his pocket and said, “This is my first time at your house. Can you please give me a tour around?”

“This isn’t my house,” George said.

Edward looked rather surprised.

“My mom said this isn’t our house. This is just where we’re staying temporarily,” the boy explained.

Edward nodded. “Still, you know the place better than me. This place is so big, I’m afraid that I might get lost.”

“If you get lost, you can ask the servants for directions.”

“You don’t seem to like me,” Edward said with a raised brow.

George nodded. “I really don’t like you.”

Edward was a little stunned.

Teddy was sweating nervously. ‘This brat is really bold!’

“Not only me. My mom doesn’t like you either,” George added.

Edward stared at the boy blankly. He saw the seriousness on the boy’s face when he expressed his hatred.

For a moment there, it felt like the world went silent around Edward.

A while later, Edward smiled but it was more of a complicated smile than a bright one.

Teddy had been by his master’s side for many years and even he had no idea what the smile meant.

“Well then, excuse me,” Edward said.

He then turned around and left, just like that.

Teddy was stunned on the spot for a few seconds before he nervously caught up to his master.

‘What’s wrong with Fourth Master Swan lately?!’

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