Chapter 287 I’m in

Melina felt her eyes water as she stared out at the quiet road ahead of the diner, watching cars pass by in the night. The answer was clear to her, but she was too afraid to say it out loud.

She didn't want this situation to become real to her because then the threat would be even more real.

Like what Alaric told her in her nightmare so long ago, she could run and hide, but he would always find her.

"Thank you," she told Tyler quietly. At least she wasn't alone in this. No matter what, Tyler would have her back. She just wished that he wouldn't be dragged into this mess with her.

He didn't deserve that, but she knew that she could never get him to leave. He would be by her side now, and he would be by her side in the ground. That was what they had promised to each other.

Tyler put his arm around her shoulders, drawing her close as they stood there together in silence. He was just there for her, and that was all that she needed. His support meant the world to her, and it kept her going when she felt like giving up because she didn't want to give up on him and let both of them down.

"I wonder what Elias is like," Melina commented. She wondered about this all the time. Was Elias a lot like her, or was he completely different?

Her parents told her a few details, but they didn't tell her much. She had a feeling that they were afraid that she was going to try to track him down on her own accord. Even if she wanted to, she never did.

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"You could find out," Tyler pointed out.

Melina smirked and rolled her eyes at him. That wasn't the answer that she was looking for, even if that was the best answer to her question. She knew that she could learn about her brother by actually meeting him.

She wanted to see him, but she was afraid of the aftermath that would follow. She didn't want to meet him only for them to die soon after, along with the people that they loved. It seemed too painful, too unfair.

"He's a hybrid. I could see what that's like for him in case our kids are like him," she murmured quietly. She was scrambling to find the silver linings in this situation. They were faint, but they were there. She just had to dig deeper to find them.

"He's been able to live a happy, normal life. That's a good indicator," Tyler replied, rubbing her arm gently.

Melina smiled a little at that. He did have a point. She wondered if Elias had a special someone in his life or if he had a family of his own. The thought of even being an aunt excited her. Maybe that was silly, but she wanted a family so badly.

"I already know that you're going to say no, but you don't have to come with me if I do this. It's my fight, not yours," she said.

Tyler turned his head to give her a pointed look.

"We're a team. Your fight is mine, and it's our life. I want to be with you every step of the way," he said with a firm tone to his voice. He wasn't backing down.

Melina looked up at him, meeting his gaze with a soft smile. She had a feeling that he was going to say that. She wasn't going to argue either. She just wanted to give him the option because she loved him and wanted him to be safe.

She would always welcome him by her side because she felt safer and stronger with him beside her.

"Okay," she said with a nod. That was settled. He would stick by her as she ventured down a path that unknown and dark.

It wasn't the first time that she had faced tough circumstances, but she hoped that this would be the last time that she would have her life threatened. Maybe that was wistful too.

The tension in Tyler's body faded away when he realized that she wasn't going to fight him on this. A sigh drifted from him as he cupped the back of her head and kissed her on the forehead.

"You and your brother are stronger together, but you and I are safer together," he pointed out to her.

Melina nodded, agreeing with his point. They were a team. They belonged together. Having Tyler with her and her brother could boost their odds against Alaric too.

She hoped that things worked out in the end, but she just couldn't tell right now. Things were up in the air, but she had to make a decision soon. She turned and hugged Tyler, holding him tight.

Tyler hugged her back, brushing his fingers through her hair gently.

"Whatever you do, I'm right here," he reminded her. No matter what, he wasn't ever going to leave her. They couldn't stand to be without each other, not even for a day.

Melina drew in a deep breath before burying her face in his chest, melting into his embrace and feeling at home there. Even if they never found a permanent home for themselves, it didn't bother

Melina too much because she felt at home whenever she was with him. It didn't matter what state they were in or if they were sleeping in the car or in a motel. As long as she was with him, she was okay.

It didn't take long for them to find the hotel that Scott was staying in. They took an elevator up to the fifth floor and then ventured down a hallway covered with red carpet.

They walked in silence, having already said to each other what they needed to say. The decision had been made, and there was no going back now that they were here.

Melina stopped in front of Room 511. Scott could be asleep, but she didn't care. There wasn't time for sleep right now. There was time for action. Alaric could strike at any moment, and Melina wanted to give herself the best chance at survival. She knocked on the door, hearing shuffling inside until the door popped open.

Scott peered out at them, a knowing grin already crossing his face.

Melina glanced at Tyler, who nodded. She then looked at Scott with a determined look on her face.

"I'm in."

THE END.....

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