Chapter 309: Original Face

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Mu Guo felt cold from head to toe.

Lin Jun was so unfamiliar that he couldn’t even recognize her.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’ve already seen through you. You said that you love me and Mu Yao. Is that true? No!” Lin Jun shouted.

Mu Guo asked in pain, “Then what do 1 have to do to make you believe that I love you?”

Lin Jun smiled. “You love us? You don’t love us. We’re just substitutes. I’m An Ya’s substitute. Mu Yao is your lost child’s substitute. Am 1 right? 1 only mentioned my Little Aunt, and you sat in the courtyard for the entire afternoon. Do you love her that much? Since you love her so much, why did you fall in love with me after you couldn’t find her? I’m not dead yet, but you can fall in love with Song Nan. Mu Guo, you’re trash!”

Mu Guo could not refute.

Lin Jun was tired. She leaned against the glass and slowly slid to the ground.

Dai Yuan reached out to help her up, but she refused.

She sat on the ground and looked at Mu Guo, Mu Ci, and Bei Shuo from afar. She seemed to have calmed down. “From that day on, 1 decided to let you have a child with Song Nan. Who isn’t bad? Song Nan already knows who she slept with and who the child in her stomach belongs to. So what? She still blamed it on Mu Ci.”

“Mu Guo, as a father, you’re so heartless to your own son. Who will expect you to be sincere? I’ve already told the media about Song Nan. Bei Shuo, consider it as me returning a favor to you. After all, you’re really good to Mu Yao. As for whether the Mu Family will lose face, that’s not within my consideration.”

Lin Jun smiled at Bei Shuo.

Bei Shuo took a step forward. “So, Mu Yao already knew that you were using the children’s blood to transfuse blood to maintain her life. That’s why she fainted outside the nursery and wanted to die?”

A bitter smile appeared on Lin Jun’s face. “She’s silly!”

Bei Shuo raised her head, not wanting to let her tears fall. What kind of torture was Mu Yao enduring?

“Where did you get the Heartless Flower Poison? Since you want Song Nan to give birth to a younger sister for Mu Yao, why did you poison Brother Mu Ci? Also, Shen Su and Mu En. Aren’t you afraid of making a mistake?” Bei Shuo asked the question in her heart.

Lin Jun shook her head. “No! Mu Ci has you by his side. He won’t get into Song Nan’s bed. Even if he really goes to that room, Mu Ci won’t get into Song Nan’s bed. The difference between men lies in their hearts. As for Mu En, he wants to scheme against Miss Shen. 1 gave him this because he’s helped me a lot over the years. He’s my spy in the Mu Family.”

“You’re using Mu En’s blood essence to study the Snow Pill, right?” Bei Shuo hit the nail on the head.

Lin Jun smiled. “As expected, I can’t hide anything from you. Yes, the Snow Pill is too precious. It’s such a waste to let such a useless person eat it. Then, we can only study him. My Little Aunt was killed by his mother. I’m just collecting some debt from him. Their Mu Family owes us this!”

“But Madam Mu didn’t cause An Ya’s death! You caused her death!” Bei Shuo said sternly.

“What did you say?” Mu Guo stared at Lin Jun with widened eyes as if she had been injected with a shot of adrenaline.

Mu Ci stood in front of Bei Shuo and looked at his father, whose eyes were red.

Lin Jun smiled. “Look, he seems to have gone crazy at the mention of this name. How much does he love her!”

Tears streamed down Lin Jun’s face.

“How did An Ya die?” Mu Guo roared at Lin Jun.

Lin Jun stood up from the ground again and crossed her arms. She looked at the lights in the operating theater. They were still on. The surgery had long exceeded her expectations. Her heart slowly sank. The success rate of Mu Yao’s surgery would decrease with the length of the surgery.

Mu Guo pushed away the people who stopped him like a madman and rushed to Lin Jun. He grabbed her collar and asked her, “How did An Ya die? Tell me! Hurry up and tell me! You vicious woman!”

Dai Yuan rushed over to pull them apart, but Lin Jun waved her hand, indicating that he didn’t need to come over.

She looked at Mu Guo and smiled. Mu Guo loosened his grip.

Lin Jun coughed twice before smiling. “She died to save your mother! Do you think it was Mu Yao’s bone marrow that saved your mother? No, it was An Ya’s. An Ya didn’t die at that time. 1 locked her up. She used her bone marrow to save my life. I used her bone marrow to save your mother’s life and even exchanged it for Mu Yao’s identity as recognized by the Mu Family. Why? Do you think her death wasn’t worth it? Everyone will die.. What’s most important is a worthy death!”

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