Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 2379 - Chapter 2379 Devil King Recovers Fully, Three Unlimited Great Dao Powers

Chapter 2379 Devil King Recovers Fully, Three Unlimited Great Dao Powers
The Void Ruler’s energy surged.

However, the Primal Infernal Dragon was unfazed by his opponent’s power-up. “You won’t kill me this time!” He raised his hand, prompting Time Daoist law energy to swirl and manifest into a saber engulfed in blazing dragon flame before releasing a slash at the Void Ruler. The slash disrupted time. A twig that caught a sliver of its flame grew into a plant and withered rapidly. The flame burned time itself! The Void Ruler growled and pointed his finger at the incoming slash.

When time and space, the two similarly powerful attacks clashed, the collision created a massive energy vortex.

As the vortex grew, it devoured everything in its path.

“Infernal Dragon Eye, Silence Realm.”

The Primal Infernal Dragon rose to the sky, and his dark golden eyes gleamed.

The clouds rumbled, and dragon qi rose.

In the sky, a massive golden eye opened up.

As its golden brilliance shone, time stopped.

Only the Void Ruler and his Spatial Daoist law energy could resist the time freeze.

“Infernal Dragon Eye, Heaven Earth Darkness!”

The Primal Infernal Dragon used the divine ability of the Infernal Dragon again.

Suddenly, heaven and earth turned dark.

The day turned into night in an instant.

Endless dark and freezing energy gushed toward the Void Ruler, attempting to freeze his time and locking him in eternal darkness.

The Void Ruler channeled his Spatial Daoist law energy in retaliation. The Spatial Great Dao trembled, unleashing endless Daoist law energy that turned into silver-white flames.

“Void Sky Fire!”

Spatial flames burned the void around him, leaving nothing but scorched earth in its wake.

The Void Sky Fire was the Void Ruler’s strongest attack.

It was the Infernal Dragon’s divine ability versus the Void Sky Fire, and upon collision, Immortal Sparks exploded. The mystic of time and space was on full display. Everyone was captivated by the battle.

Chu Kuangren was also watching and copying the techniques with his Limitless Transformation.

He recorded everything he saw. When he was strong enough, he could also become the Void Ruler or the Primal Infernal Dragon.

The battle benefited him a lot.


Unlike the darkness the Primal Infernal Dragon summoned, the domain that the Devil King constructed was filled with evil intents.

The evil intents were horrifying, and they attempted to affect the Void Ruler’s mental state.

“Devil Bone’s domain? I’ve seen it now.”

The Void Ruler bellowed and released halos around him. The halos constructed an independent space around him to block the evil intents away.

Even so, the Devil King could not be stopped so easily.

With another thought, the evil intent bloomed into black flowers within her domain and then withered, causing a chain of explosions.

The extreme explosions bombarded the Void Domain.

“I’ll give you a hand,” the Primal Infernal Dragon said. He stepped forward, and crimson flames expanded outward, carrying Time Daoist law energy.

The Infernal Dragon Domain was activated, and it impacted the Void Domain.

The Devil King seized the chance to hasten her corrosion of the Void Domain.

The three Source Beings fought using their respective domains. The fabric of reality in the Great Hongmeng Universe was torn by the force, and the stray energy leaked into the Infiniverse, shattering planets and galaxies.

The clash between Source Beings, albeit not at their primes, was terrifying. Even the slightest clash could destroy multiple universes.
They were the most terrifying powers in the Infiniverse.

Under the joint attack of the Infernal Dragon Domain and Sinful Night, they managed to take it down.

However, the Void Ruler siphoned even more Spatial Daoist law energy from the Spatial Great Dao.

Seeing that, the Primal Infernal Dragon and the Devil King activated their respective Great Dao as well. They were connected to the Time Great Dao and the Devil Great Dao in the space between Daos.

Unlimited Great Dao energy boosted their strength.


Three domains and three Unlimited Great Dao energies clashed together.

To the Monarchs, it felt like the end of the world was here. As heaven and earth collapsed, their Great Daos and Monarch’s Hearts trembled violently.

“The Void Ruler is finally being overpowered.”

The Human Empress and the others were pleased to see the table turned. With the Devil King and Infernal Primal Dragon teaming up, they finally overpowered the Void Ruler who had just broken out of his seal.

Victory was within sight!

Then, the Void Ruler roared and channeled even more Spatial Daoist law energy. The Void Sky Fire burned fiercer as his aura rose sharply.

“I might not be at my prime, and using this technique is a little troublesome, but if I can kill you both, it’s worth it.”

The Void Ruler’s gaze turned cold as his body started to merge with space itself, not the space of the realm but the Spatial Great Dao!


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