Shocking! She Returned with a Miniature Bigshot

Chapter 405 - Chapter 405: Third Master, Are You Weak?

Chapter 405: Third Master, Are You Weak?

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Chrysanthemum tea was quickly brewed. Gu Ci took it and said, “Why don’t you two switch to chrysanthemum tea instead of black tea?”

Qin Wan lazily sunbathed and said, “I’ve already smoked a whole cigarette, and you haven’t even finalized one project. Do you want to spend three days here? You both can’t stand each other’s company, so stop chattering and get it done quickly!”

Rong Li rarely had a moment of understanding with Qin Wan.

“Are you really dragging this out just to steal a glimpse of your lover?” he asked.

Lu Zhiyuan and Jiang Junlin were both rendered speechless.

Ji Chi smiled and raised two small dimples at Jiang Junlin. Jiang Junlin’s face darkened. “What are you laughing at?”

Ji Chi restrained her smile, looking innocent. “Big brother, don’t be angry. I’m innocent!”

“You’re quite interesting. Weren’t you two indulging yourselves last night? Now, you’re sitting together and acting like strangers. So, is friendship only maintainable in bed?” Rong Li sincerely said, “JI Chi, you’re worse than a warm bed.”

Lu Zhiyuan added, “Indeed, no self-awareness!”

Ji Chi was thrown.

Why are you attacking me when you’re discussing cooperation?

Jiang Junlin sneered, “You guys care about everything, even who he sleeps with at night?”

Lu Zhiyuan smiled at Ji Chi, “Can you manage that?”

Ji Chi picked up a pastry and said, “These pastries are really delicious. Won’t you try them?”

One is the master, and the other is the one he loves. He can’t afford to offend either of them.

Little Cherry said, “Master, the male classmates in my class are all handsome and have great figures. 1’11 introduce them to you. The most important thing is that they all have the highest education in the country. Unlike some people!” Rong Li sneered, “What’s so impressive about a high education? Our Ji Chi is indeed illiterate and useless. Your master is shallow, only caring about his looks!”

Ji Chi stayed silent.

Qin Wan flicked her cigarette butt and rolled up her sleeves. “Who are you calling shallow?”

“Obviously, I’m talking about Jiang Junlin. Can’t you understand?” Rong Li retorted.

Ji Chi, who had been angry, was now holding a cup of chrysanthemum tea and watching the drama.

“Come on, let’s have a fight!” Qin Wan said.

Rong Li looked at her disdainfully. “1 won’t bother fighting with a woman.”

“Oh my god, you’re chickening out, aren’t you? Afraid you can’t win?” Rong Li stood up abruptly. “Come on!”

Qin Wan walked away briskly, and it seemed like the two of them were really going to fight outside.

Inside the private room, there was silence. No one had expected the discussion to take this turn. Gu Ci asked expressionlessly, “Should we wait for them to finish fighting first or continue the negotiation?”

Ji Chi couldn’t help but suggest, “If Rong Li wins, should my brother back off?

If Qin Wan wins, should Third Young Master back off?”

“Shut up!” Both Lu Zhiyuan and Jiang Junlin exclaimed simultaneously, clearly not believing that their side could win. They were both unknown quantities.

Gu Ci took both sets of agreements and placed them together. “Let’s go through them one by one now. We can renegotiate what’s negotiable and strike out what’s not. Those of you fighting, it’s not like you can’t negotiate anything, right?”

Letting them continue their brawl would only result in no progress by tomorrow.

Jiang Junlin and Lu Zhiyuan exchanged a glance and reluctantly agreed. Ji Chi sat beside Gu Ci and picked up the agreement drafted by Black Hawk. “We’ll go first. The first item, Mr. Jiang, it’s about financial cooperation. Can’t we discuss it at all?”

“No discussion!” Jiang Junlin said firmly.

Gu Ci continued, “On our side, the first item also has an ‘X.’ Is it impossible to discuss the shared access to The Black Hawk Eye System?”

