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Chapter 449 - Chapter 449: Hundred Thousand Year Purple Coral

Chapter 449: Hundred Thousand Year Purple Coral

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“Great Elder is too polite. If there really is something, this seat will definitely nag Great Elder.”

Li Lingtian laughed out loud after he finished speaking. He laughed naturally and did not feel restrained or fearful even though he was facing an Eighth Heaven Martial Emperor.

“It is my honor that you think highly of me.”

” Right, this is a ioo,ooo-year-old purple coral that I obtained in the Tianhe Zone a hundred years ago. If I sell it for money, it would be a waste. If it’s in the hands of the Alchemy Saint, its true value will naturally be reflected. I hope that the Alchemy Saint won’t mind.”

At this moment, First Elder Jiang Feng was completely different from when he came.

Initially, he did not pay much attention to Li Lingtian, a Saint Alchemist. However, when he saw Li Lingtian’s Grade Seven Great Rejuvenating Pill, his attitude changed completely.

If a Martial Emperor wanted to advance and reach a higher realm, this Alchemy Saint before him was undoubtedly the greatest support.

No matter how powerful the other Alchemy Saints were, they could only refine some ordinary seventh-grade Liu Pills. They did not expect Li Lingtian’s Alchemy Arts to be so powerful that the pills he refined were beyond their imagination.

Moreover, Li Lingtian was only twenty-one years old. He had already become a Martial Honor and his Alchemy Dao could improve further.

At that time, a Divine Pill Refiner might appear in the Divine Martial Continent.

Even the legendary Martial God had to look up to the Martial Emperors and Martial Saints in the world.

This Saint Alchemist wasn’t too eye-catching yet, so it was a good opportunity to curry favor with him. However, once he stood at the peak of the Divine Martial Continent, he wouldn’t be qualified to curry favor with him anymore.

” A hundred thousand year purple coral. I really can’t accept such a big gift from the Great Elder.”

Li Lingtian looked at the Purple Coral in Jiang Feng’s hand in astonishment. As a Holy Alchemist, he naturally understood what a hundred-thousand-year-old Purple Coral represented. It was a miraculous ingredient for refining a super pill.

This was a rare treasure that only appeared once every ten thousand years. He didn’t expect it to appear in Jiang Feng’s hands.

He was very interested in this purple coral, but he couldn’t accept it easily, lest he took advantage of it.

“If Alchemy Saint is like this, then this one will really be ashamed. Although a hundred-thousand-year-old purple coral is rare, it is still far from being comparable to Alchemy Saint’s peerless great recovery pill.”

” To us martial artists, a grade-7 mutated peerless great recovery pill is definitely more valuable than all the medicinal herbs.”

“Even if you don’t accept this Purple Coral, do you think I’ll be embarrassed to askyou to refine pills in the future? I’m not a thin-skinned person, hehe.”

Jiang Feng’s heart sank when he saw Li Lingtian’s rejection. He then reacted.

He understood that Li Lingtian did not want to owe anyone a favor. For a Holy Alchemist, it would be annoying if someone came to request for Alchemy every day.

He was an Eighth Heaven Martial Emperor expert with vast knowledge and was extremely tactful in handling matters. His words were also just right.

Li Lingtian had no reason to refuse. Since the other party had already said so, he would be offending them if he refused.

“Since that’s the case, then this seat will accept it. In the future, if Great Elder needs to refine pills, this one will do his best, haha.”

Li Lingtian laughed dryly after he finished speaking. Since others had said so, they must be looking for him to refine elixirs in the future. Since that was the case, it would not be a hardship to accept it.

“If you don’t have any instructions, I’ll take my leave first.”

The First Elder was overjoyed when he saw Li Lingtian accepting the Purple Coral as a promise to help him refine pills in the future.

A person like him had foresight. Otherwise, he would not have fawned over Li Lingtian.

“Then, Great Elder, please send my regards to the City Lord and the others.”

First Elder Li Lingtian sent the pocket dimension out with a confident smile on his face. He was elegant and graceful.

There were no other martial artists in the small world, so he naturally had to personally send them out. If he did not send them out, it would be too rude.

After sending Jiang Feng off, Li Lingtian turned around and returned to his residence.

“He left.”

When Huangfu Yuyan saw Li Lingtian return, she went forward to pull him and asked gently.

” Hmm, I didn’t expect you to give me a hundred-thousand-year-old purple coral.”

Li Lingtian took out the Purple Coral from the Divine Dragon Ring and immediately, a faint mysterious aura was emitted.

Purple coral was a natural treasure at the bottom of the sea and one of the most magical medicinal herbs in the sea.

The purple coral on his palm seemed to have turned into a spirit. It was as clear as a purple crystal.

“It really is purple coral.”

” A hundred-thousand-year-old purple coral, a true treasure.”

” Is this for pill refining or for playing, big brother Ling Tian? ”

” It should be all for alchemy. If it was for fun, Jiang Feng wouldn’t have taken it out. He wouldn’t be able to take it out either.”

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The girls took the purple coral and carefully examined it. It was like a toy.

