Chapter 205: Wedding Planning

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Lin Xiaowan did not have any objection. However, she said, “If 1 don’t cut my hair until April, it’ll be very long at that time.”

“It’s fine. If you feel it’s too long at that time, you can get it trimmed.”

“Okay,” Lin Xiaowan said with a nod.

After the team of wedding planners inspected the venue, they returned and came up with an idea.

The manor was really big. It was a Western-style building with a huge fountain, a lawn, and a swimming pool outside. There was also a very tall yellow maple tree with a swing hanging under it. The wedding would be held on the lawn.

The butler showed the wedding planners the blooming flowers. It was truly like a world of flowers. Flowers covered the walls that were lined with flower beds at the bottom. Even the handle of the swings had vines and flowers snaking around it.

The wedding planners planned to add small animals and other elements to the design. All in all, it was like a world from a fairy tale.

When Huo Zheng looked at the initial plan, he felt that it was too childish and flashy. However, he knew Lin Xiaowan would like it so he sent the rendered photos to her.

As expected, Lin Xiaowan really liked the colorful and flowery design.

Huo Zheng had some work that required him to go overseas so he brought Lin Xiaowan with him. He planned to seize the chance to have a look at the manor to put Lin Xiaowan at ease.

Lin Xiaowan was not very gifted with languages; she was only average. She was worried about having a language barrier when communicating with the staff members overseas when she got married. However, when she arrived, she discovered that half of the people were from Shangxia, and the other half, who were foreigners, spoke the language of Shangxia fluently.

One day, when Huo Zheng had spare time, they looked around the manor.

“Is your friend a foreigner?” Lin Xiaowan asked curiously.

Huo Zheng nodded. “Yes. However, his wife is from Shangxia. Perhaps that’s why he admires our culture and food.”

In fact, Huo Zheng’s friend had gotten together with his wife because of Shangxia’s delicious food. It was said that to win someone’s heart, one must start with the stomach. He had successfully pursued his wife with his superb cooking skills.

When they were overseas, Huo Zheng received an email from the jewelry designer, who would be designing Jewelry using the gemstones Huo Zheng had obtained at various auctions. It had been a long time since they discussed this matter so Lin Xiaowan had almost forgotten about it. The email the designer sent was the final draft of the set of Jewelry.

Lin Xiaowan leaned against Huo Zheng and said, “They’re so beautiful…”

Speaking about this matter, Huo Zheng was reminded of something. He said, “When we go back, we need to buy a set of gold Jewelry. Gold necklace, gold earrings, gold bracelets, and gold rings…”

This was an old tradition of Shengjing. Before getting married, the bride had to have a set of gold Jewelry. The bride did not have to wear it, but the bride could not go without it. Whether the jewelry was pure gold or gold-plated, regardless if it was expensive or not, it was important because it represented the importance of the bride. However, many people had no interest in this tradition and would forgo it.

The Huo family was rather traditional in this regard. Apart from gold jewelry, the couple also needed other wedding supplies.

Previously, Qiao You’an had mentioned the gold jewelry to Lin Xiaowan. Lin Xiaowan thought they still had time so she didn’t expect Huo Zheng to mention it soon and even intended to buy it when they returned to the country.

Lin Xiaowan asked, “Isn’t it too early to buy them? It’s only September now. It’ll just be lying around for a long time after we buy them…”

The matter was naturally not as simple as Lin Xiaowan thought.

Huo Zheng explained, “We won’t be able to buy it immediately. We’ll look at the designs first, and then, we’ll get them custom-made.”

Lin Xiaowan nodded. The entire process would take at least a month.

When the couple returned to Shengjing, before going to buy the gold jewelry, they went to the old gentleman’s studio first.

The old man had already completed the white dress. However, this was just the base. The embellishments had yet to be added. He wanted Lin Xiaowan to try it on first so he could make adjustments as needed.

The white fabric was simple. After she changed into the dress, the old gentleman tightened the fabric around her waist and her shoulders a little. As he fiddled with the hem and tail of the dress, he asked if Lin Xiaowan was going to wear flats or high heels, and if she were wearing heels, how tall would her heels be?

“I haven’t thought about that yet…”

Lin Xiaowan was at a loss and looked to Huo Zheng for help. After all, they had yet to discuss the wedding shoes.

The old gentleman explained, “If you’re wearing heels, we can make the hem two inches longer. Otherwise, it’ll be easy for you to trip. If you’re wearing flats, then it’s best to shorten the hem by a centimeter or two..

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