Chapter 31: Break off the Engagement Domineeringly

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“I won’t forgive him!” Jeanne’s voice was clear, reaching the ears of everyone present.

Thedus thought he had heard wrongly.

He hurriedly turned his head. “Jeanne, what did you say just now?”

Jeanne glanced at Thedus. Facing the reporters, she said once again, “I won’t forgive him.”

“Jeanne!” Thedus suppressed his voice and sounded like he was gnashing his teeth.

The reporters at the scene were also in an uproar.

According to the usual practice, a party would hold a press conference on their own initiative to settle their scandal. If nothing went wrong, it would be successful.


The reporters who were initially a little disinterested suddenly became excited.

A reporter hurriedly asked, “Ms. Lawrence, did you say that you won’t forgive Second Young Master Locke? He said that he was just drugged. Why won’t you forgive him?”

“Ms. Lawrence, are you planning to break off your marriage with Second Young Master Locke then?”

“It is said that the marriage between the Lawrences and the Lockes is due to a huge benefit. Ms. Lawrence, you’re not going to think twice?”

“Ms. Lawrence...”

“Why should I forgive a man who can’t control his lower body?!” Amidst the noise, Jeanne opened her mouth and said, “I hate cheating men the most in my life!”

“Ms. Lawrence, is there a hidden meaning behind this?” Reporters were never afraid of making a big deal out of things. “A few years ago, Eden and your sister, Jasmine, cheated on you. Are you still holding a grudge now?”

“Does this have anything to do with the news today?”

“It’s just that you said you hate men who cheat...”

“Do you like them?” Jeanne raised her eyebrow.

The reporter was a woman, and at this moment, she was suddenly speechless.

Jeanne did not give her a way out. She continued, “Everyone has their principles and bottom line. I won’t allow my partner to cheat, regardless of body or mind! Clearly, Second Young Master Locke failed to not do that.”

“Jeanne, didn’t I just say that I was drugged?” Thedus quickly said and kept giving her a look. “Don’t you already know?”

“I don’t know,” Jeanne said bluntly.

“Jeanne!” Thedus gritted his teeth. “Don’t give me a hard time.”

Jeanne ignored him.

At this moment, the reporter who was arranged by the crisis public relations immediately said, “Ms. Lawrence, don’t you think that you’re being a bit too much now? Second Young Master Locke was framed by someone, which led to the occurrence of the affair. He’s now suffering from the abuse of society, and he’s bearing the guilt in his heart. As his fiancée, not only do you not care about him and accompany him through this difficult time, but you’re even adding insult to injury. Shouldn’t you reflect on your character?”

“How can you be so sure that Second Young Master Locke was drugged?” Jeanne asked.

The reporter paused for a moment before saying, “I believe in Second Young Master Locke.”

“You believe in a convict?”

“Ms. Lawrence, who says that a person who has been to prison can’t change? Besides, Second Young Master Locke only committed manslaughter back then. Your actions have made me suspect that you don’t want to marry Second Young Master Locke at all and had no choice but to obey your parents. Now, taking advantage of Second Young Master Locke’s mistake, you want to destroy this engagement,” the reporter said indignantly, “At this moment, I actually feel that Second Young Master Locke is the victim.”

Thedus quickly echoed. “Jeanne, I didn’t think that you don’t like me at all. To think that I was so good to you and your son.”

He looked very aggrieved.

Nevertheless, what he was thinking was that he would definitely kill Jeanne after this!

The reporter followed Thedus’ words and said loudly again, “Second Young Master Locke, I feel that it’s not worth it for you. Although you were wrong in this matter, there’s no need for you to be hurt by Ms. Lawrence like this.”

“As long as Jeanne is willing to forgive me and give me another chance to be together with me again, I don’t care if I’m hurt or not...” Thedus looked at Jeanne with a face full of affection.

The corner of Jeanne’s mouth curved into a smile.

She asked, “Are you done acting?”

Thedus’s face stiffened.

Jeanne slowly took out her phone and turned it on.

Ignoring the numerous missed calls from Monica, she played a recording and turned the volume up to the maximum.

“I’m annoyed whenever I see that woman, Jeanne!”

“I’m annoyed whenever I see that woman. Just thinking about how she embarrassed us in public today makes me want to strangle her to death!”

“That’s why I want to take revenge on her! I’m going to go meet another woman...”

That day in the Lawrence Residence’s public restroom, Jeanne recorded the conversation between Octavio and Thedus.

Once the conversation was revealed, everyone at the scene clamored.

When Thedus came to his senses, he suddenly grabbed Jeanne’s cell phone and fiercely threw it on the ground.

The scene started to become a little chaotic.

Thedus said, “Jeanne, you schemed against me!”

With his true colors exposed, Thedus could no longer hide it.

A reporter asked excitedly, “Ms. Lawrence, is that recording a conversation between Second Young Master Locke and his mother?”

“So, Second Young Master Locke’s infidelity was intentional, and he even got the tacit approval of the Lockes?”

“Mr. Lawrence, the Lockes don’t like you at all, and they even hate you very much, so they let Second Young Master Locke go out and mess around...”

“Enough!” Thedus was very agitated. “What nonsense are you spouting? What nonsense are you spouting?!”

Compared to Thedus, Jeanne appeared very calm.

She stood up, took out a folded A4 paper from inside her clothes, and unfolded it.

Thedus looked angrily at Jeanne’s actions.

Jeanne showed the agreement paper to the media and said, “This is the prenuptial agreement that the Lockes gave me.”

After today’s signing, when everyone was focused on Thedus’ news, she cleverly kept it.

She said, “I’ll read it for everyone to hear. First, after Jeanne becomes a Locke...”

Jeanne read the agreement word by word.

Halfway through, Thedus snatched it away and tore it into pieces.

He roared furiously, “Didn’t you f*cking forgive me? You tricked me?!”

Jeanne sneered. “Aren’t you being forgiven now?!”


Jeanne did not give him a chance to speak and mocked, “Second Young Master Locke, if you have the guts to go out and cheat, you should have to have the guts to accept all the insults. If you can’t accept them, you should at least be smarter. For example... like how Eden was back then.”

Thedus was so angry that he slapped Jeanne’s face.

Jeanne caught his hand in an instant.

She caught it so steadily that Thedus could not even move.

Thedus frowned.

Jeanne shook off his hand.

Thedus took two steps back.

Jeanne said, “Our engagement ends here. Now, please excuse me.”

After saying this, she left.

Everyone present was even shocked by Jeanne’s aura at this moment.

Seven years ago and seven years later, Ms. Lawrence had the same temperament, but at this moment, the feeling was completely different.

Was it her age that made her... more domineering?!

Jeanne walked out of the venue. She held George’s hand and left.

At the entrance of the clubhouse, Monica’s car was already parked there.

Without thinking, Jeanne opened the backseat door and went in.

Once inside, she was stunned.

This was because she saw... Fourth Master Swan beside her.

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