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Chapter 3144 - Chapter 3144: A Noble Female Dragon

Chapter 3144: A Noble Female Dragon

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It was getting dark.

Honestly, MO Fan had been on the Dark Plane for quite a while, but this was his first time seeing the sky go dark.

There was no sun, moon, or stars, so it was hard to keep track of time. Once regular creatures ended up there, their bodies would start to decay in various ways.

Hence, the only way to tell time was to observe the stages of decay in their bodies. They would be infested with maggots and eventually turn into dry bones.

MO Fan wondered how the ancient dark city created “day” and “night.”

The place was bustling with activity during the day. It was as if a bunch of monsters and demons just went about their lives like regular people.

At night, however, the whole ancient dark city went silent. It was strange.

Everyone closed their doors and locked up their shops. It almost seemed like a curfew in a chaotic city.

MO Fan, Zhao Manyan, and Asha’ruiya were staying in an inn.

As they sat together in a room, Zhao Manyan suggested a game of poker. Even though he was not sure what would happen in this city at night, his intuition told him that it would not be safe to roam around.

“Play on your own. Asha’ruiya and I have other important things to do,” MO Fan said. He patted Zhao Manyan on the back and implied that he should rest.

Having spent so much time in the Galaxy of the Yin Energy God, Zhao Manyan was probably still not in the right state of mind. He needed some time to recover.

“Wait! Don’t leave me alone! I don’t know anyone here!” Zhao Manyan protested.

“Old Zhao, there are no ‘people’ here,” MO Fan said meaningfully.

With that, he and Asha’ruiya left the room.

While the information from the pig-faced person could be helpful, they still needed to gather more information about Mu Bai on their own.

The place belonged to the person who had played chess with them, and with his power, he probably knew about MO Fan and Asha’ruiya’s visit.

Therefore, they might not have a peaceful night. As someone who possessed the Evil Saint God’s divine state, MO Fan did not casually roam around on the Dark Plane. In the same way that the Bright Blood King tested him, other Dark Kings would likely welcome the new king in their own unique ways. Whether they were good or evil, it was hard to tell.

Since Zhao Manyan was alone, he was hoping to get some sleep.

Unfortunately, he kept hearing creaking sounds from the wooden corridor outside his window.

It was normal for people to check into the inn late at night or pass by his door.

However, in this eerie place where even ghosts would not come out at night, it seemed odd for new guests to arrive.

Zhao Manyan opened his eyes and looked around in the dim light. He noticed something lurking by the semi-transparent window, like it was searching for something.

The shadow on the window resembled a pig!

Why was there a pig? Was this inn involved in something suspicious? Feeling uneasy, Zhao Manyan could no longer bring himself to sleep.

“Hey, who’s there?!” Zhao Manyan asked loudly.

“No one! No one!” the figure quickly replied with a panicked voice. In response, Zhao Manyan broke out in a dance to ward off evil spirits.

“Go away!” he shouted.

After his outburst, the noise outside finally died down.

Zhao Manyan had lost all sense of sleepiness, but MO Fan and Asha’ruiya were gone.

He felt quite bored during the long night.

On the other side of the room was a locked window facing the street.

Zhao Manyan was puzzled. Why were people not allowed to go out at night in the ancient dark city?

It was busy during the day, so why was it empty at night?

What was the deal with that?

He decided to take a look.

Curiosity had gotten the best of Zhao Manyan’s fading rationality. He walked over to the locked window and opened it slightly. He wanted to see what nighttime looked like in the ancient dark city.

If there were monsters and demons in the daytime, what would he see at night?

The quick peek satisfied his curiosity, but it also left him feeling a bit disappointed.

The streets of the ancient dark city were empty, with not a single monster in sight.

It seemed that the “locals” followed the natural pattern of resting when the sun set.


Suddenly, what sounded like a gong echoed through the deserted streets of the city.

Zhao Manyan was about to close the window when the unique sound immediately caught his attention.

A group of people slowly entered through the city’s entrance. Some were carrying a sedan chair, while others were riding horses. However, they were all beautiful and graceful women with long hair flowing down to their hips.

Zhao Manyan had only intended to peek out with one eye at first. But seeing this procession of lovely ladies made him almost lean out of the window.


They were all breathtaking!

These women each had their own unique style and clothing. They came from different backgrounds and came in all sizes!

Zhao Manyan was a playboy, who often mingled with models in international beauty pageants. However, he had to admit that these women were even more beautiful!

They appeared to be a part of an ancient royal procession. Aside from being stunning, they carried themselves with grace. Amidst all this activity, Zhao Manyan suddenly realized that they were surrounding a noblewoman!

The noblewoman was sitting in the sedan chair, which was being carried by many women in revealing clothes. It had a spacious platform, and it was almost as wide as the large bed in Zhao Manyan’s villa.

