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The next morning.

I was observing the beast race’s mark, which had turned back to white, in front of the mirror.

“I get it now.”

I realized that the time it took for Adam’s mark to recover its color from black to white was proportional to the ‘time of using the ancient relic’.

‘It took about two days for the beast race’s mark to turn white after using it for about 15 minutes…’

By simple calculation, it would take more than a week for the elf race’s mark to turn white after using it for an hour.

‘It’s a long time.’

Of course, there’s no way there wouldn’t be a penalty for such an overpowered ability. Well, this much penalty is acceptable.

‘My wounds have completely healed, too.’

In fact, they healed during combat. My physical condition improved even more during the 15 minutes when the beast race’s trait was activated and the hour when the elf race’s trait was activated.

That’s when I was moving around.

“Huh? You woke up early?”

Lust entered the room without knocking.

“I always woke up at this time, so I got used to it.”

“Really? Hmm, that’s a pity.”

Lust sat next to me and sighed.

“I would have given you a very happy morning if you were still sleeping. But I failed.”

She tilted her head to look up at me with a playful smile. I lightly pressed on her forehead and said,

“Again and again. You talk big for someone who’s never dated a guy.”

Lust quickly averted his gaze.

“…No, that’s not true?”

“What do you mean it’s not? Just looking at you yesterday, I could tell.”

“That! I, I was a bit flustered…”

Maybe it’s because Lust, as an executive, had worn a mask for a long time. She often tries to seduce people, but as soon as she has physical contact with me, she becomes stiff.

‘Typical style of someone who learned about romance through indirect experiences.’

That’s Lust.

“It’s interesting. You must’ve had a lot of contact with men before. Why are you nervous?”

“That was just an unavoidable touch for absorbing energy.”

Lust looked at me with a somewhat hurt expression.

“When I come into contact with you, Seo-yul, my body stiffens up without me realizing it…”

“And yet, the first time we met, you clung to me like glue.”

“That was…”

She looked around in a flustered manner, seemingly trying to dodge the topic. I think I have a good idea of what she’s thinking. I glared at her.

“Aha. Did you initially see me as prey for energy absorption?”

“Prey? I’m not some sort of cannibal!”

She exclaimed in outrage.

“Don’t try to change the subject”


I knew well enough that her objections were just attempts to change the subject. She was trying to divert attention. I’d already revealed my initial intent to kill her and how much trouble I’d been through.Please visit fr𝐞𝐞wn.𝒸o𝔪 website to read fastest update

It’s only fair to tease her in return. My playful smile deepened.

“Judging by your silence, it seems I’m right?”


“No wonder. You stopped physical contact midway. So that was the reason.”

“That’s because…”

“Because what?”


Lust hesitated, searching for the right words.

Just as I was about to tease her further, there was a knock.

“Father, are you awake?”

It was Illyna’s voice. Upon hearing her voice, Lust’s expression immediately brightened.

“Ah. It seems the queen has some business with Mr. Seo-yul!”

Suddenly, she jumped up from her seat.

“I shouldn’t interrupt your conversation. I’ll head back to my room for now!”

She swiftly opened the door.

“See you later!”

After bidding me farewell, she nodded to the surprised Illyna and vanished in a flash.

“Look at that speed.”

Too bad.

I could’ve teased her a bit more. I scratched the back of my head as Illyna approached me.

―I’m sorry. Did I interrupt your conversation?

―No, she just dropped by for a morning greeting.

―I see. That’s a relief.

Illyna sighed in relief.

―So, what brings you here?

Considering the queen personally visited me at this hour, she must have some important business.

―Well, there’s something I’d like to ask of you.

I thought as much.

―What is it?

―There’s a meeting in 3 hours.

―A military meeting?


How could they when the difference in strength was so immense?

“But that was just a narrow-minded preconception from my limited viewpoint.”

Robin trembled with emotion. Recalling Kang Seo-yul’s words from earlier, he couldn’t help but shudder.

