Chapter 226: New Plan (2)

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Which was why after he walked out, the others slowly returned to the shelter.

At the same time, they turned on the big screen of the cameras and relied on them to watch the surroundings.

Many of them could be very far away.

Many places used a special wireless connection device.

Even with electromagnetic interference, such a device could not be interfered with.

It was also because of this that they could see many places.

At this moment, they saw Chu Xiu instantly fly into the sky.

Then, he flew in a direction not far away.

They immediately noticed that according to the map,

Chu Xiu was actually flying towards the center of the entire city.

Soon, he arrived at the center and quietly waited in the sky.

At this moment, Chu Xiu was standing in the air, moving with the wind.

He looked at the scene below.

At this moment, he could still see many zombies in the center of the city.

These zombies were stuck to the ground like ants.

He did not do anything. After all, a long time had passed.

Even if there were survivors, they all became very cunning.

All of them would protect themselves very well.

He could see that there was no commotion below.

Occasionally, a few unlucky people would be discovered by zombies and engage in a terrifying pursuit.

Chu Xiu did not do anything about the chase.

To him, it was actually not dangerous at this moment.

It had to be known that this situation was actually very terrifying.

After all, these zombies were very powerful.

They were also great runners.

One had to know that zombies were very terrifying in direct encounters.

However, under normal circumstances, Chu Xiu could actually save the other party.

Still, there was no need for that now.

This was because he already had a very good plan previously.

With the execution of this plan, he would not have to personally save them.

Soon, those zombies wouldn’t care about those fleeing people.

Chu Xiu stretched out his hands and raised them into the sky.

At the same time, he began to continuously activate his spirit energy.

Soon, terror slowly condensed, forming a huge vortex in the sky.

This huge commotion shocked everyone.

At this moment, Chu Qiu’s actions had indeed changed the surrounding situation greatly.

Some people who were searching for treasures already realized that the current situation was a little off.

It also immediately attracted the attention of all the zombies.

After all, this vortex was very huge and looked very grand.

In particular, the scene caused by this was completely different.

In such a situation, as long as one was not especially slow, they would discover that this way was even easier to attract the zombies’ attention.

After all, this terrifying phenomenon had a special effect.

It brought about a very terrifying sharpness.

To zombies, this spiritual power was actually very attractive.

Therefore, a large number of zombies immediately headed towards the center of the vortex.

They ran wildly. In their eyes, although the vortex was in the sky, they did not think about it. It was not high for them.

Therefore, they ran crazily towards the vortex.

Soon, Chu Xiu saw that there were already many zombies gathered below.

They had already begun to slowly gather, forming a huge circle that was not too far away.

At this moment, the zombies were piling up on each other.

They were all desperately trying to climb up and come into contact with Chu Xiu.

After these zombies slowly piled up, they began to form a small hill.

Unfortunately, although there were many zombies, they were unable to maintain balance, so these zombies could only continue to bury one after another, forming a small hill.

Then, it slowly collapsed again. However, the hill they formed was not useless.

Instead, as time passed, a certain kind of rule seemed to emerge there.

The hill slowly formed, and the zombies behind continued to pounce upwards one after another.

Some zombies below could no longer resist the pressure of the zombies above.

They had already been slowly crushed into powder.

However, this had no effect on the zombies afterwards.

At this moment, they were looking at Chu Xiu above them. All of them wanted to pounce over desperately.

After all, Chu Xiu attracted their attention the most.

Therefore, even if they could not come into contact with him, they did not give up at all.

Instead, they would definitely want to continue interacting.

This strange situation immediately attracted many survivors not far away.

At this moment, they did not expect to see such a terrifying scene.

After all, these zombies were very terrifying to them.

And the scene that could gather zombies…

It was simply something they did not dare to imagine.

In fact, after seeing so many zombies, they were even more terrified.

They were all thinking that if these zombies noticed them and pounced on them, it’d be extremely terrifying.

Therefore, at this moment, the survivors began to hide.

They were afraid of attracting the attention of these zombies.

Fortunately, there was a Chu Xiu.

The zombies in the front did not care about the survivors.

One by one, they began to gather. The more energetic they were, the faster they became.

A small hill formed by these zombies.

It was already dozens of meters tall, but he had already flown more than a thousand meters.

This height was useless to Chu Chu.

After all, these zombies had only climbed up dozens of meters, and he was a kilometer above them.

The difference between the two was too great.

Therefore, no matter how hard these zombies tried, it was useless.

Even so, these zombies did not give up.

At this moment, Chu Xiu, who was in the sky, was the most eye-catching to them.

At this moment, not only the zombies were reacting.

He saw something far away.

A large group of black clouds began to slowly gather here.

Seeing this, Chu Xiong immediately recognized that these were zombie birds.

It was obvious that the commotion he made had attracted these zombie birds.

Especially when these zombie birds saw the zombies below, they immediately became excited.

Then, ignoring Chu Xiu in the sky, they quickly pounced on the zombies on the ground.

Soon, the entire scene became very chaotic.

Countless huge vortexes appeared in the air.

Many zombie birds and zombies kept fighting.

Some zombie birds even flew in Chu Xiu’s direction.

However, halfway through, they seemed to have been attacked.

One by one, they landed vertically on the ground. This strange situation did not let these zombie birds discover any danger.

Instead of escaping, they rushed up even more crazily.

Chu Xiu did not care about the current situation. After all, this was his plan.

To him, this was a special situation that he liked the most.

This was also the reason why he used this method.

He had long wanted to use this sort of situation.

However, because this situation was still a little dangerous, Chu Xiu had yet to make his move.

After all, to these zombies, the existence of such a creature was a very important situation.

Therefore, at this moment, countless zombie birds were rushing forward like these zombies.

However, because they could fly, they could come into contact with Chu Xiu.

Unfortunately, even though they were about to come into contact, they were always swept to the ground by an unknown force.

This situation was too magical for everyone who saw it..

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