Chapter 3570【3570】Drawing from the bottom

  Zhang Yanluo is delicious.

   Throw people directly into the deep pool and wait for them to fend for themselves.

   To be honest, this kind of situation is really not something ordinary people can adapt to.

  Lin Hao was in a daze, his mind was completely dazed.

   Is Zhang Huayao making such a mess? That's definitely not the case. In clinical practice, there are many postgraduate and doctoral students who are on duty independently. As long as they have obtained the qualification certificate, they will definitely be pulled out by the hospital to serve as on-duty staff to fill the gap.

   This is not only the case in China, it is the same abroad. It should be clear that young doctors need training, and young people will never grow up if they are not given the opportunity to learn independently. It's like a child learning to walk. The child can walk on his own without someone to help him, otherwise he will never be able to.

  The newborn rookie is on duty, isn't the hospital afraid of accidents?

   Generally speaking, I'm not afraid. Because the hospital has a three-line duty system. Novices will be afraid when they start, and they will definitely ask old doctors for advice if they have something to do, and they dare not make up their own minds, so the probability of accidents is greatly reduced. Besides, there is nothing to be afraid of, with Zhang Huayao, a top boss, sitting in the emergency department himself.

  Pan Shihua exhaled and adjusted his breath. As Sherlock Holmes Pan, he can probably guess the situation first, which is in line with what he thinks in his heart. It's just that the current situation happens to be the worst of all the situations he thought of.

   "Let's go. Go see the patient." Dr. Lu told the three of them to hurry up.

  The three of them understood that Dr. Lu wanted to get off work early and go home to rest.

   Not daring to waste senior's precious time, the three of them followed Dr. Lu.

   After taking two steps, Dr. Lu turned to them and asked, "Dr. Xie."

   "I am." Xie Wanying replied.

   "Director Zhang told you that he will let you go to the airport to pick up a patient later." Dr. Lu relayed the words of Mr. Zhang.

  After hearing what Dr. Lu said, the other two were about to lose their minds again.

  Zhang Yanluo wanted to draw the bottom line, most likely because he predicted that if the three of them met to work together, the other two would definitely ask Dr. Xie for help at any time. So, let Dr. Xie leave here first.

  Dr. Lu did not deny Zhang Huayao's thoughts, and said to them: "You can go and look at the new roster for yourself. Today is your first day here so you can adapt to the environment. After that, the three of you will be on duty separately."

   Crazy Crazy. Lin Hao's mind was exhausted, only these two words were left to spin desperately.

  No idea, he has no idea. Last night, the celebration with the class monitor and the others suddenly turned into a joke.

   It can be seen that the celebration banquet did not make him realize quickly what it would mean to get the qualification certificate.

   It cannot be said that Lin Hao, who just became a doctor, has become a coward. On the contrary, they are talented and excellent medical students who are more aware of the horror of it and are cautious everywhere. It is a very normal reaction to be afraid at the beginning.

  Dr. Lu went through the same period from a medical student to a doctor. He encouraged the three of them and said: "After a day or two, the mind will naturally adapt."

   As soon as the words fell, the nurse on duty ran over to the doctor: "There is an emergency patient, Dr. Lu, who is going to see the patient?"

  Dr. Lu looked at the three of them, and said, "Dr. Xie has to go out later, do you want to see Dr. Pan or Dr. Lin?"

  Senior, Dr. Lu completely regarded the three of them as colleagues. In the first place, he, Dr. Lu, would not be their teacher when he was about to leave work.

   "Doctor Pan? Doctor Lin?"

  Pan Shihua and Lin Hao: Can you pretend to be dead for a while?

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