This Lady Is Trying to Kill Me

Chapter 347 - Chapter 347: He Will Definitely Come (1)

Chapter 347: He Will Definitely Come (1)

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The sky was getting dark, and the lights in the prince’s estate lit up in advance.

In the warehouse filled with dazzling treasures, the empress dowager looked dignified and noble as she stood in front of the beauty screen and admired the lifelike embroidery work.

Perhaps Hongyu was afraid that the empress dowager would learn bad things and drag her to imitate the picture when she was bored, her expression was quite nervous. She kept searching for novel items around her, wanting to divert the empress dowager s attention.

After a short quarrel between the master and servant, footsteps and a quiet conversation came from outside the warehouse.

“Lets not talk about commoners. The scholars have worked hard their entire lives, and all they want is to be comparable to nobles. The Prince of Wu was living such an extravagant life, but he didn’t enjoy it. Why did he rebel…11

“The descendants of imperial families have been pampered since they were born. It s very difficult for them to endure hardships or learn from their mistakes. It s not strange for people with high ambitions and low abilities to do stupid things. If you had such a big estate and three hundred beauties in the back residence, would you even want to leave the house?”


When the empress dowager heard the familiar clear voices, her expression froze. She wanted to hide the big screen, but she immediately recalled Ye Jingtang’s offense and atrocities against her. After some thought, she didn’t hide it. She just trotted to the big jade Buddha statue not far away and pressed her palms together to pay her respects to the Bodhisattva.

Soon, the maidservant arrived at the door, and a group of three entered.

Ye Jingtang’s expression was as grave as an imperial guard’s. When he entered and saw the empress dowager’s round and smooth back, his footsteps became lighter, and he tried his best to look calm.

Dongfang Liren still followed the rules in front of Ye Jingtang. She walked nearby and bowed. “Greetings, Empress Dowager.”

When Daoist Xuanji saw this, she also bowed, but her attitude was much lazier. She only symbolically bowed.

“No need for formalities.”

Although the empress dowager was wearing a casual dress, she was very majestic. She slowly turned around and sighed. “At the beginning of the founding of Great Wei, there were countless things to do in the world. The Great Ancestor advocated for the imperial clan and the vassal princes to be frugal and love the people. It’s only been a few years, but look at this Prince of Wu Estate. It’s even more extravagant than the Longevity Palace, and there are many things that I’ve never heard of…”

Dongfang Liren knew that the empress dowager was so serious because Ye Jingtang was here. She smiled and said, “Empress Dowager, you’re right. 1’11 definitely take it as a warning. Empress Dowager, have you taken a fancy to something? If so, Ell inform the officials later and bring it back to the capital with the ship.”

The empress dowager led the few of them through the large warehouse and looked around with a scrutinizing look. “I have been living in the palace for a long time and haven’t left the home much, so 1 don’t have much knowledge. 1 want to choose a few elegant decorations for my bedchamber, but I don’t know what’s suitable. Sir Ye, you’re well-versed in both civil and martial arts. Can you help me find one or two?”

“Hmm?” Ye Jingtang was looking around from behind. When the empress dowager suddenly called him, he naturally subconsciously looked left and right. In the end, he saw a screen not far from the empress dowager.

On the screen…


Ye Jingtang took a closer look, and his eyes couldn’t help widening. He felt that this place was inappropriate and wanted to bring the women elsewhere.

But before he could speak, the empress dowager followed his gaze and looked over. Her face showed some surprise. “Sir Ye, do you have some opinions about this screen?”

Dongfang Liren and Daoist Xuanji hadn’t paid attention to the details of the dazzling array of furniture around them at first. But when they heard the two of them talking, they looked over.

Seeing the erotic picture on the screen, Daoist Xuanji raised her willowy eyebrows. Clearly, her interest was piqued by this indecent thing.

Dongfang Liren’s expression froze. Then she frowned and turned to look at the perverted guard beside her. “Ye Jingtang! You…”

Ye Jingtang was very innocent. After all, such a big screen was erected in front of him. He looked over and saw it. It was normal to take another look to confirm it. He didn’t say that he wanted to recommend it to the empress dowager.

When Ye Jingtang saw the women looking over, his scalp went numb. He hurriedly went forward to block the empress dowager’s sight and raised his hand. “This item is uncouth. Your Majesty, please move…”

The empress dowager looked puzzled. She stood on her tiptoes and looked over Ye Jingtang’s shoulder. “Isn’t it just a screen with a picture of women? Why is it uncouth? Sir Ye, can you explain it to me?”

“Uh…” Ye Jingtang didn’t dare to refuse the curious empress dowager, so he could only look to Dumdum for help.

Dongfang Liren was quite annoyed, but when she saw Ye Jingtang’s embarrassed expression, her heart softened in the end. She went forward, held the empress dowager’s arm, and walked elsewhere to help resolve the situation. “It’s hard to talk about the unclean things embroidered on the screen. After we go back, Ill explain it…”

“Oh, is that so? When I saw Ye Jingtang staring at it, I thought it had an impressive background…”

“He’s a normal man. It’s normal for him to take another look at something like this…”

Ye Jingtang was grateful to Dumdum and felt that his cold and extraordinary image had completely collapsed. Just as he was feeling awkward, he suddenly found Hongyu snickering beside him. When she realized that he was looking at her, she hurriedly pretended that it had nothing to do with her to avoid suspicion.


Ye Jingtang wasn’t stupid. When he saw this, he understood that the empress dowager had deliberately teased him. He felt helpless in his heart, but he couldn’t say that the empress dowager was messing with him. He could only look straight ahead and continue to follow silently.

The few of them toured the warehouse for a long time. The empress dowager and Dongfang Liren both picked out many pleasing items, while Daoist Xuanji was more pragmatic and wanted to take away all the fine wines that the Prince of Wu had collected.

As a personal guard, Ye Jingtang naturally wasn’t arrogant enough to take things that should be confiscated. He silently followed the girls shopping.

Although they had only been walking for a short time, he had to carry all the small items that the girls found pleasing to the eye. It wasn’t easy to interrupt the girls to stop them.. He had to admit that it was a bit tiring…

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