If Li Lingtian had not been a Holy Alchemist and had a good understanding of Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures, he would not have believed that this was the real Purple Coral.

However, a hundred-thousand-year-old natural treasure had long become a spirit. This purple coral was the same, but this purple coral was sealed by a mysterious restriction.

“I can’t use it for the time being. However, if I want to refine a tier 8 or 9 medicinal pill, I will naturally need the Purple Coral.”

“If I can’t find any other purple coral to replace it, I’ll use this purple coral to refine pills.”

Li Lingtian smiled faintly when he saw the girls ‘reluctance to part with him. Girls would like pretty things.

This was also a girl’s nature. Right now, she could only refine tier 7 medicinal pills, so she naturally did not need the hundred-thousand-year-old purple coral. If she could not find other purple corals when she refined tier 8 and tier 9 medicinal pills, she would use this as a replacement.

“I’ll play with this purple coral for a few days first.”

Tang Qingyue held the Purple Coral in her arms as if she was worried that Li Lingtian would snatch it back.

She did not look like an icy beauty at all, but a gentle little girl.

“Alright, I’ll let you play with this purple coral. I don’t need it now anyway.”

Li Lingtian smiled. He had no intention of taking it back. As long as they liked it, he would search the world for it even if they did not have it, let alone having it now.

The few girls started chattering and discussing how many days each of them would play.

Li Lingtian watched from the side with a happy smile on his face. He was most relaxed when he was in front of his woman.

” Oh, right. Tomorrow, we will open up the pill refining market and sell some pills that we don’t need.”

“At the same time, I also help others refine pills. However, there is a corresponding price to pay. Let’s discuss it.”

After waiting for a long time, Li Lingtian thought of what he had to do next. He was now a celebrity.

Although he didn’t go to East River City, his reputation would be known by the entire city in no time. By then, the entire Tianhe Region would know of his existence.

It was not a big deal for a Martial Monarch Realm expert to appear. However, an additional Spirit Alchemist would definitely attract the attention of countless experts. Countless experts would fawn over them.

Moreover, a Saint Alchemist who had refined a peerless grade mutated Great Rejuvenating Pill would definitely attract countless Martial Venerables and Martial Emperors.

Moreover, no matter when, there were countless people protecting the Spirit Alchemist, let alone the Saint Alchemist.


Huangfu Yuyan and the other girls quieted down as they surrounded Li Lingtian. They would be extremely obedient when it came to serious matters.

” Ling Tian, your alchemy skills have already reached an extreme. Just by relying on the Grade 7 Mutated Great Rejuvenating Pill, you can make countless Martial Emperor powerhouses go crazy over it.”

” I won’t say fawning over you, but there will definitely be many people who come to get close to you. If everyone comes to get close to you, you won’t be able to handle it, and it will also affect your cultivation.”

” I suggest that we only accept Martial Emperor powerhouses. As long as they agree to our conditions, they can help us refine pills. As for the other powerhouses, we can sell some pills when we’re in the mood.”

Tang Qingyue voiced her thoughts. In the past, they would have been afraid of even Grandmasters and Martial Emperors. However, now that Li Lingtian had become a Martial Honor, they had set their sights higher.

A Supreme Realm expert could not help them at all. Only a Martial Emperor Realm expert was qualified to pull ties with them.

Moreover, there were countless experts in this world. Now that he had pulled a favor, he would never be able to repay it in the future.

“Blue Moon is right. Let’s set a rule, and you must follow our rules.”

” But don’t give up on low-level martial artists. After all, low-level martial artists are the foundation of this world. Many treasures and natural treasures come from low-level martial artists.”

” We’ll spend half of our time taking care of the low-level warriors and the other half taking care of the super experts. By then, our position will be stable. Even the East River City and the Tianhe Zone won’t be able to shake us.”

Huangfu Yuyan also agreed with Tang Qingyue’s idea and added a lot.

” Husband, if this continues, we will have another advantage. We will slowly pull the warriors of the Green Continent to our side secretly. We will not let the fertile water fall into the fields of outsiders. No matter what, you are all from the Green Continent, the common enemy of the Demon Race. This way, your unity will be more stable.”

Shun Mei ‘er also suggested that they should give some benefits to the Green Island’s Warriors in Spirit City. Naturally, Shun Mei’ er understood Li Lingtian’s intention to arrange for the Green Island’s Warriors to stay in Spirit City. This way, the Queen’s Palace could be strengthened quickly.

Li Lingtian was her husband and not an outsider. Once the Queen’s Palace became powerful, Li Lingtian would have a foothold.

” Alright, your suggestions are not bad. Wait a moment, I will sort out these things and let us discuss it later. One person is never as strong as unity.”

Li Lingtian smiled. It was good for a woman to be beautiful but it was not good for a woman to become a vase.

These girls were all extremely intelligent. They were all monstrous existences in any place. It was just that they did not fully display their intelligence when they followed him.

After saying that, he walked into the cave and returned to his room. He began to ponder and calculate the entire situation.

To do something, one had to consider not only the immediate situation, but also the impact and consequences of the matter. Moreover, no matter the impact or consequences, they had to be in control..

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