“It’s impossible!” Lu Zhiyuan confirmed.

Ji Chi nodded, “Item two, the establishment of Black Hawk’s Asian division. We hope to receive assistance from Hualan Bank to solidify Black Hawk’s position in the Asian financial circle. Mr. Jiang, can’t we discuss it at all?”

After a brief thought, Jiang Junlin replied, “Negotiate the details. We’ll only be responsible for recommendations. How you go about it is your concern. One condition from us, though, Black Hawk must comply with the local financial market rules that we lead.”

Lu Zhiyuan frowned, finding it stringent, but he could accept it. “Alright.”

Gu Ci recorded the agreements, modifying the details. She looked at Lu Zhiyuan and asked, “Regarding the details, do you have any suggestions?”

Lu Zhiyuan experienced a sudden and severe heartache, causing him to momentarily lose focus. Cold sweat formed on his forehead, and the pain triggered an involuntary reaction.

Jiang Junlin furrowed his brows. “Lu Zhiyuan, have you been feeling unwell? You’ve been sweating since you arrived.”

Ji Chi also noticed that despite being fine earlier, Third Young Master seemed unwell now. “Third Young Master, are you not feeling well?”

Jiang Junlin didn’t hold back, “If you’re feeling weak, you should take better care of yourself. I’ll have some supplements sent to you later.”

“I’m fine,” Lu Zhiyuan replied with a faint tone. Gu Ci looked at him with confusion, then suddenly grabbed his wrist to check his pulse. The contact triggered Lu Zhiyuan’s heartache again, and a mouthful of blood rushed to his throat. He quickly stood up and left the private room, saying, “1 need to use the restroom.”

The three remaining people in the room were puzzled. Jiang Junlin pointed at the restroom sign inside the private room, “Did he not see that big restroom sign?”

Each private room had its own restroom.

Gu Ci asked, “Is his injury not fully healed yet?”

Ji Chi softly said, “He’s been in excellent health recently. He even trained for four hours this morning. 1 didn’t notice any discomfort.”

“His complexion doesn’t look like that of someone in good health,” Jiang Junlin raised an eyebrow. “Thinking of retirement so early, could he have some terminal illness?”

Gu Ci was taken aback by the suggestion.

She had seen Lu Zhiyuan’s health reports, medical examinations, and there was no problem at all. He was very healthy. Even if he had been injured, he should have fully recovered by now. How did he end up like this?

“Ji Chi, go check on him,” Gu Ci said.

Ji Chi initially wanted Gu Ci to go, but he didn’t refuse when he heard her request. He got up and went to find Lu Zhiyuan. Lu Zhiyuan had managed to suppress the pain in his chest without Gu Ci, and it had eased slightly.

He was washing his hands with a cold expression. This curse was so vicious, tormenting him and Gu Ci for eternity with no solution in sight. Lu Zhiyuan took a deep breath, suppressing the anger rising within him, though it was mostly a feeling of helplessness.

He couldn’t tell Gu Ci about it. If he did, she would blame herself and suffer. He would bear this burden alone, not wanting to trouble her.

“Third Master, are you okay?” Ji Chi knocked on the door gently and spoke softly, “Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?”

Lu Zhiyuan opened the door, his complexion terrible. One’s health couldn’t be hidden, even if he pretended to be fine. Ji Chi could tell something was wrong from his appearance.

For the past few days, Third Master had been cheerful, and he had taken great care of his health. “Third Master?”

“I’m fine,” Lu Zhiyuan replied, though his tone was far from convincing.

“If you’re just brushing me off, it’s okay, but Miss Gu Ci is a doctor. How are you going to brush her off?” Ji Chi sighed, reaching out to check Lu Zhiyuan’s forehead. If it were a few months ago, he wouldn’t have dared to do this. “You don’t have a fever. If you’re feeling unwell, leave the negotiations to me and Rong Li. We’ll talk to Jiang Junlin..”

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