Chapter 47: Countdown

"Clementine?" Jason muttered to himself as he looked around for Sam but he couldn't establish any visuals on him.

Jason ran down the stairs to have a better understanding of the situation because he didn't like being left in the dark.

Clementine was relieved to see Jason as it meant that they were safe.

She also knew that Jason might require an explanation for why she went out in the first place even though she owed him no explanation.

"Clementine, I'm glad you're safe but who are these kids?" Jason asked and the boy clutched Clemenitne's hand even tighter due to Jason's imposing figure.

He was frightened and Clementine noticed this, Jason was the most harmless person among all of them even though Sam briefed her on what he did on their earlier run.

She respected that Jason stained his hand for the sake of Sam, this made her respect him as a man.

"Last I checked, it takes nine months to make a baby!" Jason exclaimed, this was a joke that was meant to make the kid warm up to him but the boy was lost.

Though, Clementine found this funny and gave him a faint smile; this was the least of their problems right now.

"Where is Sam?" Jason asked as he could tell that his joke could use some work even with his skill.

"What do you mean? He isn't back?" Clementine questioned, she looked slightly worried because Sam should arrive before her seeing as they took the shorter route.

She had to take the longer route because of the prospect of running into zombies or the people that slaughtered that woman so gruesomely.

She couldn't afford to expose these children to such danger because she didn't even have a weapon on her. What she could do was severely limited.

"Nope, I haven't told the others that you went out too," Jason responded and this surprised Clementine, he had no reason to have their back.

"Thanks, Sam and I didn't want to make any of you worry..." Clementine responded, she knew that if there was anyone that would survive, it would be Sam.

She had to believe in him but she knew that Jason had their back.

She took the kids to her room with Jason following behind her like a dutiful lover but in actuality, Jason was simply staring at her ass.

It was clear that this mixed girl had the genes of her ancestors because that ass was phat.

Jason could imagine how it would feel with those ass cheeks recoiling against his lower torso.

Jason had to get his thoughts in check and he was glad that he didn't make a mess out of her panties as he was the only one present there so it would be easy to pick him out as the person responsible.

Clementine laid the baby gently on the bed and instructed the child to watch the toddler which he had no problems doing as this was his younger brother.

She stepped outside with Jason, Jason followed behind her once again to admire the back view.

Clementine proceeded to explain why she and Sam went out; it made a lot more sense.

This was essential to their survival, they needed weapons to survive and more so because Bella had brought the devil right to their doorstep.

"But there's one more thing..." Clementine said and Jason wondered what else she needed to tell him.

"What is it?" Jason asked and Clementine looked hesitant to tell him.

"We plan to go to the settlement that Bella spoke about. This is part of the reason that we went to get those guns. We will go to the main camp from there, we hope that it is safe enough to drop you guys there," Clementine said and this confused Jason because he thought that they were going to stick together but now he was hearing that they planned to drop them off wherever.

"Why can't you stay? Wouldn't it be safer if you did?" Jason asked, he was hopeful that her answer would change as it would be a shame to lose such a beauty.

"I'm afraid we have to return to base to receive our next command," Clementine said.

"Look around you, Clementine. The world has gone to shit, you don't even know if the base is still standing! You're gambling your life on probability?" Jason asked but Clementine's eyes squinted.

"It almost sounds like you're worried about me?" Clementine teased but Jason's face didn't change.

"So what if I am?" Jason responded and Clementine fell silent for a second, she thought that Jason was messing around initially but he maintained his stance.

"Clementine. We have a better chance of survival if we stick together because if this camp isn't as they say, what next? We aren't kids that need babysitting so why do you think that this is something you need to take upon yourself?" Jason said sternly.

Clementine thought this man was spineless but his words were making a lot of sense, the chain of command was the one thing that they had at a chance of maintaining order.

If they abandon their post then this would mean that they were giving up on the world.

If they did that then what was left? Humanity will be doomed but Clementine had even more reason to return to the base. They just might have a chance at a cure if they could figure out why this boy wasn't infected.

The only way this could be done was if she went to the base, if she didn't have a reason to go before then now she did but would things go according to plan?


[Quest Received!]

Jason rolled his eyes but he wouldn't mind if the quest was about fucking Clementine because he would be lying if he said he didn't think about it.

He was getting ahead of himself because he understood how twisted Chronos was, he had already made him do some heinous things.

[Kill The Boy!]

Chronos informed Jason and Jason didn't even look surprised anymore but there was something different with this quest. It had a timer and what it read was.

[Timer: 47:59:59!]

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