What the Hell? [Part 3]

Well, the most crucial figure, His Majesty, was currently going “Woo-hoo!” berserk in the forest, so this was the case where they would be left happier not knowing anything.

“That said, the ones left in the campsite right now are only the noble male students and their guards… This is troubling…” Melsa fell into thought.

For the king, someone who should be protected the most, to enter the forest meant that most capable knights and hunters also entered the forest to guard the king.

They couldn’t ask the students studying Monster Science and their guards to deliver the letter. The forest was very dangerous.

“Just as you can expect, monsters are impossible for me, okay?”

They wanted to deliver the letter as fast as possible, but even the ninja apprentice had too little experience in facing monsters.

“Umm… This turns out to be more difficult than I thought. I probably should have negotiated an extra fee for this.”

This has turned into something troublesome. Hue gripped the letter and looked up at the sky.


Let’s rewind for a bit.

In a certain room of the Royal Castle, four people, including Queen Victoria, the prime minister, and knight order commander, gathered secretly at the urgent call of Concubine Rose.

“Oh heavens…”

After thoroughly clearing the people out of the room and its surroundings beforehand, Queen Victoria looked at the handkerchief Rose handed her and started biting her thumb nail unconsciously. She was so shocked that the bad habit she had already fixed when she was young recurred. The content of the report written directly on the handkerchief conveyed the state of emergency.

“Victoria-sama, you might find it hard to believe, but…”

“I understand, Rose-san.”

The handkerchief Rose handed her was no doubt a genuine Emma Silk. And it wasn’t just the embroidery thread but everything from the fabric to the label was Emma Silk. The worth of that one piece of handkerchief was unfathomable.

Only a limited number of people could possess this in the Kingdom. Among them, the ones who could use it so generously to substitute a letter were only House Stuart and the Rothschild family, the wealthiest merchant in the Kingdom.

The name Rothschild was written as the sender. And even Imperial Japan’s Imperial Prince Tasuku also left his name. Queen Victoria heard the first batch of ships from Imperial Japan, which had begun diplomatic relations with the Kingdom, would soon arrive.

What was written here was most likely an undoubted fact.

“Just what on earth has that kid Maximillian done…”

It was written on the handkerchief that the ships of the Empire, which had arrived at Simmons, were loaded with artillery, and that artillery was aiming at the Royal Capital in a state ready to shoot any minute.

And the one who led those Empire ships was First Prince Maximillian.

The queen’s only son.

No one had ever heard of an armed attack from one country to another anywhere in the world.

In this world with monsters, nations had always helped each other, albeit with interests involved.

Without it, mankind couldn’t have survived.

Out of all people, Victoria’s own son was involved in the Empire’s scheme, which could also be called an act of aggression.

Just like Rose said, it was hard to believe.

However, Victoria mustn’t let her love for her son cloud her judgment. She took a deep breath as she tried to stabilize her emotions.

Because Victoria was the queen.

She must protect the Kingdom and its people.

“Victoria-sama, let’s send a letter to His Majesty immediately.”

The prime minister, who was also present, advised Victoria in a low voice.

‘It is, no doubt, the most perilous situation since I became the prime minister.

And despite that, for the king to be absent at such a time… No, anyone in the Royal Castle knows the king would be absent at this time. Meaning, His Highness Maximillian too.’

The prime minister’s back was drenched in uncomfortable sweat.

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