Wedding Night: I Am Forced To Marry A Dragon Girl

Chapter 127 - Chapter 127: Chapter 127: Billion Spirit Stones, Buy Me For

Chapter 127: Chapter 127: Billion Spirit Stones, Buy Me For

Half a Year

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“Jiang Xiaobai, as a mere mortal, you were able to live within Longgu and even tread on the path of cultivation, Longgu has already given you a lot, don’t take for granted what you were given.”

“If it weren’t for Longgu, you would be nothing more than a mere mortal your entire life. Now you have an opportunity to learn about the wider world, you should be grateful.”

“Considering that you did not commit any faults, if you leave Longgu now, you’ll be spared. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

All the old-fellas in Longgu are pointing at Jiang Xiaobai, wishing they could throw him out immediately.

All the things that happened previously are now all casted aside.

This perfectly illustrates – power is the ultimate truth.

“So, how does it feel to be humiliated?” GuBei asked, sneering down at Jiang Xiaobai with a condescending look.

“You and I belong on different levels. Your sharp tongue is of no consequence.

You ultimately lack the qualifications to stand before me.”

The great hall once again entered a state of silence. Ao Yan watched Jiang Xiaobai with calm eyes while Ao Cheng was anxious.

They have only realized now that they cannot save Jiang Xiaobai after all.

Just then, Jiang Xiaobai suddenly began to laugh, much to the surprise of those in attendance.

“To be honest, you are indeed superior to me. I really hadn’t suspected that you’d stoop so low.”

While smiling and shaking his head, Jiang Xiaobai slowly stood and advanced towards GuBei.

“You want to marry Ao Yan?”

GuBei provocatively raised an eyebrow, “Only I am worthy of Yan’er, you straight like an ant, aren’t worthy.”

Jiang Xiaobai replied by nodding with a smile

“Good,” he retorted.

At this speech, shock and disbelief flashed in Ao Yan’s eyes. But even before anyone could react, the smile on Jiang Xiaobai’s face suddenly turned hideous.

“And you thought that I would be afraid of you?”

All of a sudden, he raised his hand and slapped GuBei across the face.


The sound echoed throughout the dragon hall. Everyone was stunned, unwilling to believe their eyes.

Jiang Xiaobai’s action was so unexpected and quick that nobody saw it coming!

GuBei was clutching his face, looking in disbelief toward Jiang Xiaobai.

How could a mere mortal dare to lay hands on him!? And he actually didn’t see it coming!

“You’re courting death!” GuBei roared, his body emanating an aggressive aura with a desire to slap Jiang Xiaobai dead on the spot.

Ao Yan unexpectedly appeared beside Jiang Xiaobai, grabbing his shoulder and pulling him back while releasing her aura.

“You damned thing, I want you dead!”

GuBei shouted again and again, but the people of the Ao family all released their aura, making GuBei’s threats fruitless.

The atmosphere in the dragon hall became tense in an instant.

Who would believe it if it were spread that Jiang Xiaobai, a mere mortal, dared to assault the finest of the Gu family?

“Absolute madness!” Ao Yan held Jiang Xiaobai’s wrist, her face filled with worry.

For Jiang Xiaobai, he wasn’t scared, instead, he gently smiled and said, “Although I am not as strong, I am your man. As long as you don’t disavow me, why should I be afraid?”

“Since you’re not denying it, it means you admit it, I’m your man. Someone wants to take my wife right before my eyes. How can I tolerate that?”

As he said this, Jiang Xiaobai’s voice was filled with a commanding and defiant tone. In that moment, it felt as if he was akin to a powerful ruler that commands the world.

Anyway, they’re bound to have a fallout. That slap just accelerated it.

“Good courage, a young man should have this kind of spirit,”

Heng Heng, the Immortal Venerable suddenly laughed, “However, all this is based on the premise that you have the ability to guard everything. Your present bravery is merely courting death.”

“Heh, courting death?”

Jiang Xiaobai sneered: “Can I ask you, is my life not worth a billion superior spirit stones?”

“Just with a waste like you, not to mention a billion, you’re not even worth a single spirit stone shard!” GuBei said, his face furious, shaking uncontrollably.

He, as the number one man of the Gu family, when has he ever been humiliated like this before?

Especially when the person who hit him was a mere mortal!

Right now, the only thought in GuBei’s mind was to make Jiang Xiaobai have such a horrifying death that he wouldn’t have a place to be buried!

“Jiang Xiaobai, I was thinking about sparing your life, but you don’t appreciate it, you’re really looking for death!” GuBei gritted his teeth.

Jiang Xiaobai never took these words to heart. Given GuBei’s status and personality, it’d be weird if GuBei would let Jiang Xiaobai go.

“A billion superior spirit stones, waiting today’s over, and give me a year, no…

six months, I will personally visit Gu’s family for a good chat,” Jiang Xiaobai quipped with an air of supreme confidence.

“What a joke, do you have that many spirit stones?” GuBei scoffed.

“Of course, I do,” Jiang Xiaobai coldly snorted, “But do you really think I’m as brainless as you, taking out the spirit stones only to have you snatch them away?

“You damned scoundrel, I see you are really looking for death, give me…”

GuBei tried to retort, his anger uncontainable, but before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Heng Heng.

“Young one, are you truly stating that you possess a billion superior spirit stones?”

Jiang Xiaobai nodded: “Not less, not more. I understand that the distinguished guests here may not care about a minor character like me.”

“But my request isn’t much, a billion makes up for six months of time.”

“Heh, Jiang Xiaobai, I’d love to kill you quickly and relieve my hatred. I could kill you and also retrieve the billion spirit stones. Why should I wait for half a year to pass?”

GuBei sneered: “What makes you think that I need to give you this opportunity?”

“Dare you to try to lay a finger on me!” Ao Yan coldly interrupted.

“Heh, if you kill me, then no one will know the whereabouts of these billion superior spirit stones, ” Jiang Xiaobai chuckled.

GuBei wanted to retort, however, he was stopped by Heng Heng.

“I must say, amongst the youngsters I’ve encountered, you’re the most fearless, daring to negotiate terms with me, you’re the first one.”

Heng Heng chuckled a little, “Are you sure you want to do this? When the six months come to an end, you’re still going to die. It doesn’t mean anything.” “How would I know if I don’t give it a try?”

“On what basis, a waste like you could cultivate anything in just six months? You dare speak insolently in front of me?” GuBei sneered sarcastically.

Jiang Xiaobai didn’t respond to his taunt and instead turned his gaze towards Heng Heng.

This is the best option Jiang Xiaobai can think of now. Once he can get past the predicament today, he would make the Gu family and Heng Heng pay a hefty price.

Although he only has half a year, with the cultivation system at his disposal, it is enough.

Jiang Xiaobai does not believe that Heng Heng would not be tempted by these billion superior spirit stones!

As expected, upon meeting Jiang Xiaobai’s gaze, Heng Heng cracked a grin.

“Since you insist, I’ve no reason to reject these billion superior spirit stones..

The question is, where are your spirit stones?”

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