“I couldn’t believe the strategies he suggested… I was constantly in awe as I listened. It sent chills down my spine without even realizing it.”

“Yes, I felt the same way.”

Illyna wore the same expression as Robin.

Kang Seo-yul’s strategy was that shocking, flawless, and groundbreaking.

“But, do you really think there will be an attack from the demons soon, just as he said?”

“Yes, there will be.”

Kang Seo-yul’s strategy was based on the major flow of the war he had heard from the future Rena.

Given such circumstances, everyone couldn’t help but harbor doubts about Kang Seo-yul’s words. Concerns like ‘What if that information is wrong?’ and ‘Is there a guarantee that this information is accurate?’ were prevalent.

However, Kang Seo-yul quickly dispelled their skepticism.

―Within the next 3 days, one of the high-ranking officials from the demonic realm will attack here, the World Tree, which is the core of Alfheim.

―If there is no attack, then you can assume my words are false.

―But if the demonic attack occurs as I’ve said, please follow my strategy.

If the demons do attack within the next 3 days, it would validate the authenticity of Kang Seo-yul’s intelligence.

By then, even if he were to advise them not to follow him, they would trust and follow him regardless.

“To the extent that he even mentioned the name of the demon that would attack…”

“He must be that confident.”

Illyna’s eyes sparkled as she thought of Kang Seo-yul.

Her eyes shone with a mix of admiration and aspiration.

“If the low-ranking demon official, Mephisto, attacks here… Alfheim will encounter a new turning point.”

She was referring to the dawn of a counter-offensive.

“But how should we deal with this Mephisto…”

Robin sealed his lips with a worried expression.

The characteristics of Mephisto, a high-ranking demon, are renowned.

His abilities grow stronger when facing multiple opponents and his magical prowess is nearly omnipotent.

To counter him, a few elite fighters would be needed, but currently, there’s no one in Alfheim capable of facing Mephisto alone.

“We don’t need to worry about that.”

Illyna smiled brightly at Robin’s concerns.

“Great father said he will handle it ‘alone’.”


Robin exclaimed in admiration.

Surely, if the legend of the ‘High Elf’ is true, then even a low-ranking demon could be easily handled.

“I felt he still had some lingering effects from his wounds. Will he be alright?”

“Yes. He was mumbling in another language… in the High Elf tongue, so I’m not exactly sure. But since he was confidently laughing while mentioning ‘Mephisto’, I don’t think there’s a need to worry.”

Illyna recalled Kang Seo-yul’s sinister laugh and murmured words.

“Mephisto is a good source of protein… no, a relic supplier.”

She wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that…

‘Surely, it must have been a firm and cool resolution of some sort.’

Thinking that, Illyna wore a bright smile.

“Ah, and this palace will be sealed for 3 days.”

“You mean a lockdown?”

“Yes. Great father said so. The place that will be attacked is here, the core of Alfheim, and the method of attack will be Mephisto’s spear.”

“It’s a plan for evacuation and to counteract the concentration of malice.”

* * *

That dawn.

The incident happened abruptly.


Accompanied by a deafening noise, as if a jet was passing by,


An explosion occurred at the core of Alfheim, the World Tree.


A mad laughter, already heard for the third time.

“Insects! Tremble in terror!”

Mephisto, the lower-ranking official of the demonic realm.

He spread his dark wings wide, laughing maniacally.

“…He’s here.”

And there I was, standing near the predicted impact site, smiling with resolve.

While looking at the spear thrown by Mephisto that penetrated the palace, I chuckled with malevolent delight.

‘Lucifer, and other demons too… I wonder why they love spears so much.’

But no time to ponder on that now.

I immediately rushed towards the thrown spear.


Hearing Mephisto’s mad laughter,


I grabbed the spear that Mephisto had thrown.



At that moment, accompanied by indescribable pain,

Dark energy surged from my body, soaring endlessly into the sky.

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