Long Wait

In the end, Liuli could only wait in the dormitory for that relative to pick her up.

She waited for two days!

She had forgotten something important.

Just because she was on winter break didn’t mean that it was a long break!

There was still nearly a month before the Spring Festival!

The other party wanted to go back for the Spring Festival and would bring her back at that time!

Liuli was immediately dejected. He couldn’t possibly plan to wait until New Year’s Eve to bring her home, could he?!

Since she had not received a call for the past two days, Liuli even specifically used the dormitory phone to call her cell phone. She also used her cell phone to call the dormitory phone to confirm that there were no circuit or signal failures.

When there was still no call on the morning of the third day, Liuli felt waiting any longer was pointless.

Was this how a biological mother treated her daughter?!

Which relative did she find to pick her up?

He had no sense of time whatsoever!

Could it be that he had forgotten about bringing her back?

At last, at noon, she received a call. Someone with a sweet voice asked if she was Yu Liuli.

Liuli could hear the mirth in the other party’s voice, but she could only endure it out of politeness.

Her surname was indeed a little different from that of ordinary people.

Previously, when she had just entered university and introduced herself, someone had joked about her surname.

At that time, Liuli really wanted to kick that person!

“Yes, who is it?” Liuli could only raise her head and ask helplessly.

“Hello, Miss Yu. I’m Mr. Tang Moxi’s assistant. My surname is He. You can call me Xiao He.

Is it convenient for you now? Mr. Tang let me come and pick you up!”

“Yes! Yes!” Liuli quickly replied. She wished she could grow wings and fly home this instant.

However, her mother had forbidden her to go back alone.

“Alright, I’m at the school gate now. I can reach your dormitory in five minutes.”

“Then I’ll wait for you downstairs. See you later!”

“See you later!”

Her mother had instructed her that the person who would pick her up was called Tang Moxi.

She told her not to get into the wrong car.

She also gave him her phone number, but unfortunately, no one picked up.

When Liuli first heard the name Moxi,

Liuli asked her mother on the other end of the phone,

The same name as the food blogger Mo Xi?

Then, she was scolded by her mother again. Her mother said that she couldn’t be rude and had to be more cultured. She nagged at her for ten minutes.

She naturally wanted to blame this on the so-called Mr. Tang.

Tang Moxi’s assistant was a beautiful and capable woman.

She was driving a white sedan.

When Liuli saw those long legs after Tang Moxi’s assistant got out of the car, she wondered if she was a model.

Miss He walked over with a smile.

“You must be Miss Yu!”

“Yes, you’re Miss He?” Liuli nodded and asked.

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