The Valiant Farmgirl's Blackhearted Husband Wants a Hug

Chapter 470 - 470: Bonus Chapter Huangfu Wudi (2)

Chapter 470: Bonus Chapter Huangfu Wudi (2)

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The situation at High Pass Town was not good, and so was the situation within the Great Jin State.

1 predicted that this war will end with the Great Jin State seeking peace, ceding territory, and paying for reparations.

Nobody could have foreseen Qin Xiaoyao’s arrival.

And how with her own ability, she gradually changed the entire battle situation.

She was more powerful than I thought.

She killed a large number of Liao generals, including Xiao Tu and thereafter, Xiao Yuan.

Of particular importance was Xiao Yuan, who was the Great Liao State’s Supreme Commander and also the leading commander of the Great Liao State’s attack on the Jin State.

She almost single-handedly killed so many Liao soldiers until the Liao army became demoralized and earned the well-deserved moniker of “Great Jin State’s God of Massacre.”

The more I interacted with her, the more I found myself attracted to her.

I even went against my agreement with Song Que and tried to probe her feelings.

Compared to Song Que, I thought I was more outstanding.

My status was higher than Song Que’s, and my appearance was more impressive than Song Que’s.

Moreover, I still had the hope of ascending to the throne. I could give her the most noble position among all the women in the world, which was an Empress position.

However, she was not moved at all. All she could think about was Song Que.

I felt a little defeated.

After the situation at the border stabilized, we returned to the capital.

Empress Jia held her in very high regard and even made her most beloved princess daughter acknowledge Qin Xiaoyao as her master.

Song Que was worried about her safety and reminded me of what I promised him earlier.

In addition, I also didn’t want her to get too involved in the factional strife.

Thus, I told her to be suppliant to Empress Jia and remain a neutral party.

She did as she was told.

She then started a small business and continued to look for her husband.

Initially, I didn’t want her to meet Song Que, but I was worried that Song Que’s identity would be exposed, so eventually, 1 could only arrange for them to meet.

Before this, I even intentionally revealed Song Que’s current situation.

I wanted her to know that he was about to become Prime Minister Shen’s son-in-law.

She was so proud and arrogant. If she knew that Song Que had betrayed her, perhaps she would change her mind?

In the end, I was still disappointed.

The two of them soon got back together.

Hah! They thought that their every tryst was very well concealed, but in fact, I knew all about their activities.

1 was a little disappointed, but I still maintained my patience.

If Song Que wanted to gain Minister Shen’s trust, he had to become his son-in-law. This was considered a betrayal toward Qin Xiaoyao.

They would fall out sooner or later.

However, what happened next still disappointed me.

For her sake, Song Que did not hesitate to change his plans.

And she even forced me to let her join our plan for Song Que’s sake.

The two of them trusted each other too much.

I didn’t stand a chance at all.

With Qin Xiaoyao joining us, our plan progressed very smoothly.

In the end, we launched our plan as scheduled during Emperor Father’s birthday banquet.

We overturned Prime Minister Shen, the Jia family, and finally Empress Jia one after another.

For the sake of Empress Jia, Emperor Father also agreed to give up his throne to me.

Then, Empress Jia revealed the truth about my Concubine Mother’s death.

She admitted that she was the one who killed my Concubine Mother.

Even the assassins who tried to poison me and tried to assassinate me were arranged by her.

However, she said that the reason behind all this was that my Concubine Mother made the first move.

Furthermore, the reason 1 was able to safely leave the capital and even survive at the border was all because of my Emperor Father.

In the end, I chose to let it go for the sake of my Emperor Father.

Thereafter, I ascended the throne in accordance with my wishes and became the new emperor of the Great Jin State.

1 had thought of using my Imperial authority to coerce Qin Xiaoyao to submit to me.

However, in the end, I gave up.

This was because that woman was “carefree and relaxed,” just like the meaning embodied in her name.

Even if I were to give her the position of Empress, it would only be a shackle to her.

Moreover, no one could force her to do anything she was unwilling to do.

It wasn’t easy for me to ascend to the throne and achieve my wish.

I didn’t want to take the risk of offending her and losing my life.

Yes, I had no doubt that if I forced her to stay, she would take action against me.

There was also Song Que, whose methods were extraordinary.

These two, one a civil official and the other a martial official, could be hailed as the kingdom’s heroic talents.

Unfortunately, none of them wanted to stay by my side and work for me.

In order to get rid of me, Song Que deployed ruthless methods when he purged the factions connected to the Shen and Jia family.

Almost none of those who were involved with the two families escaped. At the same time, he also took the opportunity to “eliminate dissidents” and caused everyone in the court to feel insecure.

Under such circumstances, if I still retained him, it would only cause the courtiers to become fearful. In fact, no one would dare to present opposing views to me again.

It could only be said that Song Que was truly ruthless and bold.

He had offended so many people, yet he still had no qualms about resigning from his post and going into retirement.

He was truly fearless when he knew had invincible backing.

With Qin Xiaoyao and her private army, the undercover guards called Warfire, protecting him, there was no one who could attack him in the dark.

Fortunately, although Qin Xiaoyao resigned from her military post, she agreed to go to the border every year to carry out missions.

Furthermore, she was the one who took the initiative to approach me and asked me to speak to Song Que about this on her behalf.

In the beginning, I was secretly happy that Qin Xiaoyao wasn’t as uninterested in power as she seemed on the surface.

Later on, I found out that she really had no interest in power.

The reason she wanted to go to the border was to kill people.

Yes, that confident and unrestrained woman actually possessed a “killer’s nature.”

The reason she had to go to the border every year to “carry out missions” was to find a suitable place to give vent to her “killer’s nature.”

1 was not the only one who discovered this point. Song Que also noticed it.

I felt quite fearful in reality. Unlike me, Song Que wasn’t afraid at all. He insisted on accompanying her to the border.

At that moment, realization finally dawned on me.

I did not have what it took to desire Qin Xiaoyao, and neither did I dare to desire her.

She and Song Que were truly a match made in heaven.

However, a number of years later, when their child was born, I began to have other thoughts.

1 already have a son and a daughter. Regardless of whether they have a son or a daughter, I can get their offspring engaged with mine, right?

It is best if they have a daughter. In the future, after 1 have confirmed the Crown Prince, 1 will get their daughter to marry my Crown Prince and become the Princess Consort.

It is fine even if they have a son. I will recruit him to be my daughter’s Prince Consort.

In short, the two of them can forget about shirking their duties.

Although Song Que can’t attend court sessions, he can still give me counsel and help me come up with plans and strategies.

As for Qin Xiaoyao, I welcome her at any time to put on her armor and help me expand my territory.


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