The Incubus System

Chapter 616 Bonus Scene (6). Succubi’s Seduction VI

The Incubus System 607 Bonus Scene (6). Succubi's Seduction VI

The giggles that escaped their lips sent a shiver down my spine as they touched me once again. Their thirst for me was palpable, the heat emanating from them practically palpable as my own desire for them swelled within me. My arousal pulsed and throbbed, yearning for them with an intensity that took my breath away.

Ivy crawled atop me, straddling my thighs as she leaned down to whisper in my ear. "Give me all of your creams," she said with a sly, seductive smile.

"You'll have it, all of it," I replied, my voice low and throaty with desire.

Luna climbed atop my chest, taking her place as she teased me with a playful grin. "Hurry up," she said, her voice dripping with desire.

Maria lay beside me, her lips brushing to my own as she pressed her mouth to mine. "Come on, put it in," she whispered against my lips.

I chuckled, a sly smirk spreading across my face. "Not yet," I said. "You haven't given me what I want yet."

The two of them giggled and pressed their lips to mine once again, their kisses burning with lust and desire. "I know," Luna purred, "but I'll take care of you, make sure you get everything you want."

I returned her kiss, my arms wrapping around her as Ivy's fingers wandered down to cup my balls, her touch sending shivers of pleasure through my body. Luna's hands traced circles over my shaft, her touch driving me wild as Maria's tongue flicked over another sensitive spot, my tail.

The sensation sent tingles down my spine, a wave of pleasure coursing through my body as I grunted at their touch.

Maria took her time, savoring the taste of me as she licked and kissed her way along the base of my tail. I could feel myself growing harder, my arousal swelling to new heights as Maria's tongue worked its magic.

"Mmm," I breathed, unable to contain my pleasure as she continued to tease and tantalize me.

Ivy shifted her position, lowering herself onto my throbbing cock as she impaled herself on my length with a cry of pleasure. Her tight, wet pussy squeezed around me as she rode me, her breasts bouncing with each thrust as she focused entirely on pleasing me.

At the same time, I pushed my tail into Maria's waiting pussy, and the three of us locked in a passionate embrace as we kissed and fucked with wild abandon.

"Ahh," Maria groaned, her body writhing beneath me as I filled her with my demonic appendage.

But I wasn't satisfied with just them. I broke our kiss, calling out to Luna with a beckoning finger. "Come here, let me taste your juices," I demanded.

She crawled towards me, spreading her legs wide as she presented her dripping, swollen nice hole to my face. I licked my lips at the sight of her pink folds glistening with her arousal, my tongue darting out to taste her sweet juices. She writhed and whimpered as I licked and sucked at her clit, my tongue slipping inside her to slurp at her dripping cunt.

Luna moaned loudly, her body writhing as I pleasured her with my mouth. Maria giggled and Ivy moaned as they rode me, their bodies trembling with pleasure as I thrust inside them.

lightsnοvεl I licked and sucked at Luna's folds, my fingers circling her clit as she rocked her hips faster, crying out in delight.

"Mmn~" Luna cried out. "D-Damian~!"

I grinned and circled my thumb around Luna's clit. She rocked her hips faster and soon I felt her climax.

"Ah~" Luna cried out.

I chuckled and licked her clit some more. While my cock and tail were moving inside Maria's and Ivy's pussies. I felt my own climax approaching.

Then I felt myself getting close to cumming. It was so hot to watch my cock and tail sliding in and out of my servants'.

'Demonic Erection.' My cock was getting bigger and longer due to the skill. It pushed her flesh and filled her hole with my hot meat.

Ivy screamed due to the skill and I could feel her pussy getting tighter due to the skill.

"Aah~" I grunted and grabbed Ivy's hip. "Cum for me~" I commanded her.

Ivy's body stiffened as I pumped her harder. Suddenly I felt my body tense up.lightsnovel

"Mmph~" I grunted.

Ivy's inner walls squeezed my cock and I felt myself cumming. I moaned and shot my load inside Ivy. My seed coated her insides. At the same time, Maria also reached her climax and her juices gushed out of her.


[Your demonic power is fully charged!]

[Your servant's demonic power is fully charged!]

Soon Ivy collapsed on top of me and Luna got down from my face. Beside me, Maria went closer to my chest.

"Mmm~" Maria smiled and cuddled up to me.

Ivy nuzzled her face against my neck. "Thank you~" She cooed.

Ivy's eyes blinked open and she looked at me. "Mm~" She muttered happily. "I didn't expect that."

I replied with a smile before I turned to the side, looking at Lilieth. "Those four girls. I shall make them squirt as I promise."

"Should I call them?" said Lilieth.

I nodded and sat up. "Yes. Call them."

"Okay~," Lilieth said and she clapped twice.

Upon her signal, the four succubi entered the room. "Remember, Damian. They are my servants. You can't claim them," Lilieth reminded me. I already expected that since this was a private party.

"So you decide to give us a good squirt, Your Highness," the blonde succubus said.

"I can't wait to enjoy your cock," the bluehead said.

"Oh, Your Highness ~" The black-haired succubus moaned. "You will be the one to take us to heaven~"

I raised my hand, showing them the back, and moved my fingers, showing that I was ready to finger them. "Then who's the first?" I asked them with a teasing smirk.

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