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Chapter 542 - Chapter 542: Chapter 542. Arrogant Words

Chapter 542: Chapter 542. Arrogant Words

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“Little girl, you’re talking nonsense.”

Wan Qingzhi sat on his horse and looked at Su Qing with a gloomy expression.

This woman had to be eliminated. He regretted his previous thoughts that gave her a chance to live.

But now, it wouldn’t be the case. His Wan Clan Army had thousands of soldiers and horses, so how could they not kill a mere woman?

This time, he wasn’t careless. He had just learned a painful lesson. The great killing weapon that he had spent so much effort to make had been taken away by her. This loss was so great that he couldn’t bear it.

Therefore, he didn’t intend to follow the rules with Su Qing and ordered the Wan Family Army to surround Su Qing. The Wan Family Army’s formation was mighty and could be said to be invincible. Whether the opponent had three heads and six arms or a divine body fortification, they couldn’t escape the strangulation of the iron armor formation.

The Iron Armor Formation was like a giant meat grinder. Even a Great Immortal would be ground into meat paste if surrounded in the middle.

Such a powerful formation was the magic treasure of the Wan Family Army.

Wan Qingzhi was confident that he could get rid of Su Qing.

However, it was a pity that this woman was cold and beautiful. She was a rare beauty in the world, but she was too powerful. She was a poisonous rose that could stab people to death. She could only be destroyed but not played with.

“Activate the formation.”

Wan Qingzhi personally activated the formation, and the armored soldiers formed three layers of circles around Su Qing. When they fought, the three layers of armored soldiers rotated back and forth, stabbing out hundreds of weapons at a time to surround the people trapped by the formation.

No matter how strong an individual was, they were no match for a few hundred people. They cooperated well, and their weapons were like a densely woven spider web, pressing down on the people in the circle.

Su Qing waited for them to activate the formation and smiled coldly. The spear in his hand flew like a dragon in the sky. Big Black listened to its master s instructions and spun around. The sound of weapons clashing could be heard. The people outside couldn’t see what was going on inside. The Xiao family’s soldiers were so angry that they rushed to save Su Qing.

Wan Qingzhi quickly dispatched his troops to meet them. Before he killed Su Qing, he could not let these people save her.

He thought the powerful Wan Family Army could stop the Xiao Family Army, but he didn’t expect the black-faced man to be like a tiger descending the mountain. No one could stop him. The two generals behind him were also mighty. The three of them could withstand thousands of troops.

Wan Qingzhi hurriedly sent the vanguard to block them. He looked anxiously at the Iron Armor Formation. The sound of weapons clashing could be heard from inside. Wan Qingzhi was a little worried. Why hadn’t that woman been killed yet?

Just as he was looking at the Iron Armor Formation, he saw a silver-white dragon rising. Wan Qingzhi was stunned. What was this?

While Wan Qingzhi was still in a daze, he saw the silver dragon spread out in the air. Upon closer inspection, he realized that it was the spears of the armored soldiers.

Wan Qingzhi was shocked. What kind of supernatural power did that woman have? Could she mix weapons?


Miserable cries could be heard from the iron armor formation occasionally. The rotating formation had lost its rhythm. Just as Wan Qingzhi was about to send people to plug the hole, the black-faced man had already broken through the wall of the Wan Family Army and rushed to the front of the iron armor formation.


It was Xiao Zeyu. When the Wan Family Army’s artillery shells flew over, he had already noticed them. He hurriedly flew to the side. Zhong Yong had thrown him under his body to protect his big brother.

Strictly speaking, the explosion didn’t knock out Xiao Zeyu, but Zhong Yong. Zhong Yong had also fainted from the explosion, so Su Qing did not find them when she came out of the city to look for them.

When the two of them woke up from their coma, they heard the cries of the soldiers. Xiao Zeyu sat up and looked at the front of the two armies. When he saw Wan Qingzhi giving the order to set up the formation, he immediately stood up and prepared for battle.

A soldier came to report to him,

“Young Master, Madam has rushed to the Wan Clan Army camp.” When Xiao Zeyu heard this news, his eyes turned red. How could Qing’er be so rash? He didn’t bother to reorganize his troops. He was eager to save his wife, so he found a horse and jumped on it, rushing towards the Wan family’s

military camp.

Zhong Yong got up and found a horse to follow behind his big brother. Zhang Jinglin led his troops to resist the Wan Family Army’s cavalry. When he saw the Young Master and Zhong Yong charging toward the Wan Family Army, he hurriedly brought his men to protect them from behind. This was what Wan Qingzhi saw.

Xiao Zeyu rushed to the front of the armored formation, the spear in his hand aiming at the necks of the armored soldiers. They only had their necks and legs not covered with iron, so other than these two places, your weapon would not be able to hurt them in the slightest.

Wan Qingzhi’s vanguard came over to stop Xiao Zeyu, but Zhong Yong smashed his hammer into the horse’s butt from behind. The horse’s bones were smashed into pieces, and the vanguard was thrown off the horse before he could even slash down.

Zhong Yong bent down, and the hammer in his hand landed on the vanguard’s head. The vanguard’s head exploded like a watermelon. Red flesh and white brain matter splattered all over Wan Qingzhi’s face.

Wan Qingzhi hated Zhong Yong to death. He gritted his teeth and glared at Zhong Yong. This kid was sneaking an attack in a war? What a villain!

Wan Qingzhi rode his horse and slashed at Zhong Yong with his saber. The saber in his hand was not his original weapon. The original silver spear had been sent flying by Su Qing. When Wan Qingzhi ordered his men to pick it up, they found that Su Qing had knocked away the spearhead. How could they fight if only the spear shaft were left?

Wan Qingzhi had no choice but to get a broadsword from his subordinate. The weapon was unsuitable for his hand, so its power was reduced by half.

Zhong Yong didn’t know many tricks, but just like Cheng Yaojin’s three axes, it was useful. One force could defeat ten. Wan Qingzhi had to avoid his iron hammer, so he naturally had his hands tied during the battle. For a time, he couldn’t defeat Zhong Yong.

This made the battle-seasoned Wan Qingzhi’s eyes turn red. The large saber in his hand danced with a whistling sound as he slashed at Zhong Yong’s head.

“Qing’er, Qing’er.”

As Xiao Zeyu battled with the four generals surrounding him, he called out Su Qing’s name.

Su Qing was initially holding back her hatred and killing wantonly. She wanted to kill all the people of the Wan Family Army to avenge Shuisheng. In front of her, there were already corpses lying on the ground, and the battle robe on her body was dyed red with blood.

Hearing Xiao Zeyu’s voice, the grief and anger in Su Qing’s eyes were replaced by surprise. Shuisheng was not dead? Was he still alive?

She was even more motivated. She quickly turned around and knocked away the weapons that surrounded her. The spearhead pierced the throat of the armored soldiers, killing them with every move.

They were a couple; Su Qing was stabbing people’s necks inside the formation, while the other was stabbing people’s throats outside the formation. With both sides attacking, the Iron Armor Formation was utterly chaotic.

When the formation was in place, their combat power was at 100. Once the formation was broken, their combat power was reduced to only 10. Su Qing and Xiao Zeyu completely wiped them out.

The Xiao Family’s Army saw that the Young Master and Madam were still alive, and they shouted, rushing over to fight the Wan Family Army.

The soldiers of Wan Family Army were twice as many as the other side. But after two consecutive explosions, only 8,000 of them were left.

The Xiao Family Army originally had five thousand soldiers, but a few hundred were killed, leaving only four thousand. The difference was still half.

The Xiao Family’s Army was confident!

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