Chapter 84.4

The knights were dismayed at the sudden appearance of this figure, and were in despair.

Hydras that appear in areas inhabited by humans tend to be younger, around 10 meters long, and had only three heads at the most. A hydra’s threat level was determined by the number of heads it had, and one with five heads and a head over one meter in size alone would be classified as a [Disaster Class], which would be considered a serious danger to a small country.

“Why is it here…?”

“Father, it was probably the advance troops of the Demon Lord!”

In the sky over the city, the King and Julio took their eyes off Flare for a moment to face the upcoming threat.


Flare smiled faintly and leapt from the skies above, to the surprise of all, onto one of the Hydra’s heads.


Flare was under Carol’s influence, having been saved and trusted by Carol. The Hydra, also under Carol’s influence, did not consider Flare an enemy, but when the other head stared at it in discontent after being on top of its head, Flare gave a very lovely smile and petted them one by one, and the petted Hydra, for some reason, twitched and became quiet.

“Smash them away.”

[Gugaaaaaaaah!!! ]

All the Hydra’s heads at once sprayed a dusky black purple breath all around them.

[Gah, poison breath!]

[Where are you, Your Majesty?]

[Don’t open your mouth, or you’ll inhale the poison!]

The magic gun squad screamed as the Hydra’s breath covered the entire area in the blink of an eye, like a smoke screen around them, and Julio, who had also lost sight of the King, hurriedly retreated to the skies above.


Julio screamed as a whip of flame struck him from within the poisonous mist, but he narrowly avoided it.

“Flare, don’t hide, come out!”

If one was a contractor of a Great Spirit, poison would have no effect on them. But even if they knew that in their heads, it would take courage to rush into a poisonous mist.

Even so, Flare’s laughter echoed high in the poisonous fog. And once again, Julio dodged a fire attack shot from within the fog, and found a slight shadow there.

“There you are, shoot!”

At Julio’s command, several members of the magic gun squad, who had escaped from the range of the poison, readied their guns, recognized the shadow in the direction the crown prince was pointing, and simultaneously fired their [Combat Skill].

Combat Skill [Iron Bullet] was used by the magic gun squad. It was a Combat Skill with a relatively high hit rate, and although it was a double shot, it had earth and piercing attributes, and could ignore 20% of defenses.

Five bullets were released. Three of them missed, but the remaining one hit the leg, and the last one hit the middle of the torso.

“That’s the coup de grace!”

Julio created hundreds of water spears and shot them out like a spray of poisonous mist.


“…Chi, Father!”

When the poison mist diffused, there was the King, shot in the stomach and legs, his entire body battered and bruised.

The king reached out to Julio with a look of disbelief on his face. At that moment, a bloody arm lunged out from behind him as if to pierce his heart, burning him to the ground instantly.

“Thank you, my former fiancée. Thank you for stripping away the king’s wind protection. I wondered if he was afraid of the poison, but he was so tightly sealed in his barrier that he couldn’t hear anything from outside.”

Julio’s complexion turned dark as he saw Flare lick her bloody fingertips with a bewitching smile.

Flare had Julio attack his father on purpose. To torment his mind, to break the King’s protection, and to make the water spirit protecting Julio consume its power in vain.


With the little remaining magic power that was wasted and consumed, Julio pulled out his sword and attacked Flare in close combat.

Flare turned her flame whip into a [Flame Scythe] as if she were waiting for this very moment, and stabbed it deeply into Julio’s torso.


“I’m going to dirty you up one last time. Hmph, are you not pleased?”

Julio’s cheeks were stained by Flare’s hands, which were stained with the king’s blood, and Julio, who had been a perfect crown prince without any stain, finally burned to ashes with a look of ecstasy.

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