The Immortal Cultivation Game Has Come True

Chapter 138 - Chapter 138: Chapter 137: Should I call you Young Master?

Chapter 138: Chapter 137: Should I call you Young Master?

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Upon hearing this.

Daoist priest Xuanqing was first taken aback and then felt greatly comforted in his heart.

He had initially thought that during this period, the incense offerings from all twelve of their branches would have gone to waste, but he didn’t expect that Huai Qingyun, a mere child, had actually placed Gathering Qi Beads in eleven of their branches.

“Qingyun, you’ve done a great job; you truly are a good disciple of mine-”

Xuanqing patted Huai Qingyun’s shoulder.

With a thought,

a ginseng fruit appeared in his hand. As the saying goes, rewards for merits and punishments for transgressions, Huai Qingyun’s actions had at least saved tens of thousands of incense offerings from being wasted.

If it were converted into ginseng fruits, ninety thousand incense points would be worth thirty, so it should be worth at least twenty.

“Come, this is a ginseng fruit, try it-” Xuanqing threw the ginseng fruit over.


Huai Qingyun’s eyes lit up, and he quickly caught the fruit, then excitedly asked, “Sir, is this the ginseng fruit from the legends, the one that matures once every nine thousand years?”

“That’s right, after taking it, you should be able to break through the limits of your body and go wherever you want!”

Xuanqing raised his eyebrows and said softly, “The energy contained in this fruit is immense, so you should take it now, and I will protect you.”


Without any hesitation,

Huai Qingyun picked up the ginseng fruit in his hand and swallowed it in one bite.

In an instant,

the energy from the ginseng fruit exploded within his body.

“Sir… I… I feel so bloated-” Huai Qingyun puffed up his belly, his face showing a strange mixture of pain and enjoyment.

Upon seeing this,

Xuanqing released his immense power of the soul, which enveloped Huai Qingyun, containing the energy that the ginseng fruit had released, bit by bit, slowly dissipating it.

As such,

Huai Qingyun let out a sigh of relief. His swollen belly slowly shrank, but the aura on his body grew even stronger.

An hour later, all the energy from the ginseng fruit was completely absorbed.

“Sir, 1 feel like I can shatter a mountain!” Huai Qingyun’s face showed an excited expression as he clenched his little fists, speaking proudly.

Upon hearing this,

Xuanqing couldn’t help but glare at him and threateningly said, “If you dare to shatter a mountain, I will shatter your head!”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I was just talking!” Huai Qingyun shrank his neck and meekly lowered his head.

“Alright, alright, don’t play the pity card with me.” Xuanqing waved his hand, then instructed:

“Now that your cultivation level has broken free from the constraints of your body, the task of exchanging incense offerings for Gathering Qi Beads in the twelve branches will be entrusted to you.”

“Be serious and careful in your work, understand?”

“I understand, Sir. I’ll go to install Gathering Qi Beads in all the Taoist temples that haven’t been equipped with them yet!” Huai Qingyun nodded heavily.

“Alright, go on-”

Xuanqing waved his hand, sending off his little disciple.

It’s worth mentioning that,

the reason for rewarding Huai Qingyun with the ginseng fruit was mainly to enhance the power of his disciple, which would also make collecting incense offerings more convenient.

Especially later, when the places where incense offerings were collected multiplied, Xuanqing couldn’t possibly run errands personally, going everywhere to replace the overflowing Gathering Qi Beads.

There must be someone to run errands, and Huai Qingyun was just the perfect candidate.

Inside the room.

Waiting for Huai Qingyun to leave,

Xuanqing continued to ponder the earlier question, whether to speed up the process of collecting incense offerings.

In all honesty,

the development of incense offering collection on the Blue Star had already failed to keep up with his consumption in the Game.

If it weren’t for the two rewards from Guanyin, he would probably not have condensed his Immortal Body, let alone acquire so many ginseng fruits.

“It’s time to speed things up, but I must maintain stability in the Real World.”

Xuanqing thought to himself.

The Real World was, after all, the place where he was born and raised; he didn’t want to break the rules of the Real World unless it was necessary.

As he thought this,

he took out his phone, and dialed Elder Jingde’s number.

Beep- Beep Beep

Once the call was connected,

Xuanqing spoke with a focused tone, “Hello…”

After a little while,

a black luxury business car arrived at the Qingping Temple’s parking lot.

Elder Jingde stepped out of the back seat, instructed the driver to wait on-site, then headed straight towards the direction of the Taoist temple.

His face looked a bit strange, with a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and apprehension filling his heart.

Upon arriving in the inner courtyard,


Elder Jingde took a deep breath, pushed open the door, and entered, seeing Xuanqing sitting cross-legged on the cushion.

“Xuanqing… young friend…”

His voice trembled a bit. In fact, after his last rejuvenation, due to long-term practice of breathing exercises, a thin strand of Mana was born inside his body.

This undoubtedly made Elder Jingde even more fascinated by cultivation, but no matter how he practiced, he couldn’t increase the amount of Mana in his body.

Some things, like trying something new for the first time, might just be a fascination in your heart. But once you have tried it, it can become addictive and difficult to let go.

Cultivation… is a metamorphosis at the level of life, a matter even more insane than passing on one’s genes.

At this moment,

Xuanqing smiled faintly, his gaze fixed on the excited Daoist Jingde.

“Daoist Jingde, are you willing to trade your entire wealth, freedom, in exchange for the opportunity to learn the True Method?”

The saying goes that wealth is precious, but freedom is even more valuable.

But for Taoists, both can be abandoned in exchange for learning the True Method.


without any hesitation,


Elder Jingde was about to kneel down.

“Hey, hey, don’t do this, 1 am asking if you are willing to be a spokesperson and be at my disposal, you…”

Xuanqing swung his right hand, emitting a whirlwind to block the other party’s attempt to kneel.

Upon hearing these words,

Elder Jingde was first taken aback, then gave an awkward laugh, saying weakly, “With all your talk of lifelong wealth and freedom, 1 thought you were going to take a servant, and then…”

“I will be making a big move soon, and to save some trouble, I have decided to train a spokesperson!”

“I don’t trust others and, after much thought, I think you Daoist Jingde are the most suitable!” Xuanqing smiled faintly.

“Once you become my spokesperson in the world, when I order you to go east, you will not be able to go west.”

“All the wealth and connections you possess in your life will be under my control. Have you thought about it? Can you accept all of this?”

As he said this, Xuanqing looked extremely serious; if the other party agreed, but failed to fulfill the agreement, it wouldn’t just be a simple matter of fate coming to an end.


upon hearing these words,

Elder Jingde just laughed. He laughed happily.

“Old Dao… Your subordinate greets you, Master Xuanqing… No, calling you Master doesn’t sound good; how about…. calling you Young Master?”

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