Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy

Chapter 705 - Chapter 705: I’ve become a wife fan of the best Actor (23)_1

Chapter 705: I’ve become a wife fan of the best Actor (23)_1

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Fu min had been staying up all night.

This project had really made a name for itself. After the application was submitted, the news of a genius female student in the physics Department of Imperial University spread throughout all the high schools in the imperial capital. This made Fu min famous in the academic circle.

This incident had made the old professors of the physics Department smile like chrysanthemums. The group of old men looked at Fu min with a kind of love in their eyes.

Fu Shang felt goosebumps all over his body.

On this day.

Fu Shang went to find her counselor’s overtime supervisor. The teacher’s surname was he. He was a man in his early thirties. He was fair and clean, wearing a pair of glasses and had a scholarly air about him.

He saw that it was Fu Shang.

Mr. He’s eyes were full of love. He pushed up the frameless glasses on the bridge of his nose, why is student Chu here? Is there something you need to talk to me about? Come, come, come, sit down first.”

Seeing the teacher’s loving face, Fu Shang felt a little scared.

If she said that she wanted to change her major now, would she be beaten to death by the form teacher?

The girl’s eyes were obviously hollow.

She shook her head and did not sit down. Mr. He, although it’s a little abrupt to say this now, I’ve thought about it for a long time and finally decided to say it

Seeing the hesitation on Fu min’s face and the fear in Fu min’s eyes, Mr. He could not help but have a horrifying thought.

This student Chu … Was she thinking of confessing to him?

Mr. He had always known that he was good-looking, and he had received many love letters from female students.

If the other party was student Chu …

Mr. He’s eyes were filled with even more fear.

No, no, no, this can’t happen!

How could the top student of their Imperial University’s Physics Department be destroyed in his hands? if those old men in the physics Department found out, he would be torn apart alive!

Fu min was just about to ask her if she could still change her major now that she was in her third year.

However, before he could ask…

Fu Shang looked at the gentle teacher in front of her and interrupted her rudely,” student Chu, you have to think carefully before you say it! I can’t do something that I’ll regret in the future just because I’m hot-headed …”

Fu Shang:”?????”

Seeing Fu min’s confused face, Mr. He thought that he had hit her too hard, so he comforted her in a gentle tone, “”You’re still young, and there are some things you don’t think about. 1 can understand.”

Fu Shang shook his head,” I’ve already thought it through!

Mr. He’s mouth was dry from all the talking.

Did he just say all that to the dog?


although it’s not a good idea to change my major now, I’ve thought it through. I don’t really like physics, and 1 don’t want to be immersed in all kinds of experiments for the rest of my life …

“Since you already know it’s not good, why did you still say it…” Realizing what Fu Shang was saying, Mr. He was shocked and stood up immediately, “”Wait, you said you want to change your major?”

Change my major?

The top student of the physics Department of Imperial University, the future backbone of physics in the academic community, said she wanted to change her major?

What kind of international joke is this?

This was much scarier than being confessed to by a student!

Fu Shang nodded seriously,” yes, I want to change my major.

“Then what major do you want to transfer to?”

Fu Shang,”acting major..”

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