The Ex-husband Wants to Get Power Every Day After the Divorce

Chapter 70 - Chapter 70: Chapter 70: Hiring Someone to Get Things Done with Money

Chapter 70: Chapter 70: Hiring Someone to Get Things Done with Money

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“l want to confirm something with you.” She paused, “l heard that you are collaborating again with the Richardson family?”

Daniel Thompson remained silent for a moment, then nodded slightly, “It was Gillian’s idea. She said she doesn’t blame anyone, and agreed to have surgery, but she had one request – that our company continues to cooperate with the Richardsons.’

What a moral kidnapping!

No wonder this ironclad agreement could be changed.

It was clear that Gillian Thompson was siding with Isabelle Richardson.

Molly Walker believed that Gillian’s moral kidnapping using her own leg was not the first time, and it would not be the last.

Although she had been prepared, the news still made her heart tremble terribly.

All her efforts had been in vain.

Her gaze turned to the window, her heart aching like a sharp object piercing through it.

Seeing Molly’s pale face, Daniel’s tone softened, “l know about your grandmother’s situation… you have a grudge against Isabelle, but personal grievances should be separated from the company’s interests. Cooperation between companies should prioritize benefits.”

“Benefits, is your agreement to cooperate with the Richardsons really based on benefits?” Molly raised her red eyes, “Is it not based on Gillian’s preferences?”

Daniel’s face stiffened.

“l know she has been with you for many years, like your own flesh and blood, but I hope you understand that Isabelle, together with the Richardsons, are my enemies.” The icy determination in Molly’s eyes solidified her cold tone, “She killed my grandmother, destroyed my marriage, her father sent someone to kidnap me, and almost ruined my reputation. If that’s not enough…”

Under Daniel’s shocked gaze, she took out her cell phone, clicked on a recording, and the conversation between two men came out:

“It was you who hit Joshua, right?”

After the casual questioning, there was a long silence.

After a while, another man’s panting voice sounded, “Yes.”

“Why did you hit him? Do you have a grudge against him?”

“It was Miss Richardson who gave me seven hundred fifty thousand dollars..”

Molly stopped the recording at this point.

Some evidence couldn’t be too explicit.

Just from these few phrases, Daniel’s face had changed from shock to anger.

“Where is this person now?”

The police were also investigating the incident, but since the truck driver had fled, they couldn’t catch the person and the case couldn’t be solved.

“l don’t know.”

Everyone knew there was something unusual about the situation, but no one would think it had anything to do with Isabelle.

A young woman in her twenties couldn’t possibly have such a malicious heart.

“Where did you get this recording?” After a brief consideration, Daniel began to doubt the recording.

How did Molly find someone the police couldn’t locate?

“l paid someone to get it.”

Molly simply explained.

She wasn’t angry, as the capabilities of the “organization” couldn’t be explained logically.

She didn’t want Daniel to immediately believe her or take her side, but to investigate further into Isabelle’s actions.

Harry Lambert mentioned that when the truck driver was found, someone was already chasing him, and he was almost thrown out into the wilderness to die.

If it were just a bit later, this clue would have been lost.

Isabelle was more malicious than she had imagined. Gillian used her own surgery as a condition to help Isabelle, and she found it hard to believe that there was nothing going on between them.

Once a seed of doubt is planted, it will take root and sprout.

Daniel’s face darkened, “Send me the recording, and I’ll reconsider the cooperation.”

Molly nodded, turned the recording into a document, and sent it to him. She wasn’t worried about the file being leaked.

After midnight, the truck driver will surrender himself to the police station.

“As long as you reconsider it, I’ll be reassured.”

As Molly turned and walked away, Daniel instinctively spoke out, “Ivy, your sister doesn’t mean anything by it, and she’s not doing it on purpose to target you… ‘

Molly laughed lightly.

Whether it was intentional or not, she didn’t know. But it was obvious that Gillian was trying to annoy her by helping Isabelle.

“You two are family. I hope you can let bygones be bygones and coexist peacefully in the future.”

Coexist peacefully?

Molly’s laughter brought tears to her eyes.

“Mr. Thompson, why don’t you investigate her actions first, and then Isabelle’s? After that, please think about it from my perspective, can you coexist peacefully?” Her tone was light and her red lips curled into a cold and charming smile.

She laughed softly, the pain in her eyes spreading like a lake.

This chilly, calm voice, word by word, turned into slaps on Daniel’s face.

Daniel remembered Damian’s words – Ivy didn’t owe them anything, it was they who owed Ivy. They had no right to demand her to be a certain way.

But Gillian was also his child, both flesh and blood. What could he do?

At his age, all he wanted was for his children to be happy, and to live in harmony.

Why couldn’t even such a simple wish be realized?

Watching Molly walk away, Daniel slumped in his swivel chair, his turbid eyes filling with tears.

The phone on the desk rang, and he numbly pressed the answer button, “Hello?”

“Mr. Thompson, Miss Richardson is here.”

Molly walked out the door, her eyes blurred.

Since her grandmother’s passing, she had not shed tears for anyone. However, what just happened still made her upset.

She was not made of iron and longed for the warmth of family.

What hurt the most was not people’s maliciousness, but the sharp knives of family members directed against her.

If Gillian was kind to her, she wouldn’t mind living peacefully with her.

But from the very beginning, Gillian was unwelcoming. Molly couldn’t bring herself to submit to such a person.

Arriving at the restroom, Molly washed her hands with cold water, as a frantic Isabelle walked in.

Upon seeing her, Isabelle screamed, the thick makeup unable to hide the panic on her face, “When did you get here?”

Molly glanced at the contract in her hand.

Isabelle quickly hid the contract behind her, seemingly remembering something and smirked fearlessly, “Daniel has agreed to cooperate with the Richardsons. From now on, our family will be among the top three in

Sunnydale. ”

“No matter how you and Joshua join forces, it’s no better than Gillian’s word.

Gillian is, after all, Daniel’s favorite daughter.”

“What a pity, what a pity! Someone’s efforts were wasted!” Isabelle’s pink cherry lips curved into a wicked smile.

However, Molly remained expressionless, her brows and eyes cold and indifferent.

Arguing with Isabelle was just a waste of breath.

Molly wiped her hands and walked away indifferently.

The neglected Isabelle felt choked on her words.

“Let’s see how long you can stay smug.” Cruel, fleeting delight flashed in her eyes.

Isabelle, holding the contract, walked to Daniel’s door.

Finally, the cooperation was about to be finalized, and no one in the company would dare question her anymore. Even Samuel Richardson would have to treat her with respect.

She took a deep breath and carefully knocked on the door.

Inside, Daniel’s deep voice sounded, “Come in.”

Isabelle entered with a smile on her face..

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