The Apple of the Ruthless CEO’s Eye: My Sweet Wife Is so Adorable

Chapter 457 - Chapter 457: Taking Her Feelings into Care

Chapter 457: Taking Her Feelings into Care

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Li Yan suddenly wanted to tease this little woman. ” What if I don’t believe you?

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll…l’m ignoring you!” Qiao Mu snorted and turned her small face to the side, fuming.

Li Yan laughed. ” I should be the one angry. I should be the one ignoring you. ‘

“Try ignoring me! I’ll tell auntie and let her teach you a lesson, you unfilial son!”


” That’s right. If you don’t treat me well, Auntie will be unhappy. So you indirectly made Auntie sad. If that’s not unfilial, then what is? ” “Little thing, are you trying to use Mom to threaten me now?”

“I wouldn’t dare! If you ignore me, I won’t want you anymore. When the time comes, I’ll acknowledge auntie as my godmother and be your sister. I’ll find you a brother-in-law and anger you to death!” At this point, Qiao Mu was a little arrogant because she saw a certain man’s expression change!

“How dare you!” This little thing, it had been a long time since he had taught her a lesson. She was so arrogant in front of him and dared to say anything!

Qiao Mu raised her chin. ” Are you scared? Do you still believe me?”

Li Yan pulled the little woman into his arms and said helplessly, “”lf I really didn’t believe you, I wouldn’t have pretended that nothing had happened when I saw that scene.”

“Then why did you leave without saying a word when you saw me?”

I’m worried that when I go over, I’ll get Han Su in a fit of anger. Wouldn’t that make you unhappy? ” He had restrained the anger in his heart and chose to believe her, which was why he had chosen to leave.

Qiao Mu was speechless.

Seeinz the man’s serious expression, Qiao Mu wanted to take back her words.

Who said that this man didn’t take her seriously!

His behavior meant that she cared about him even more!

Because he was concerned about her feelings, he restrained his temper before he acted rashly.

Compared to the man who would throw tantrums without listening to her explanation in the past, he had completely become a considerate and good man who cared for her!

Qiao Mu’s heart instantly felt warm, and a sense of accomplishment surged out of her.

Qiao Mu hooked her arms around the man’s neck and acted coquettishly. ‘

Uncle, you’re so nice! You’re so good to me. I feel so unreal!”

A smile flashed across Li Yan’s eyes as he said calmly, “”Unreal? Then let’s go back to our room and review it. That more direct and true way of expressing yourself?”

“Relive your sister!

Qiao Mu immediately jumped down from the man’s embrace and ate her meal obediently.

After the meal, Qiao Mu and Li Yan were about to leave the hotel when Li Yan’s phone rang.

He picked up the call and listened for a while before looking at Qiao Mu and saying softly, “” Mumu, the hospital called. Qiao Jiannan is awake. ‘

Qiao Mu’s eyes widened. She was caught off guard by the surprise!

Half an hour later, Qiao Mu rushed to the hospital. The doctor came out of the ward after he finished his treatment and instructed, ‘”‘The patient’s condition is not stable now. We should avoid being agitated. If there’s anything, we’ll talk about it after his body has stabilized.”

Qiao Mu nodded and entered the ward.

Walking to the bedside, Qiao Mu looked at Qiao Jiannan’s haggard face and said softly, ‘”‘ Daddy, I’m Qiao Mu. ‘

“Mu Mu…” Qiao Jiannan grabbed Qiao Mu’s hand, and his voice became a little hurried. ” Where’s Yu Tingyun? ” She’s the one who caused me…”

“Dad, calm down first. Yu Tingyun was sentenced for tax evasion. She caused you to not get any evidence. Dad, don’t worry about anything now. Take care of your body first..”

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