The sedan chair had no curtains. Instead, it was covered in vibrant red spider lilies. The sweet scent of the flowers drifted through the deserted streets and even reached Zhao Manyan’s little room.

As the women in the procession moved gracefully, he could not help but wonder where they were heading to.

To him, it looked like a queen was inspecting her city and watching over her people.

“Who are they?

“I can’t believe there are such stunning women on the Dark Plane!

“This trip was worth it!”

If he had known that there would be such attractive ladies on the Dark Plane, he would not have been afraid of its dangers.

Zhao Manyan watched them in fascination.

Interestingly enough, a few other house windows were slightly open too. He could see pairs of greedy and eager eyes through the gaps. Clearly, they were all drawn to the procession of beautiful women.

Eventually, the procession arrived at the inn where Zhao Manyan was staying.

The noblewoman in the sedan chair began to look in his direction. She seemed to be aware of his presence as a special spectator. She had a charming gaze and appeared to be showing him some attention.

Zhao Manyan suddenly felt energized.

He was proud of himself. Even on the Dark Plane, he managed to capture a noblewoman’s attention.

“Come here,” she beckoned to him.

“No, thank you.” Despite having inappropriate thoughts, Zhao Manyan declined her invitation.

He had to. He was about to settle down soon, so he tried to avoid doing anything that would disappoint Duke Ayleen.

“I’m telling you to come over,” the noblewoman invited him again.

“Sorry, but no. Maybe next time.” There was a struggle between his impulses and his ability to reason.

Seeing him shake his head again, the noblewoman chuckled.

“Kill him,” she calmly ordered her followers.

As soon as she gave the command, Zhao Manyan saw two serpentine figures slither into his room. They had a strange appearance of being half-human, half-snake like Medusa. But unlike her, they had snake heads!

What the heck?! Honestly, their bodies were impressive, but their heads were not as pleasing to the eye as Medusa’s.

Zhao Manyan had been in the Galaxy of the Yin Energy God for too long, and his power had not fully recovered. The most terrifying part was that these two attendants were incredibly powerful. With icy stares, they warned him that if he shook his head again, they would surely kill him.

Zhao Manyan’s heart sank.

This was bad!

The witch had targeted him!

What should he do?

Where did MO Fan go?

“I got it. I shouldn’t have hesitated to accept your generous invitation.” Zhao Manyan quickly made a wiser decision and reflected on it in his mind.

He did not want to accept the invitation, but the situation did not allow him to do that.

Finally, Zhao Manyan got onto the sedan chair.

The noblewoman was picky. As soon as he boarded, she tore off his clothes. Then, she enjoyed some mysterious wine while assessing him.

“A bit thin,” she said.

“You better be talking about my physique.” Zhao Manyan was a little annoyed.

“What skills do you have?” the noblewoman asked.

“I know a bit of everything, but it mainly depends on your flexibility…” Zhao Manyan blurted out.

“Good. Let’s begin,” she said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” He was stunned.

“I told you to start!” The noblewoman’s seductive eyes turned cold as she commanded.

“Here? Now?” Zhao Manyan was in disbelief. “Is there a problem?” she asked in return.

He was shocked.

Was she for real?!

Despite his wild lifestyle, he had never done anything like that in public!

They were in a public procession, and she wanted him to do it there?! What kind of joke was this?!

Were all the women on the Dark Plane so open-minded?!

“Um. Can we do it at your place? I just got here and haven’t gotten used to it. I can’t bring myself to do it here,” Zhao Manyan said.

“You’re being annoying. Wait over there. I’ll find someone else,” the noblewoman replied coldly.

She did not hesitate to switch to another man.

A while later, she found her next target.

At that moment, Zhao Manyan faced the most traumatic experience of his life.

He used to think that the male leads on adult film sets would be the most tired. For one, they had to perform various difficult poses as required.

Later, he realized that the cameramen had to work very hard as well. However, never did he ever imagine that one day he would be in the same position as a cameraman!

He stood by and watched a scene that shattered his romantic notions!

Honestly, it was incredibly strange. There was no excitement at all. Instead, he felt a little nauseous.

With the two serpentine women guarding him, Zhao Manyan could not escape. All he could do was look away.


As they reached the climax, Zhao Manyan heard his substitute let out a roar. Just when Zhao Manyan was about to denigrate his substitute for ending things too quickly, he suddenly noticed that the man’s body was burning!

In just a few seconds, he turned into a blazing fire, and his flesh burned away until his bones were exposed!

After a while, all that remained of him was a heap of black ashes!

Fear and horror were evident on Zhao Manyan’s face.

What just happened?!

Did the noblewoman feed on living beings?!

In his panic, Zhao Manyan glanced at the ground and noticed that the thin layer of water was still present.

Like a mirror, this water reflected the noblewoman’s skeletal reflection. Zhao Manyan became even more afraid because her reflection showed her as a lecherous dragon with sixteen wings!


MO Fan!

Where had he gone to?!

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