The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Chapter 2202 - 2202: No. 60 High’s outdoor practical trammg

Chapter 2202 - 2202: No. 60 High’s outdoor practical trammg

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It could only be said that it was better to come at the right time than to come early.

Lotus sun’s visit this time had actually been rather sudden. She had only thought of using old yellow as an excuse to stay with Wang Ling a little longer because hero Guo and super Chen weren’t around.

They wouldn’t be able to get anything out of a simple chat, so Lotus sun had planned to invite old Huang to a hotel owned by Huaguo water curtain group for a meal according to her original plan.

This way, she could once again enjoy the good times with Wang Ling in the name of delicious food until midnight, and in the end, find a way to say that she was afraid of going home alone and have Wang Ling send her home or something.

However, this excuse could be used in the past, but now it seemed to be somewhat forced.

She, the number one foundation building cultivator on earth, had advanced to the Golden core stage not long ago. Originally, under the state of mysterious sea human world, there were not many people on earth who could beat her. Now, it was even worse.

Lotus sun was immediately a little regretful. She even had the intention of returning the nine-core mysterious ocean to Wang Ling. While it was a good thing to be strong, this would greatly hinder the development of her relationship with slow-witted Wang!

In that short moment, Lotus sun had thought of many follow-up plans, but her rhythm had been disrupted when old Huang had accepted the interview task.

“Miss Sun, what are you thinking about?” Old Huang asked when he saw Lotus sun’s hesitant and absent-minded look.

“No, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no, there” there’s no, there “Lotus sun didn

However, Lotus sun had learned these methods from Jiang Yingying’s various mangas. According to the general plot, this seemed to be the sequence of development between lovers.

This was completely a desperate situation. Lotus sun didn’t know if stealing would really work, but as long as it could “reform” the blockhead Wang Ling, she really didn’t mind giving it a try.

But now, old yellow was going on a mission, and her plan to treat him to a meal had fallen through. Lotus sun couldn’t help but sigh.

Sometimes, plans really can’t keep up with changes.

Old Huang looked at Lotus sun, as if he had already seen through her thoughts, and laughed. “I can see that the two of you are very interested in my mission.

Do you want to join me?”

“Hey, is this okay?” Lotus sun’s eyes lit up again.

After all, for her, as long as she could find an opportunity and an excuse to be with Wang Ling, it would be fine.

These were all necessary measures to avoid embarrassment for Wang Ling, who had a social phobia. Although Lotus sun didn’t want a third wheel to follow her and Wang Ling out, there were times when there was no other way.

She wanted to express her feelings, but she was worried that she would scare Wang Ling too violently.

The beautiful feelings of his youth were probably in this kind of vague, budding state. The rarest memories were always the various extreme pulling before breaking through this layer of window paper.

It was just that Lotus sun didn’t know how long this tussle would last.

“Of course you can, Miss Sun. There was an announcement in the interview group before that the maximum number of foreign aid you can bring is two people who are no higher than the middle stage of the Golden core stage. I can see that your realms are very high.”

“I’ve just advanced to the early Jindan stage!” Lotus sun replied.

“I’m at the foundation establishment stage.”

Old yellow nodded with satisfaction,”en, there’s no problem then.” Moreover, you’re still students, so I believe the others won’t have any objections.”

“Outdoor practical training.” Wang Ling said at that moment.


Lotus sun nodded immediately, “it just so happens that we have outdoor practical training this semester!” This can’t be considered as not doing proper work!”

Outdoor practical training in cultivation high schools.

This was a compulsory course for almost every cultivation high school year. Students had to use the knowledge they had learned in school to complete an outdoor practical training assignment within a set number of years. It could be to assist in maintaining City Security or to intern in a specific company. They only needed to record a video at the end and have relevant personnel prove their experience in this mission.

In fact, in terms of the number of times he had saved the earth, Wang Ling had long since completed his outdoor practical training homework.

But those things were not suitable to be recorded in a video.

Wang Ling’s King’s eye had the ability to restore scenes, and everything he had experienced could be imported into a computer and restored as data and videos by plugging in the typy-C interface.

But it would be a little too exaggerated to hand in these videos for homework; each one looked like a blockbuster with special effects, and even if Wang Ling really took them out, people would doubt that they were synthesized.

After all, in the eyes of many people, he was just a piece of trash.

Although Wang Ling didn’t care about what other people thought, since it was homework, he felt that it was better to hand in homework that was suitable for his “Foundation establishment stage” strength.

In Wang Ling’s opinion, helping old Huang find an illegal alien was a free point question.

“But the problem now is Yingluo.”

Lotus sun rubbed her chin and asked,”this is the only mission I’ve issued so far, and it doesn’t provide any more information about these illegal aliens. How are we going to find them?” Songhai city is so big, and it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack to find a group of illegal immigrants in such a big city, unless we’re lucky..”

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