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Chapter 1807 - 1807: The Start of Their Happy Ending (End of the Series)

Chapter 1807: The Start of Their Happy Ending (End of the Series)

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“Nox.” Shelly looked at Nox with tears in her eyes.

The moment she saw Nox walk in, she felt a little hopeless. In fact, her heart was aching so badly. After admitting that she really liked Nox, all her feelings burst out instantly. Tears welled up in her eyes, and Nox’s eyes were red and teary as well.

“Nox, don’t leave. Let’s get married!” Shelly suddenly said out loud.

Even though she could not see Nox’s face, she could tell that Nox was crying just like her, under everyone’s watchful eyes.

He said, “Say that again, Shelly.”

He was afraid that he had misheard and that all of this was not real.

“Nox, let’s get married,” Shelly repeated.

As soon as she said that, Nox dashed out of the security checkpoint like a madman. Even the security personnel at the side automatically made way for him.

As if Shelly meant the world to him, he rushed to Shelly and pulled her into his arms. The impact hurt them both, but they hugged each other tightly, not wanting to be separated for even a second.

“Nox,” Shelly called out to him.

Nox was sobbing by then.

“I’m sorry for only being strong enough to admit my feelings for you now. I always thought that I had…” Shelly’s tears fell as she spoke.

After she put down her phone last night, she planned to go to sleep. However, when she closed her eyes and tried to sleep, she realized that her pillow was wet. It seemed like the defenses she had built in her heart was crumbling bit by bit.

Therefore, it was not that she did not love him but that she did not dare to love him. She rejected Benjamin because she was in love with Nox, and she did not want to accept Nox’s benefits because she did not want to be moved by his gestures. She was also cold toward Nox was because she did not want to fall in love with him. Yet, in the end, she still did.

After reading Nox’s letter and thinking about all that Nox had done for her, she put down all her defenses. Even if she was wrong this time, she would do it without hesitation. Hence, in the middle of the night, she called Mrs. Winter and told her about her relationship with Nox.

In fact, Mrs. Winter did not have any qualms with Shelly. She was just afraid that Shelly would not be able to forgive Nox. After all, it was difficult for Nox to be forgiven for what he had done in the past, and Shelly not forgiving Nox would delay her from seeing her grandchild. Now that Shelly had admitted her feelings for Nox, Mrs. Winter chose Shelly after confirming it again and again.

At 2 a.m., Mrs. Winter came to pick Shelly up and brought her to Nox’s fiancée to cancel the engagement. She gave the lady a lot of compensation and managed suppressed the matter in the end. Then, Shelly became the bride.

Today, Nox was supposed to pick her up from her home, but he ran away when they were on the way to her house. If he had carefully observed the surroundings, he would know that the direction he was heading toward was the neighborhood Shelly lived in.

Shelly was waiting for Nox at home when she received the news that Nox had run away. Since he did not answer anyone’s calls, Shelly had no choice but to call Jeanne. She had a feeling that Jeanne must know Nox’s every move.

As expected, Jeanne told her that Nox had left for the airport. Jeanne even said that perhaps only she could bring Nox back. Hence, she had to drag her long wedding dress and rush to the airport with Bella to find Nox.

Only after searching for a long time did she find Nox at the international terminal’s security checkpoint. For a second, she thought that she and Nox had missed each other again. In fact, Bella kept calling out to Nox, but Nox pretended not to hear her. He did not even turn around. Seeing that he was about to enter, she had to call out to him.

She grabbed Nox’s clothes tightly and said, “Let’s go back to the wedding.”

Having calmed down a little, Nox slowly let go of Shelly. “Do you really want to marry me?”

He still could not believe it. Why did she agree to marry him? Did she not hate him to death?

“Look at me.” Shelly gestured for Nox to look at her outfit.

“But I’m marrying another woman today.” Nox said, “I just ran away from the wedding.”

Shelly could not help but laugh. “There’s no other woman. It’s me.”

“What do you mean?” Nox asked..

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