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Chapter 543 - Chapter 543: Chapter 543- Turning Point

Chapter 543: Chapter 543- Turning Point

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This was because their young master and the young master’s wife were still alive. AS long as they were here, they couldn’t lose the battle. This was also the belief in the hearts of the soldiers.

Xiao Zeyu stood in front of Su Qing to protect her. It was as if a god of war had possessed him. His spear had reached the acme of perfection, and he had knocked down the Wan Clan Army that had rushed in front of them. Su Qing felt her heart ache when she saw Xiao Zeyu’s blackened face. This was a battlefield, and she couldn’t hide behind Xiao Zeyu and let him risk his life to protect her.

Looking at the battlefield, Su Qing took in a deep breath. This was not going to work. To capture the bandits, she had to capture the leader first. She had to capture the commander of the Wan family. If he were captured, the Wan family army would be without a leader.

After Su Qing decided, she looked for the Wan Family Army’s commander on the battlefield. She saw Wan Qingzhi fighting with Zhong Yong, wearing the best armor. There were also guards protecting him. It was obvious that he was on a critical mission.

Zhong Yong would have no problem fighting Wan Qingzhi one-on-one. The problem was that Wan Qingzhi’s 30 guards came over to attack him together Wouldn’t it be ridiculous for him to fight against more than 30 people alone.

Fortunately, Zhong Yong had great strength. The axe made a whistling sound, and those guards were unable to get close to him. However, as time went on, his situation would be dangerous.

When Su Qing saw it clearly, she clamped her legs on the Big Black Horse’s stomach and held the spear horizontally. She shouted,


When Big Black heard its master’s order, it charged like an arrow. Su Qing charged and killed as she went. By the time she reached Wan Qingzhi, she had already killed more than ten soldiers of the Wan Family Army. When the soldiers saw her, they subconsciously dodged and did not dare to stop her.

Xiao Zeyu did not manage to keep an eye on his wife, who ran out. He hurriedly brandished the silver spear and threw the Wan Clan army before him off their horses He then spurred his horse to chase after Su Qing. From afar, he saw the spear in her hand flying like a silver dragon, killing the guards protecting Wan Qingzhi off their horses.

Zhong Yong was so busy that he was sweating profusely. When he saw that his master had come to save him, he shouted excitedly,


After Zhong Yong called Wan Qingzhi his master, he called out to Wan Qingzhi in disdain,

“My master is here. You’re dead.”

Wan Qingzhi felt a chill that made his hair stand on end. He looked up and saw that it was the woman who was surrounded by the iron armor array. Her cold eyes were staring at him coldly. Being stared at by her beautiful, cold eyes, Wan Qingzhi felt as if the King of Hell was staring at him.

This was the first time he had such a terrifying feeling. The killing intent on

this woman was too terrifying.

Even if a Great Immortal entered the Iron Armor Formation, he would be skinned alive. She came out unscathed?

As soon as he thought about how she messed up the spear and how the Wan Family Army didn’t have the word escape in their dictionary, Wan Qingzhi perked up.

“Master, leave these little thieves to me.”

Zhong Yong shouted at Su Qing and raised the axes in his hands to slash at the guards. Zhang Jinglin rode over with a long saber and blocked the guards with Zhong Yong.

Even if those guards wanted to save Wan Qingyun, they couldn’t come over. Su Qing raised her spear, and her cold gaze seemed to want to cut Wan Qingyun into pieces. Her hair flew up, and she shouted fiercely,

“God of War…”

Su Qing was about to use her wargod ability, but he was interrupted by Xiao Zeyu’s arrival. He rode his horse to Wan Qingzhi, and the spear in his hand turned into a long dragon that flew toward Wan Qingzhi.

Su Qing couldn’t regain half of her wargod ability, so she used it to kill the Wan Family Army. She shouted,

“Wargod ability.”

The silver spear drew a circle in the air, bringing with it the power to overturn the seas and rivers, sending the Wan Clan Army chasing behind them, flying. A pile of corpses fell on the ground.

The Wan Family Army was dumbfounded. Was there such a powerful martial art? Its power was not inferior to a great killing weapon.

On the other side, Xiao Zeyu and Wan Qingzhi were fighting. When Wan Qingzhi saw that it was Xiao Zeyu, he couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

“Fine, let’s decide who wins today. If I win, you will return Luo City to me. If I lose, I will retreat immediately.”

Xiao Zeyu laughed coldly as the spear in his hand pierced out,

“You wish. Since you’re here, don’t even think about going back. Luo City will be your burial ground. I can let others go, but you of the Wan family must be cut into pieces.”

“Haha, what big words. I want to see what you have. Back then, your father could die in my father’s hands. Today, I can also let you die in my hands. If you’re a man, don’t hide behind a woman. We men should resolve our grudges among ourselves.”

Wan Qingzhi was wary of Su Qing, so he used his words to stop Xiao Zeyu from attacking him together with Su Qing.

Su Qing’s wargod ability just now had shocked him. If she used her wargod ability on him, his body of flesh and blood would not be able to withstand it.

On the contrary, he wasn’t afraid of Xiao Zeyu. Even if his martial arts were strong, how strong could this youth be? He was very confident that he could kill Xiao Zeyu, provided that the woman didn’t come over to help.

“Alright, let’s settle our grudges.”

Xiao Zeyu initially didn’t want Su Qing to help him. This was his grudge, and Qing’er only needed to watch from the side.

■■Qing’er, you can rest at the side first. Watch how your husband will avenge his father.”

When Xiao Zeyu faced Wan Qingzhi, he was filled with killing intent. When he turned around to speak to Su Qing, his tone and expression were gentler.

“Stop flirting here. Die!”

Wan Qingzhi felt a little jealous for no reason. The child of his Xiao family was a minister of a fallen country.

in what way was he better than him? Why did he marry such a good wife?

On the one hand, he was jealous, and on the other hand, he wanted to sneak attack and gain the upper hand. Wan Qingzhi shouted out as a greeting, and the big knife in his hand slashed down at Xiao Zeyu’s head like lightning. Xiao Zeyu dodged the blade and stabbed out with the spear in his hand. The tip of the spear was aimed straight at Wan Qingzhi’s neck.

Wan Qingzhi reacted quickly and dodged the shot. At the same time, he put away his contempt for Xiao Zeyu and focused his attention on fighting with him.

Su Qing watched from the side, occasionally stabbing the Wan Clan Army that tried to sneak up on her.

“You two go kill the enemy.”

Su Qing asked Zhang Jinglin and Zhong Yong to help the soldiers kill the enemies while she helped Shuisheng observe the enemy’s formation alone. Zhong Yong and Zhang Jinglin had seen Su Qing’s wargod ability, and neither could hurt her. Zhang Jinglin was the commander of the Xiao Family Army, and he couldn’t stay there to protect Xiao Zeyu. So he listened to Su Qing’s orders and immediately returned to the camp to organize the Xiao Family Army to counterattack the Wan Family Army’s attack in an orderly manner. He had Zhong Yong to help him, so Su Qing wasn’t worried. She had her eyes on Xiao Zeyu, and if he were in danger, she wouldn’t hesitate to help him. With Su Qing staring at him like a tiger eyeing its prey, Wan Qingzhi felt like the King of Hell was staring at him. A chill ran down his spine. He felt that even if he defeated Xiao Zeyu, that woman would not let him off.

It was also in this split second that Xiao Zeyu found his weakness and attacked mercilessly..

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