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Chapter 29 - Chapter 29: 029, (Under the watchful eyes of everyone)

Chapter 29: 029, (Under the watchful eyes of everyone)

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The next day, Lu Xun got up early.

He had cultivated several times last night, which resulted in a slightly pleasant pain.

And his experience points had risen to 606/500.

There was going to be a grand ceremony for him in the morning, a rare event in the Demon Sect.

Normally, to celebrate the master taking on a disciple, all the brothers and sisters in the Small Study behind the mountain should attend.

But, given the master’s temperament, he wouldn’t come. When he had taken in former disciples, he didn’t attend any of the grand ceremonies, sometimes he wasn’t even on the mountain.

The master just instructed Sect Master Shen Yan to arrange everything as he saw fit.

In this case, even though he had a new disciple, the master still had no intention of coming back to the mountain, he was still wandering far away in the secular world.

So, it’s business as usual, the Sect Master and several Peak Masters are in charge.

Among the Small Study, only Mao Nanbei loved such lively events.

Therefore, she, who usually loved to lay in, got up early today.

Lu Xun sometimes wonders, does this girl not need to cultivate?

After washing up and getting dressed, Lu Xun put on the black robe symbolizing his position as a young elder in the Demon Sect for the first time.

Just a piece of clothing representing identity is already a rare magic artifact, essentially a yellow outfit.

Lu Xun looked at it and information popped up:

“[A cloak made of precious materials but adds no additional attributes].” Simply put, is this a luxury item?

Lu Xun, always good-looking, was even more handsome with the black robe on, like adding icing on the cake.

After all, good-looking people would still look good in a sack, while some people can still look like cheap stall goods in trendy brands.

After stepping out of the room, Mao Nanbei who was lying on the big chair stared at him and said: “Sigh, it was so nice to have you as my beautiful mount. ”

Lu Xun ignored her. A little Ioli, all she knew was to ride, ride, ride.

If I wasn’t afraid of being beaten up, I would smack you right now!

With time to spare, Lu Xun and Mao Nanbei weren’t in a hurry to head to the main peak.

He glanced at Mao Nanbei and asked, “Fourth elder sister, did you have a preaching session at your ceremony?”

There was a preaching session at the ceremony, kind of like asking Lu Xun to give a lecture to the disciples on stage. Which reminded him of his school days and the “City’s Top Three Students, School’s Outstanding Leaders”.

“Of course, I’ve been on stage.” Mao Nanbei lifted her little chin proudly.

“Oh? What did Fourth Elder Sister say?” Lu Xun asked curiously.

Mao Nanbei’s cat ears twitched a little, she said matter-of-factly: “Don’t mess with me, or I’ll chop off your head!”

Lu Xun:

He could already imagine the expression on the faces of the disciples below the high platform that day, like they’ve eaten shit.

It was that day when the Law Enforcement Elder Gongshu Pan got his eye on the little Ioli, and realized that she wasn’t easy to deal with.

“The time is almost right, shall we go?” Mao Nanbei turned her head to Lu Xun and said. It sounded like something a prison guard from ancient times would say to a prisoner.

Lu Xun nodded, then they both got on Mao Nanbei’s paper crane. It would be a bit too hard to use his “11th Bus” to go down the mountain and then up again.

The grand ceremony was held on the Demon Sect’s main peak, with everyone who should attend, in attendance.

All the disciples were curious to see if the newcomer, Young Elder, was as good-looking as the rumours stated, and to see if this young elder, who would jump off a cliff if he said he would, and didn’t die, had any special quirks.

The paper crane was flying in the sky. The main peak was just a short distance away. Lu Xun could roughly see the disciples of the Demon Sect down below.

No kidding, the number of disciples in the Demon Sect was nowhere near the four Righteous Sects, but there were still a lot of them.

As the paper crane landed, everyone’s eyes were focused on Lu Xun.

Lu Xun was fairly nonchalant about it. He wasn’t troubled by their attention. After all, he was not Wei Jie, the man from the ancient texts who was watched to death.

On the contrary, he was also observing the disciples around him.

Especially those female disciples who met his gaze. Many of them actually flushed red.

“The young elder is even more handsome than the rumors claim!”

Still, the Demon Sect’s customs were rather liberal. Though the female disciples were somewhat shy, they still stared at him, their faces blushing. As if getting an extra glance was a gain.

Lu Xun was already somewhat accustomed to the admiring gazes. But why were some of the male disciples blushing! ?

Mao Nanbei, the playful one, didn’t land the paper crane directly on the stage. Instead, he threw Lu Xun down and then flew up himself.

As Lu Xun couldn’t fly yet, he had to walk through all the disciples to get there.

As he moved, the crowd parted to make way for him. On both sides of the path, people shouted in unison, “Greetings, young elder!”

Their voices were as loud as rolling thunder, resounding through the heavens!

Lu Xun looked for Ji Li’s figure in the crowd and finally saw her, desperately tip- toeing to see him.

Lu Xun gave her a slight smile, causing all the female disciples in that area to blush and their eyes to almost become watery.

Once you get past all the outer sect disciples and sect deacons, there are far fewer inner sect disciples.

Among them, Murong Yan was the most noticeable.

These inner sect disciples all had a cultivation base far superior to Lu Xun’s. If they were in the mortal world, they could all be considered immortal masters.

There weren’t any of those senseless scenes you’d find in novels. Even if they were all proud talents, and even if Lu Xun’s cultivation base was so low right now, all the inner sect disciples still respectfully said, “Greetings, young elder! ”

If someone lacks even basic manners and decency, why would a great sect bother nurturing them into their core disciples? Aren’t they afraid such a person might court disaster?

The Demon Sect was indeed infamous for its arrogance and disregard for the rules, but within the sect, rules and etiquette were still followed.

Moreover, respecting Lu Xun meant respecting the teacher. Even if he remains a mortal all his life, the disciples of the Demon Sect are willing to refer to him as a young elder without feeling any shame.

—As all disciples of the Demon Sect, take honor in their teacher.

As Lu Xun continued upward, there were the elders and peak masters, and of course, the shininq Sect Master Shen Yan in the middle of the crowd.

Everyone rushed forward to greet him, saying, “Greetings, young elder!”

Only Mao Nanbei, who had teased Lu Xun, was standing aside grinning, and even stuck out his tongue at him. He was on the verge of saying “hehehe”.

“Damn Ioli,” Lu Xun thought to himself. “Abusing her cuteness to act outrageous!”

But what surprised him was that, although he had just walked around in the crowd, his sect reputation value… increased!?

The reputation value started to grow gradually from 900 points. The speed of increase wasn’t fast, but it definitely wasn’t slow!

He had done absolutely nothing, just showed his face in public for the first time…

Yet, the rate of increase was still quite far from reaching 2000 points of reputation value.

The final step in the whole process was for Lu Xun to ascend the stage and give instruction to the disciples of the Demon Sect.

Once he ascended the stage, everyone listened attentively. However, he said nothing.

He wore a gentle smile on his face, and scanned the whole audience. Every disciple present was viewed by him as a machine to harvest reputation value.

Lu Xun had always treated everyone equally, viewing them all as tools.

He stood on the stage, with a breeze blowing by, lifting the hem of his clothes. He looked quite at ease.

His smile was warm, like a soft sunlight. Coupled with his overly handsome appearance, it gave him an elegant demeanor.

He remained silent, only smiling.

Then, under the watchful eyes of all, Lu Xun silently clicked on…


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