Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy

Chapter 669 - Chapter 669: The Empire and the beauty (84)1

Chapter 669: The Empire and the beauty (84)1

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The girl raised her eyes in confusion, her curled eyelashes slowly blinking, and her bright red lips opened and closed. “Something interesting?”

Fu min was really cute like this.

She was so silly and cute that people couldn’t help but want to bully her.

The smile on Wen Xian’s face became more gentle and intoxicating. He couldn’t help but kiss Fu min on the cheek and said, “”That’s right. LAN ‘er, can you promise me?”

The girl continued to nod obediently.

Her hands were crossed in front of her, and her beautiful peach-shaped eyes stared unblinkingly at Wen Xian. There was pure trust in her eyes, which gave Wen Xian an illusion …

That was that she actually loved him deeply.

Although he knew that this was impossible, Wen Xian was happy to lie to himself.

Fu min’s current appearance was also really pure.

Her clear black and white eyes blinked occasionally. She tilted her head and stared at Wen Xian with a soft and cute expression, like a pure and flawless piece of white paper.

It was so pure that even system 677 could not bear to look at it.

Knowing what was going to happen next, the system went offline.

She regained her consciousness in a daze.

Fu Shang’s eyes were half-open, and there were still tears on his eyelashes.

The first thing he saw was a beautiful face.

His heart almost jumped out of his chest.

Fu Shang was speechless.

Why was it that every time she woke up, she was in such an awkward situation?

Although he had regained his consciousness, Fu Shang did not say a word. He maintained his original appearance and his pupils dilated as an idea flashed through his mind.

Wen Xian’s soul-sucking technique seemed to have failed under such circumstances every time…

Fireworks bloomed in her mind.

Fu Shang didn’t have time to think about anything else.

This lecher.

That was the first thought that came to Fu min’s mind after he woke up.

He had done so many things to her while she was unconscious.

Was this guy still human?

Obviously not.

Fu Shang was speechless.

She only needed to turn her face slightly to see Wen Xian’s face. His appearance was so good that even after seeing him so many times, Fu Shang still couldn’t help but be dazed.

At this time, Wen Xian’s eyes were closed. His curled eyelashes cast a thick profile. His side profile was fair and flawless, giving off a sense of holiness that was untainted by the mortal world.

Fu Shang was speechless.


Fu Shang took out a dagger from somewhere and pointed the sharp blade in Wen Xian’s direction. She suddenly raised her hand and then stabbed it down hard.

The bright light of the blade flashed.

It happened to shine on Wen Xian’s closed eyes.

Wen Xian’s curled eyelashes trembled and he slowly opened his eyes. His expression was so calm that it was unbelievable. He didn’t seem surprised by Fu Shang’s clarity.

The dagger was only half an inch away from his neck.

The beauty, who was only wearing a snow-white inner garment, slightly curved her eyes and said, “”LAN ‘er, you’re awake?”

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