Secretly Married to a Wealthy Husband

Chapter 53 - Chapter 53: Chapter 53: What is She Trying to Prove?

Chapter 53: Chapter 53: What is She Trying to Prove?

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In her panic, Emily Walker tightly held the men’s shirt to cover her body.

Despite being freezing cold, she felt her cheeks burning hot, as if she was on fire.

How could she have stood in front of him like this for so long?

“That shirt is worth 38,000. Are you sure you want to wet it like this?” Seeing her panic-stricken and at a loss, Baron Stuart spoke again.

She was already shivering from the cold, so why was she still putting on a strong front?

At his words, Emily was startled and stared at the shirt in her hand, dumbfounded with surprise!

Although her family used to be relatively well-off, she had never owned any clothes worth tens of thousands. She really wanted to know how much money the Futuren Group had, and exactly how many billions Baron Stuart was worth!

Seeing that she was not acting, he narrowed his eyes slightly and stepped forward, approaching her step by step.

The raindrops soaked his delicate shirt, further enhancing his tall and straight figure. The linen-colored hair strands had been wetted by the rainwater and droplets slowly fell from his hair tips onto his flawless face, further highlighting his breathtakingly handsome appearance!

Watching as the man approached her one step at a time, Emily looked at him with uneasy eyes, her expression turning tense as he suddenly got closer, and her breathing becoming rapid.

“What… what are you doing?” She cautiously moved backward, sneezing.

Seeing her shivering body and the sneeze she just let out, Baron Stuart’s face grew darker!

He quickly approached her, reached out and scooped her up in his arms, not waiting for any reaction from her as he headed for the bathroom!

“What are you doing? Let me down!” It took Emily half a moment to recover from her surprise, struggling to get down from Baron Stuart’s embrace.

While holding her icy body, the struggling woman ignited some of Baron Stuart’s anger, and he roared, “Stop moving or I’ll strip you naked! Do you believe me!?”

His roar instantly silenced Emily’s struggle, clearly scared by his words.

But she still doubted her ears. Did this man just say he’d strip her naked!?

Carrying her directly into the bathroom, Baron Stuart quickly let her down. Despite the clothes separating them, both of their bodies were soaked from the rain, leaving them feeling the warmth of their naked skin beneath.

As a very normal man, if he didn’t let her go now, he feared the heat within would be hard to control.

After letting her go, Baron Stuart hurriedly left the bathroom and closed the door with a slam.

Fortunately, being drenched in the rain, the sensation inside his body didn’t overwhelm him.

Staring at the closed bathroom door, Emily stood there in a daze, unable to recover from the shock for a while. It wasn’t until she sneezed again that she realized her current miserable state.

After sneezing, Emily couldn’t help shivering, feeling colder and colder.

Looking around the bathroom, which was even larger than her room at the Green Haven Estate, she glanced at the men’s shirt in her hand. After realizing her surroundings, she went to the shower, turned on the hot water, and tried to warm herself up with the hot water..

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