Prenatal Marriage

Liuli thought she had misheard.


Childhood sweetheart?

She was 18 years old this year, but was was childhood sweethearts with a 30-year-old man?

How was this possible?

He had graduated from primary school before she was even born.

When she had just started elementary school, he had already graduated from university.

By the time she got into university, he had already graduated with a PhD and had been in the workforce for a few years.

How could they be childhood sweethearts?

This wasn’t the most shocking thing!

What was even more shocking was that they had been betrothed before they were born!

Wait a minute…

There was a difference of 12 years between them, so how could she be engaged to him before she was even born?

Liuli quickly interrupted her grandmother.

She asked in surprise.

“To be precise…

You were still in your mother’s womb at that time…

…when this marriage was arranged!” Liuli’s grandma replied.

“If I were a boy, would I still have been engaged to him?” Liuli blurted out.

The next second, she was hit by her mother.

Liuli immediately looked at her mother with reproach.

She was just telling the truth!

“If you were a boy, none of this would have happened!” Liuli’s grandma lamented.

“That’s true!” Liuli nodded in agreement.

The next second, she came back to her senses. Why was she nodding?!

“Liuli’s grandma, I’m only 18 years old this year. I’m still underage…

Alright, I’m already an adult, but I haven’t reached the legal marriage age yet!

Are you willing to marry me off just like that?”

“Even if you take the initiative to pursue someone yourself, you might not be able to succeed.

What do you mean by marry you off?!” Liuli’s mom muttered at the side.

Liuli was immediately dejected.

Was this what a biological mother would say?

“Now that Elder Tang is critically ill, the only thing he wants to see before he dies is his grandson’s marriage.

He even said that he wanted his grandson to marry you.

“Because our two families made a marital agreement back then, our family has no choice!”

“Liuli’s grandma, can I disagree?”

“Yes! As long as you’re expelled from the family tree, cut off ties with us, and never acknowledge your family again!” Liuli’s grandma replied concisely.

“How ruthless!” Liuli clicked her tongue in dismay.

Just like that, when Liuli returned home for the winter break, she become the granddaughter-in-law of the Tang family.

The plan was that they would get married this year!

Liuli felt resentful. She was only 18 years old!

Moreover, she didn’t know what the man from the Tang family looked like.

If he was handsome, she would make do with it. If he was too ugly, could she cancel the engagement?

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