The Rise Of The Tamer Family

Chapter 449 - Chapter 449: The Chen Family’s Advancement to Rank-6, Two New Alliances

Chapter 449: The Chen Family’s Advancement to Rank-6, Two New Alliances

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“Cosmic Bro, wait for us!”

Outside Chen City, a group of white-robed youths were running towards the Endless Mountains.

The leader was slightly older, but he was no older than eighteen.

Hearing someone call out to him, the leader looked at his younger siblings.” Hurry up. We sneaked out. If Grandpa Ming De finds out, we’ll be in trouble.”” “Don’t worry, brother Long Yu. I’m taking out the Immortal’s Drunken Wine.

Grandpa Ming De won’t wake up.”A cute girl around the age of 16 laughed.

Hearing this person’s words, another young man said worriedly,”If we knock out Ming De’s grandpa, he will definitely be punished when we go back.”

Chen Longyu came over and knocked the man’s head.” What are you thinking?””

“Let me ask you, did we use knockout powder? I don’t think so. We are using Immortal Drunken Wine, which is a wine worth thousands of gold.”

“There’s fine wine. Out of filial piety, there’s nothing wrong with offering it to Grandpa Ming De. Grandpa Ming De’s gluttony is also his own problem. How can he blame it on us?”

“Alright, let’s not get tangled over this. Our Chen family will advance to Rank-6 in a month. As members of the Dragon generation, we naturally have to offer our gratitude.”

“Furthermore, this trip to the Endless Mountain Range is not as simple as capturing a demonic beast and giving it to the family.”

“At the same time, it’s also to show the other forces how powerful our Chen family’s new generation of disciples are!”

Hearing Chen Longyu’s words, the group of young Chen clansmen became excited.

“That’s right. We must let the other forces see how powerful our Chen family’s younger generation is!”

Immediately, the group of people increased their speed.

However, what they did not know was that their every move was completely seen by Chen Mingde.

After these people ran far away, Chen Mingde’s figure appeared outside Chen City.” What are these children thinking? A mere bottle of Immortal Drunk can make a half-step Core Formation expert like me drunk?”

“Forget it. Anyway, their hearts are good, so I won’t blame them.”

“It’s just that this Endless Mountain Range is full of dangers, and they didn’t bring the Chen Family’s flag. We still have to follow them to take a look, and don’t let any accidents happen.”

Then, Chen Mingde also flew toward the Endless Mountain Range.

This scene was just a microcosm of Chen Cheng’s past year.

As the time for the Chen family to advance to the Sixth Stage was getting closer and closer, the entire Chen City was busy.

Outside, forces entered Chen City one after another.

Inside, the inns, tea stalls, and restaurants were all busy entertaining these foreign forces.

These foreign forces were also quite interested in visiting Chen City to see what kind of scenery this legendary Holy City had.

In the Chen family, Yang Chen was handling some matters in the meeting hall.

The promotion ceremony was getting closer and closer, and Chen Yang had more and more things to do. In the past half a month, Chen Yang didn’t even have time to cultivate.

Fortunately, he could hold on for another month. When the promotion ceremony was over, everything would calm down and Yang Chen would be able to deal with things step by step.

While Chen Yang was dealing with things, Chen Xuan walked in from the door with a booklet.

As soon as he entered, Chen Xuan placed the book on the table beside Chen Yang.” Family Head, these are some matters regarding the promotion ceremony. Take a look and see if there are any problems.”

Hearing this, Chen Yang put down what he was doing and picked up the booklet to scan it briefly. Then, he looked at Chen Xuan.” First Elder, have you read this booklet?””

“I’ve seen it. I don’t think there’s any problem.”Chen Xuan said.

Yang Chen nodded.” Since there’s no problem, let’s follow the procedure in the booklet.””


Hearing this, Chen Xuan turned around and left. He began to set up the Chen family in advance.

Time passed bit by bit. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

In the past month, the Chen family had already arranged everything properly. Whether it was the banquet venue below the ancestral RemRemembrance Platform or the various welcoming procedures, everything was arranged in an orderly manner.

Now, all they had to do was wait for the arrival of the various major forces, and the Chen family would announce to the heavens that they had advanced to Rank-6.

Early in the morning, forces of all sizes gathered outside the Chen family’s gate, quietly waiting for the gate to open.

Today was different from the past. Since the Chen family was about to advance to Rank-6, the forces participating in the promotion ceremony were at least Rank-8.

In the eyes of the ordinary people and the ninth-rank forces, the high and mighty leader of the eighth-rank forces could only stand outside the door with the ordinary people and listen to the Chen family’s orders.


As the door of the Chen family opened, the leaders of the Level Eight forces rushed to the steps of the Chen family’s door to occupy a good position and leave a good impression on the Chen family.

The first position was occupied by the head of an eighth-rank aristocratic family.

When the leaders of the other forces saw this, they could only sigh and fight for the second place.

After the door opened, Chen Mingde and the Chen Clan’s general walked out of the Chen Clan. Looking at the numerous leaders of the eighth rank forces, Chen Mingde smiled and said,””Everyone, there’s no need to be anxious. As long as you come with an invitation, my Chen family welcomes you.”

“However, due to the large number of participating forces, rank 8 forces can only bring one person in.”

As soon as Chen Mingde said this, the leaders of the Rank-8 forces flattered him,””Milord, don’t say that. It’s already a great grace for us to be able to attend the Chen Family’s promotion ceremony.. How could we dare to ask for too much?”

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