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Chapter 1804 - 1804 The Start of Their Happy Ending (End of the Series)

1804 The Start of Their Happy Ending (End of the Series)
"I'm alive and awake. You guys should leave now Don't hurt your eyes in front of me."Nox urged. 

Jeanne pursed her lips, still feeling a little awkward. She also felt bad. After all, Nox was currently in the midst of a breakup, and they were making out in front of him. At that thought, they had gone a little too far. 

"If so, we'll be leaving" Jeanne dragged Edward out the door. 

Nox waved them goodbye. 

After Jeanne left his room, she suddenly came in again. "Nox, think twice before getting married. If you don't want to, just run away tomorrow." 

Nox looked at Jeanne quietly, but Jeanne was dragged away the next second. 

'Damn it. He's too possessive' Nox cursed. 

Only he knew how jealous he was of them. He also really wanted to hold Shelly in his arms and keep her with him, even if it was for a second. Alas, everything was just a fantasy. 

Nox lay on the bed and allowed himself to fall asleep. However, he could not sleep because his mind was filled with Shelly, whom he had lost. He took out his phone and searched for Shelly's number. He made up his mind to call her several times, but he ended up hanging up those several times. 

'Forget it. It's all over,' he thought. 

If he called again, Shelly probably would be annoyed. 

At 6 a.m. the next day, Nox felt like he was woken up the momenl he closed his eyes. His head hurt, and he did not have the slightest bit of energy. 

"Young Master Winter, it's time to get ready. You have to head to the wedding venue in a while, and you can't miss it," the servant called out to him respectfully. 

"Let me sleep for another hour. Isn't it still early?" 

"Your mother was afraid that you would laze in bed, so she told me to wake you up earlier. You can sleep for a while longer, and I'll wake you up later' 

"Okay. Now, Go out! Nox waved his hand. 

When the servant left, Nox rolled over and went back to sleep. However, he could not fall asleep anymore. He then sat up abruptly from the bed, looked at the time, and tried to go back to sleep on the bed again. That repeated several times before Nox finally got up. 

He opened the door and shouted into the living room, I'm up. Come in!" 

Soon, a group of people walked into Nox's room. Once Nox had washed up, the people fussed around him and got him changed into a luxurious black suit, which accentuated his elegance. 

Nox was quite handsome, to begin with. As long as he did not look sloppy, he was pretty charming. Hence, seeing him dressed in a suit and with his hair tidied, all the people in the room were stunned. 

"Young Master Winter, you're so handsome!" 

"You're the most handsome groom in the world!" 

"Young Master Winter, this suit suits you very well." 

Nox looked at himself in the mirror and thought he was quite handsome too. However, did they have to be so exaggerated? 

He said calmly, "Thank you"

"Young Master Winter, you're really handsome." 

"We say that from the bottom of our hearts!"

The people retorted, but Nox was too lazy to respond. 

As he looked at himself in the mirror, a servant walked in. "Young Master!" 


'The Old Master is looking for you!'

"My grandfather?' Nox frowned. 


Nox nodded. be right there' 

"Yes!" With that, the servant left the room. Nox tidied his clothes first before following him into his grandfather's study. 

Old Master Winter's health had been deteriorating over the past few years. Sometimes, he would even be short of breath when he spoke. Although Nox knew, he did not say anything, for fear that he would not be able to accept the truth. 

In his heart, his grandfather was forever powerful. Yet now, he was like a king who had lost all his brilliance and had become somewhat dim and dull. 

He suppressed his emotions and said in a relaxed tone, "Old Master, were you looking for me?" 

"I heard you're getting married today! Old Master Winter sat on the chair and looked at Nox, who still seemed to be in denial. 

"Yeah, Fm getting married again:' Nox even had a smug look on his face. 

Old Master Winter ignored Nox and asked, Not to Shelly?" 

"No" Nox replied, "Your granddaughter-in-law this time is well-educated and virtuous. You'll like her. I took a fancy to her at first sight. I promise she won't embarrass me like Zoe!" 

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