Directly Blocked

Besides, even if both of them had good personalities, because they had different experiences and habits, their views and attitudes towards things would also be different.

This difference might affect the harmony between the two of them!

“Elder Tang, aren’t you afraid that I’ll bully your grandson in the future?” Liu Li finally said after holding it in for a long time.

Tang Sheng was stunned for a moment before laughing out loud.

Did I say something wrong again?!

“Liu Li, if you want to, feel free to bully him!” Tang Sheng replied magnanimously.

Liu Li was speechless.

She couldn’t help but pity Tang Moxi.

It was quite pitiful to have such a grandfather…

It seemed like toying with his grandson was the greatest joy in his life!

Just as Liu Li was about to say something, Tang Sheng suddenly coughed violently and covered his mouth with a handkerchief.

Liu Li was startled. As she patted Elder Tang’s back, she looked around and wondered where the others were!

Tang Sheng’s other hand trembled as he comforted Liuli. After coughing, he calmly put away his handkerchief.

With just a glance, Liu Li still saw that Elder Tang’s handkerchief was covered in blood.

She immediately felt uneasy.

It seemed that Elder Tang was really very sick.

If she suggested canceling the engagement at this time, would Elder Tang die of anger?

Then wouldn’t she become a criminal?

After this thought flashed through Liu Li’s mind,

Not to mention canceling the engagement, she wanted to marry Tang Moxi immediately. This way, perhaps Elder Tang would get better.

Then, Liu Li tried her best to chat with Elder Tang in a relaxed manner.

Liu Li even talked about many interesting things that happened at university, making Elder Tang laugh.

When Tang Moxi rushed back from the company for lunch, he heard from the butler that his grandfather was sunbathing on the platform in front of the carp pond in his study.

Then, he walked over.

From afar, he heard his grandfather and Liu Li’s laughter.

After passing through the round arch, he saw Liu Li standing behind his grandfather and massaging his shoulders.

That heartwarming scene was still vivid in his mind many years later.

To avoid ruining the atmosphere, he didn’t walk over.

When Grandpa turned around, he saw him and shouted,

“Jingxing, come over. Why aren’t you saying anything?!”

Only then did Tang Moxi walk over. After nodding at Liu Li, he lowered his head and asked his grandfather,

“Aren’t you cold here?”

“No, no, it’s very comfortable!

Liu Li’s jokes were also very interesting!

“Liu Li, tell Jingxing your stories, so he can share in the laughter too!” Tang Sheng said with a smile.

“Huh?” Liu Li was stunned.

She looked up at Tang Moxi in shock.

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