164. Paying the Price

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Her precious?

Liu Sen furrowed his brows, a flicker of incredulity crossing the depths of his sinister eyes.

Suddenly, a wicked gleam rapidly fell across his face.



A pained cry like that of a pig being slaughtered instantly resounded through the whole valley.

At a wave of her hand, a bloody middle finger with a Storage Ring around it was magicked to her palm.

The next second, with a flicker of her figure, Yun Wu had landed on a boulder in the distance.

Liu Sen, pallid-faced, was holding his profusely bleeding left hand with all his might, a mixture of resentment and extreme fury in his eyes which were glowering at Yun Wu.

“Give me my finger and Storage Ring back or else I swear to God I’ll inflict such torture on you that you’ll wish you could die of it…”

A mysterious sneer curled the corners of Yun Wu’s mouth, and then with a shadow of a smile, she looked at him and said, “Oh, that sounds so scary, Lord Liu!”

However, the expression in her eyes inexplicably made Liu Sen’s skin crawl.

Liu Sen was beside himself with rage, but suddenly some kind of sound was distinctly heard.


Countless snakes, like a swarm of bees, were hissing at his feet.

Liu Sen looked down and his eyes abruptly dilated.

“AAAAARGH!” An anguished screech of horror rent the air.

He didn’t know when, but his numb, stiff legs had been covered with numerous crimson snakes, which were now gnawing their way into his body…

Liu Sen tried to shield himself with his Tier-IV fighting spirit to defend against the snakes, but the moment he mobilized his Qi, a numb sensation spread through his whole body, rendering him stiff.

Was this some kind of poison?

He was sure that just now he had swallowed a pill that could detoxify any poison. How was it possible that the poison from the silver needles was still acting on him?

But right now he had no room in his head to give this matter any more thought, because he could feel those crimson snakes excitedly worming their way around in his flesh, causing him such unbearable agony that droplets of cold sweat was welling up on his skinny, ghastly white face.

“Help me! Please help me! I’ll give you whatever you–AAAAAAARGH–”

However, before he could finish his cry for help, the crimson snakes overwhelmed his whole numb stiff body.

He had just finished half of his despairing scream when some snakes burrowed into his throat and silenced him.


“Zih, zih…”

The sounds of snakes gnawing his body were blood-curdling. Soon the rank scent of blood pervaded the whole place.

Yun Wu, who had been icily watching this scene all along, curled up the corners of her mouth in a sneer as a blood-thirsty look flitted across the depths of her eyes.

She had already got what she wanted. What use could she possibly have for him?

But people like him who wanted her dead always had to pay the price.

However, right at this moment, Yun Wu’s countenance suddenly changed!

She jerked her head up to look in a direction and saw that two black figures in mid-air were rapidly approaching.

The two people were none other than the two Grand Assassins that had been hunting her since she’d left the Lian Village that day.

Damn it!

She had originally thought that she’d got rid of them in that border city, but unexpectedly, they had actually tracked her down to this place.

Yun Wu enwrapped herself with wind element and, with a flicker of her figure, started to make her escape.


Countless darts were shot down at her from mid-air with menacing gleams.

Caught unawares, Yun Wu had no choice but to quickly cartwheel several times to dodge!

“Where do you think you’re going?” A fierce, murderous voice came from the sky in the distance.

In the blink of an eye, the two Grand Assassins had swished down to the ground, standing not far away from Yun Wu, one of them ahead of her and the other behind her.

“You’re pretty smart, girl. I’ll give you that. You actually lost us by disguising yourself. Unfortunately for you, no matter how good at hiding you are, once you utilize your powers, this jade token will sense it immediately without fail.”

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