Chapter 441: Chu Chengye’s Jealousy

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He approached Su Yingxue, noticing that she was wearing a light blue brocade dress today. The hem of the dress was adorned with delicate plum blossoms, creating a beautiful and vivid scene. Around her waist, a white jade belt seemed to have been coordinated with Chu Yihan.

The ethereal faces of the two collided, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that immersed people in a realm of beauty.

Chu Yihan helped Su Yingxue into the car with a smile on his face, making him seem to be in a good mood. “You look exceptionally beautiful today.”

Su Yingxue held onto his arm, her small face resting on his shoulder. She playfully teased, “Does that mean 1 wasn’t beautiful in the past? Your Highness despises me!”

“Not at all. It’s just that you seldom dressed up before, not utilizing your advantages. Today… Let me appreciate you as someone pleasing to oneself.” Chu Yihan appeared somewhat reluctant.

Su Yingxue pouted. “Your Highness, don’t you know the concept of understanding without explicitly mentioning it?” Su Yingxue thought.

Usually, she immersed herself in the clinic, making it inconvenient for her to dress up glamorously.

Today, she had to compete with Han Yuwen. Could she let Han Yuwen surpass her?

No way!

The Qinghe Palace was exceptionally lively today. The palace, initially prepared to welcome the envoy, was now filled with ladies from Jiang Du City, all invited by Han Yuwen. The entrance was bustling with carriages and horses. Noble families and ladies from all over Jiang Du City had arrived.

Chu Yihan assisted Su Yingxue out of the carriage, appearing before everyone in complete silence.

Everyone held their breath, refraining from making a sound. The two appeared too noble, like immortals descending to the mortal realm. No one dared to approach them.

Chu Chengye was also among the onlookers. He had never seen the enchanting Su Yingxue.

In the past, she rarely indulged in dressing up, and her fair face without makeup was already captivating. Now, walking beside Chu Yihan, she moved with grace and elegance, captivating everyone’s attention.

Chu Chengye’s heart felt as if it were being gnawed by a thousand ants. He couldn’t help but question himself, “Why, why does she treat me… It’s not like this!”

Yet, once she was beside Chu Yihan, she shone like a rising star, so beautiful that he felt she was beyond reach.

He thought that he should be the man by her side!

Inside the Perching Phoenix Hall, Han Yuwen was already surrounded by a group of noble ladies. Her reputation was widespread, and many admired her. She called for ladies from all over Jiang Du City.

Su Yingxue raised an eyebrow, spotting her missing sister, Su Yurou, standing beside Han Yuwen.

Covering her face with a handkerchief, Su Yurou cried as if wronged.

Approaching, Su Yingxue sighed softly, “Thankyou, Princess. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know whether my sister is alive or dead after leaving home!”

Su Yurou had been putting on an act, but before she could say anything, Su Yingxue had already spoken.

She almost couldn’t help but curse.

Han Yuwen warned her with a look, and she suppressed her anger, putting on a weak expression.

Han Yuwen said, “Honorable Miss Su, why are you so aggressive? Even 1, who has only seen the Second Young Miss a few times, can’t bear to see her being mistreated by you. Yet, you still want to force her in public? Isn’t that a bit too cruel?”

“Cruel? Why would the princess say that? When did I force or mistreat my sister?” Su Yingxue’s eyes, fresh and moving, were filled with doubt.

“Sister, there’s no need to be like this. Even if not for the Marquis’s Manor’s reputation, Sister will never disclose what Elder Sister has done. I’ll endure this bit of grievance.” Su Yurou sobbed, her shoulders trembling slightly, portraying an image of extreme vulnerability..

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