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Chapter 541 - Chapter 541: Chapter 541. Goddess of Battles

Chapter 541: Chapter 541. Goddess of Battles

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Su Qing was sprawled on the battlements as she shouted at the smoke. She had never been so flustered before. Even if she was the only one left in the battle, she was fearless. But now, she was terrified. Shuisheng, you must be OK.

Su Qing’s eyes were red, and her throat felt like it was being choked. Her eyes were filled with hatred, and she clenched her fists tightly, making gurgling sounds.

Who was it? Who contributed the mortars to the imperial court? Was it Qin Tie? Could he be a spy from the Imperial Court?

She had the urge to destroy the world. She gritted her teeth, and her eyes were cold as she shouted at the Xiao Family’s Army,

“Open the gate.”

She wanted to kill the Wan Family Army to avenge Shuisheng!

“Young Madam.”

The leader of the city guards wanted to comfort Su Qing and not let her go out to die, but when he met Su Qing’s sharp gaze, he was so scared that he did not dare to say a word. However, he immediately mobilized the soldiers to accompany the young madam out of the city.

Young Master had died protecting Luo City. They wanted to avenge Young Master and protect Young Master’s wife. They wanted to go all out against the Wan Family Army.

Su Qing didn’t stop these soldiers. She and Shuisheng had fought for the sake of creating a peaceful world for the ordinary people, including these soldiers. It was their turn to repay them.

Although Su Qing was filled with grief and anger, she was still very rational. She was not rushing out to take revenge. The chances of winning were too low. She wanted to take revenge for Shuisheng, not to die. She had to protect Shuisheng’s bones and blood in her stomach, so she cherished her body more than ever.

She ordered people to set up a carriage and pull the mortar. There were still four shells in the system. These were enough to blow up the Wan Family Army.

Su Qing’s eyes were filled with killing intent as she took the lead. Only a tiny portion of the Xiao Family’s army remained in the city to defend the city. The rest followed her out to avenge Xiao Zeyu.

On the other side, Wan Qingzhi had also gathered his troops. He was dressed in silver armor and held a silver spear as he sat on a white horse. This horse had already formed a tacit understanding with him in his battles. It snorted majestically and bared its teeth. Its eyes were eyeing the battlefield like a tiger watching its prey. It could not wait to go up and fight.

Wan Qingzhi pointed at Su Qing, who was running ahead of the team, and ordered in a deep voice,

“Whoever can catch that woman will be rewarded with a thousand taels.”

The soldiers were instantly excited. There was a reward of 1,000 taels. After capturing this woman, they could return to their hometown in glory.

” Hold on, hold on, hold on…”

The three armies were in high spirits as they raised their weapons and shouted.

Wan Qingzhi looked at Su Qing in high spirits. He had heard that this woman was mighty and beautiful. He would capture her and make her his. The woman who conquered the Xiao family’s child was the best trophy.

It was also because of Wan Qingzhi’s dirty thoughts that he did not order his subordinates to open fire. He wanted to capture Su Qing alive so that she could make a more powerful weapon for him.

Su Qing ran to the spot where Xiao Zeyu had just been blown up. She thought that she would see Shui Sheng’s bloody body. She had looked carefully at the corpses of the soldiers on the ground, and there was no sign of Shuisheng.

“You guys go to the front and surround them.”

Su Qing didn’t have time to think about it. There were twice as many Wan Family soldiers in front of them, so she didn’t have time to be sad. She immediately ordered the soldiers to set up the mortars. To numb Wan Qingzhi, she asked a group of soldiers to run to the front to block his line of sight. The soldiers behind quickly arranged the mortars to the location Su Qing designated.

As soon as they set up the mortars, they saw dust flying in the opposite direction. It was like a yellow ocean was quickly drowning them.


Su Qing ordered the soldiers in front of him to move aside. She sat on her horse and calmly ordered the soldiers to fire.

As soon as the soldiers dodged, Wan Qingzhi, running in front, saw the mortars. He shouted for the troops behind him to dodge, but it was too late. The shells drew a dangerous arc in the air and landed in the middle of the Wan family army, instantly exploding.

“Explode in this direction.”

Su Qing held her weapon tightly in her hand. Her beautiful eyes were as cold as swords. She stared at the chaotic Wan Family Army and pointed at the northeast corner, where many people were. She ordered the soldiers to fire the second cannonball. Wan Qingzhi watched as his troops were blown to pieces, and his teeth itched with hatred.

“Blast that woman to death.”

At this moment, he did not want to conquer Su Qing anymore. This woman was too ruthless and too calm. Keeping her alive would be a disaster.

The chaotic shouts drowned out Wan Qingzhi’s order, and the cannoneers at the rear did not hear it. Wan Qingzhi realized that the artillery did not load the shells after he ordered them, so he shouted angrily,


At the same time as he gave the order, he also made a gesture to fire. This time, the soldiers in charge of firing understood and hurriedly loaded the shells into the barrels. However, the battlefield was too chaotic. The horses were frightened by the explosion and ran around, blocking their vision. They did not dare to use the two bombs left and had to aim in the right direction.

When the Wan Family Army’s artillery was facing the enemy, Su Qing had already noticed their movements. She took the lead and rushed towards the enemy’s camp.

When Wan Qingzhi noticed Su Qing’s actions, he raised his silver spear to block her. Although Wan Qingzhi was calm and composed, he was still a male chauvinist. He still believed that Su Qing was inferior to him. Ultimately, the weapon collided with the silver spear in his hand and was knocked away. Then, he saw a silver light stabbing towards his neck. Wan Qingzhi was so scared that he hurriedly hid in the stirrups to avoid Su Qing’s fatal blow. However, he was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat.

Su Qing didn’t kill Wan Qingzhi in one move, so she didn’t continue to fight. The horse continued to gallop towards the Wan Family Army’s camp without slowing down.

Big Black and its master were telepathically connected. It knew that its master was going to charge at it as soon as its master pressed its stomach. Its four hooves seemed to fly on land, and its speed was as fast as lightning. Su Qing threw off those soldiers who wanted to stop Su Qing their horses, and Big Black knocked their horses away. They rushed forward like a hot knife through butter. No one could stop Su Qing, whom the demon god possessed. They could only watch helplessly as she rushed towards the camp.

“Open fire and blow this woman up.”

Wan Qingzhi chased after Su Qing as he loudly ordered the cannoneers.

The soldiers in charge of firing also noticed Su Qing and aimed their cannons at her in a panic. However, Wan Qingzhi was hot on her heels. The soldiers did not dare to fire for fear of accidentally blowing up the prince. That would be the crime of looting his house.

It was because they were so timid that they bought time for Su Qing. When she was almost in front of the mortar, the artillery could not fire in time, and was shot to death by Su Qing’s sleeve arrows.

Wan Qingzhi watched as Su Qing killed the artillery, whipped the mortar into the air, and disappeared under his nose.

He was extremely shocked. Was this woman a demoness? He had been staring at her intently, but he did not see where she had placed the mortar.

Su Qing was no longer afraid after putting away the mortar. She turned her horse around and looked at Wan Qingzhi coldly. Her voice was like the whistling of the north wind, making people feel cold.

“Now, it’s time for me to settle the score with you!”

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