Chapter 28: The Cat Is Out of the Bag

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In the main hall of the Locke Residence.

Thedus held a piece of agreement paper and read it out loud, “First, after Jeanne becomes a Locke, she must follow the arrangements of the Lockes. Don’t put on the airs of a young lady. She must be obedient, assist her husband, and educate her children;

“Secondly, after Jeanne becomes a Locke, she must immediately give birth to a child. Although the Lockes already have a grandson, as the saying goes, children have many blessings. Therefore, Jeanne must give birth again until she gives birth to a boy;

“Thirdly, after Jeanne becomes a Locke, she’s not allowed to interfere with all the businesses of the Lockes. The Lockes are capable and don’t need a woman to show her face in public;

“Fourthly, after Jeanne becomes a Locke, George had to change his family name to Locke. In the future, he’ll be a member of the Lockes. Of course, he has to respect and be filial to the Lockes!

“That’s all.”

Thedus looked at Jeanne and asked, “Can you do it?”

Jeanne’s eyes flickered.

The terms and conditions stated clearly that she had to be obedient and give birth to a son. She would not be allowed to pry the Lockes’ assets, and George would be a grandson of the Lockes!

There was a long silence in the hall.

Just as Alexander was about to speak, Jeanne answered, “Sure.”

Thedus smiled sarcastically.

He knew that Jeanne was just pretending to be aloof. She was a divorced woman. She should be grateful about being able to get married again and be a part of his prestigious family!

How could she still dare to flaunt her power?!

“Then let’s begin. Do everything one by one,” Octavia said.

“I want to sign this agreement first,” Jeanne suggested, “Signing the agreement is the only way to explain my relationship with the Lockes.”

Octavia sneered.

This woman was more tactful than she thought.

She agreed. “Okay.”

A servant respectfully handed over a pen to Jeanne.

Jeanne took the contract and looked at it again. She signed her name on the contract.

After signing it, Damian’s phone suddenly rang.

He lowered his head to take a look and picked it up.

The others also quietly waited for him to finish the call.

Damian’s expression became more and more unsightly. In the end, he almost threw his phone away.

He hung up the phone and fiercely glared at Thedus. “Thedus, what good deed have you done?! Didn’t you learn your lesson the last time you went to jail?! I’ll beat you to death, you son of a b*tch!”

As he spoke, he was about to make his move.

Everyone in the hall was shocked.

All of them stepped forward to stop him.

Octavia was also very agitated. She hurriedly protected her son. “Why are you suddenly throwing such a tantrum?”

Damian took out his phone. He was so angry that he was trembling. “Take a look for yourself. Look at the good son you raised!”

Octavia hurriedly took the phone.

Unsightly pictures could be seen on the phone. Although the key parts were censored, they were still indescribable…

Damian was furious. “Everyone on the internet is posting news about you now, Thedus, saying that you’ve never changed! They even said that our family will be ruined by you sooner or later!”

Octavia was also enraged when she saw the news.

She turned to Thedus and slapped him. “You useless thing!”

“Mom!” Thedus covered his face. “I didn’t know that the paparazzi would take pictures of me. I was very careful! Which news agency reported it? I’ll kill them...”

“Enough!” Damian interrupted him. “You son of a b*tch, I shouldn’t have bailed you out of prison in the first place! I’ll beat you to death! I’ll beat you to death, you b*stard!”

As he said that, he became infuriated and went forward to beat Thedus.

Octavia tried to pull him away but failed.

Damian punched and kicked Thedus, but Thedus did not dare to fight back.

Alexander hurriedly went forward to pull Damian away. “Damian, don’t be so mad. Think about how to solve the matter first!”

Damian still had to give Alexander some face, so he endured it.

Thedus was hit a few times, so he was very upset. He said angrily, “You can’t blame me for all this! I told Mom, and she didn’t object to me going out to find another woman...”

“Thedus!” Octavia was so angry that she almost fainted.

“None of you like Jeanne, so I could only keep a mistress!”

“Thedus, shut up!” Octavia shouted with a hoarse voice.

“Octavia!” Damian heard Thedus’s words and went mad again. “Your son isn’t sensible, but what about you?!”

“Dear, it’s not like what Thedus said...” Octavia’s eyes reddened, looking very pitiful.

“Don’t call me! From now on, take Thedus along and get lost!”

“Dear, listen to me. I really didn’t.” Octavia went forward to tug at Damian.

Damian pushed her away coldly.

Octavia’s life was ruined by her son this time.

Her eyes were completely red, and tears immediately fell from her eyes.

Jeanne had always wondered if it was the standard of noble ladies to be able to cry so easily.

She looked at the farce of this family with a cold and detached expression.

At this moment, Alexander could not persuade Damian any further. No matter what, Thedus’ behavior of womanizing had also damaged the Lawrences’ image. If he appeared to not care about it at all, it would drag down his family’s status.

In the main hall.

Octavia was bawling.

At that moment, Damian’s mood became even worse. He said angrily, “You only know how to cry. Can crying solve the problem? Pack your things immediately and get out!”

Octavia cried even more sorrowfully.

Hugh hurriedly said, “Dad, this matter has happened. Think about how to solve it. Just kicking Mom and Thedus out of the house won’t solve the problem!”

“How else can we solve it?!” Damian roared. “Kick Thedus out of the house and cut off all ties with him from now on! His scandals will follow him out of our family!”

“Dad!” Thedus heard Damian’s determined tone and was shocked at that moment. He gave in right away. “Dad, don’t kick me out. I won’t do it again. I swear I won’t do it again!”

“Get lost!”


“Get lost!”

“Mom, Mom...” Thedus quickly went to beg Octavia.

Octavia also knew that this was a serious matter. If Damian wanted to kick them out for the sake of the Lockes’ reputation... She had a sudden idea, so she said, “I have a way to redeem Thedus’ image and save the Lockes’ reputation.”

Damian looked at Octavia coldly.

Octavia said, “As the saying goes, a prodigal son returned home is worth more than gold. We just need to tell the media that the other party used seduced Thedus and that he’s very regretful now—”

“Do you think the media are all fools?” Damian could not bear to hear it anymore.

“I know that the media won’t believe me when I say this, but Jeanne can help Thedus put in a good word in front of the media. If even his fiancée can forgive him, what reason does anyone else have to blame him? When the time comes, we’ll bribe some of the media, internet celebrities, professional ghostwriters, and so on. Public opinion will soon pass.”

Damian was silent for a moment as if he had been persuaded.

Octavia said agitatedly, “I can accept you kicking us out for the sake of the Lockes’ reputation, but will it really solve the problem? Thedus is still a Locke, after all. The Lockes will still be disgraced if something like this happened, not to mention that we’re currently discussing a collaboration with MUK. If the collaboration fails because of this negative news... our loss will outweigh our gain!”

When Damian heard MUK being mentioned, his expression turned ugly again.

It seemed like the only way to solve this problem was to do as Octavia had said.

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